EXCLUSIVE | BTS: ARMY are the most important and precious people to us

BTS – these three letters have evolved into a phenomenon sweeping the globe, turning every member of the K-pop boy group sensation into global superstars. Now, 21st century pop icons want to give back love through their music and performances.

It was in 2013 that BTS, an acronym for Beyond the Scene, debuted and embarked on a journey to make history and break records. They’ve got plenty of firsts in their path to success, from the first K-pop group to earn a Grammy nomination to the first K-pop group to debut atop Billboard’s Hot 100.

As the South Korean septet, RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook, continue their global dominance, they admit they hope to come to India to celebrate music and fandom. Extracts from an exclusive interview with members of BTS.

Your track, Butter, remained number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for seven straight weeks. How do you celebrate these special moments?

RM: The first thing we do is celebrate with ARMY. When we topped the Hot 100 chart for five straight weeks, we put on a livestream to celebrate this special moment with our fans.


Over the years, you have established yourself as the pop icon of the 21st century with so many accolades. What dreams did you start with when you entered the music business?

SUGA: When we first started, our dream was to have our own concert. But thanks to the love and support we received from the ARMY, we are where we are today. So we want to give back that love through good music and performances. This is exactly what artists so loved by so many people should do, regardless of whether it is called a role or a responsibility.

BTS, an acronym for Beyond the Scene, debuted in 2013 and embarked on a journey to make history and break records.  (BIG MUSIC)
BTS, an acronym for Beyond the Scene, debuted in 2013 and embarked on a journey to make history and break records. (BIG MUSIC)

You have paved the way for world domination. How did you deal with the ups and downs?

I hope : Now that I think back to the trip, it was just us delivering music and messages that we wanted to convey and ARMY listened to them. So, all this has been possible thanks to ARMY. We are deeply grateful to them.

The lyrics of your songs reflect reality or address themes of mental health, issues of school-aged youth, anxiety and various other conflicts. Does immersing yourself in such personal emotions take its toll on you, or is it more relieving?

SUGA: We value sincerity when it comes to music, so we talk about our personal stories through music and naturally tackle a variety of topics. For me, personally, over time, delving into these emotions becomes less and less difficult. Getting out of music also helps me relieve those emotions.


When did you decide to choose your true stories and tell them through music? Did it help you bond with fans all over the world?

Jung Kook: From the very beginning. Moreover, these thoughts are not limited to those who live in Korea, but something that can be shared across regions and generations. We have expressed these emotions, these stories through music, performances and many other channels. It brought us closer together with ARMY.


What kind of pressure does world fame bring when making music?

V: It would be wrong to say that there is no pressure. But as always, we’ll be focusing on what we love and can do. Then I’m sure everything else will follow.

Your fans say, “You came into our lives when we needed you the most.” What do you have to say about it?

RM: We are still making music and creating such content in the hope that it won’t be of any use to anyone. So, upon hearing words like these, we feel grateful and humbled, and motivated to do better.


What role does BTS Army play in your life and in the music creation process?

I hope : ARMY are the most important and precious people to us. When we create music we think about what ARMY would like to hear and we try to prioritize that.

There is also a huge BTS army in India. What message do you want to send them?

Jin: We cannot be grateful enough for you to listen to our music. We sincerely hope that the situation will improve soon. Please stay strong and we hope you will have energy while listening to our music!

Are you planning to come to India for a live show?

Jimin: If it is safe for us to see each other and the opportunity presents itself, of course we would like to perform in India.


What do you think the post-pandemic world will look like when it comes to music tours and concerts?

Jung Kook: Because of the pandemic, people are trying new things. Virtual concerts and the technologies and platforms to support them have developed rapidly. So, of course, in the post-pandemic world, concerts where artists and fans see each other in person, will resume. But I also think the virtual events will continue to take place side by side. It will be almost like the end of the year celebrations where fans and artists can finally get together after a very long time.

Has the pandemic influenced your music in any way?

Jin: Delivering our stories through music has remained unchanged. But lately we’ve been focusing more on music that radiates positive energy and vibes. We have, more or less, adapted to the new reality but we miss our fans so much and we can’t wait for the day when everything will be back to normal.


In these times, how important is it for you to stay in touch with your fans through virtual concerts or social media?

Jimin: This is the most important thing for us. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we haven’t seen each other in person for over a year, and we know fans are struggling. Therefore, in times like these, we have to do our best to continue to show them our performances, whether through live concerts, and give them the energy to navigate through that.


What themes and emotions do you explore in upcoming music?

V: We have just released our new CD single Butter which includes the new song Permission to dance. It’s a dance pop song that tells listeners that you don’t need permission to dance your way. We want to dedicate it to anyone who is having a bad day or who is discouraged in the face of reality, and hope this tune will put you back on your feet and get you dancing.

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