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Disney + is the latest streaming platform to join the anime game and here are all the anime coming to the streamer. As Disney + prepares to enter more markets in the Asia-Pacific region – South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong – in November 2021, the media giant is looking to add more Asia-Pacific programming to its roster. In addition to K-dramas, J-dramas, and documentaries, four new original cartoons will be released on Disney +.

Like anime like My hero university and Demon slayer Bringing the anime genre into the mainstream, more and more American companies have embraced Japanese and Japanese-style animation. Netflix has jumped into the anime market with original animes like Ragnarok recording, Devilman crybaby, and The seven deadly sins. Sony Pictures Entertainment – which already owns Funimation and Aniplex, two major players in the anime game – recently purchased Crunchyroll, one of the largest distributors of anime and manga in the United States. Disney + has already proven it has what it takes to create a successful animated series with Marvel’s What if…? and Star Wars: Visions. Now he’s trying his hand at the anime market.

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So far, there is no confirmation of when the four new anime will hit international markets. All four series are slated to launch on Disney + in Japan in 2022, but it’s unclear when those titles will be available to stream in the US and other countries. Still, anime fans have big headlines to look forward to from Disney +.

Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall

Anime Black Rock Shooter

Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall is a reboot anime based on the famous Japanese franchise black Rock Shooter. The series originated from the character concepts of artist Ryohei “Huke” Fuke in 2007. The main character, Black Rock Shooter, is a mysterious 15-year-old girl who has a flaming blue eye and an oversized cannon that can shoot up. at 20 rocks per second. What started as Huke wanting to draw a girl with a gun turned into a franchise after a musical video animation to Supercell Vocaloid Hatsune Miku’s song “Black Rock Shooter” went viral. After multiple adaptations of anime and video games, black Rock Shooter returns for another series.

So far, little has been released on the Disney + animated reboot series, which follows the current Hollywood trend of animated reboots and spinoff shows. The official website has announced a spring 2022 release, but there is no information regarding the cast or plot of Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall. Previous adaptations of Huke’s art attempted to provide a plot for his character concepts, revolving around Mato Kuroi, Yomi Takanashi, and their friends as high school students were forced to fight each other as ‘virtual avatars in an alternate reality. While it’s possible the reboot will pick up a similar plot, the ten-year gap between the 2012 anime and 2022 may mean the series needs to be revamped.

Daylight saving time rendering

Summer time rendering anime

Daylight saving time rendering is a Japanese anime based on the manga of the same name. Run in the manga magazine and the app Shonen Jump + from October 2017 to September 2021, Daylight saving time rendering has become one of the best manga on the platform, racking up over 130 million page views. The manga is written and illustrated by Yasuki Tanaka, the author of Kagijin who previously worked with Kohei Horikoshi, the creator of My hero university.

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Daylight saving time rendering tells the story of Shinpei Ajiro, a young boy who returns to his hometown for the funeral of his childhood friend, Ushio. However, upon returning to the town of Wakayama and reuniting with the family of his childhood friend, Shinpei begins to realize that something strange is happening on his home island of Hitogashima. So far no voice cast member has been announced for Daylight saving time rendering, although a live-action adaptation and a true escape game for the series were announced at the same time as the Disney + anime adaptation.

Yojohan’s Time Machine Blues

Tatami galaxy anime

Yojohan’s Time Machine Blues is a new animated series that will serve as a sequel to The Tatami Galaxy, an anime based on the Japanese novel by Tomihiko Morimi. After the great success of Tatami Galaxy, the continuation of the novel – Yojojan Time Machine Blues – will receive its own anime adaptation by production studio Science SARU, which has produced anime like Space dandy and Devilman crybaby.

The Tatami Galaxy follows the life of an anonymous high school student through parallel universes. Each universe explores what his high school life might have been like had he pursued different campus clubs, although he is often disappointed with the results. The sequel, which was released in July 2020, follows the protagonist and his “terrible friendOzu, as they use a time machine to retrieve a broken remote control for their air conditioning unit while also treating the protagonist’s ailments for his love, Akashi. Staff revealed that most of the original cast were returning for reprise their roles, including Shintarō Asanuma (Nishiki Nishio of Tokyo ghoul) as the protagonist, Hiroyuki Yoshino (Present microphone by My hero university) like Ozu, and Maaya Sakamoto (Akito Sōma de Basket of fruits) like Akashi.

Twisted Wonderland

Disney twisted wonderland

Disney: Twisted Wonderland is an animated adaptation of the popular Japanese mobile game of the same name, which was published and developed by Aniplex in 2020. Twisted Wonderland is very successful in Japan, with over 1.5 million downloads. Unfortunately, the game is only available in Japan at the moment, and it is not known if the game will ever be suitable for a Western version. The concept of the game is attributed to Yana Toboso, creator of the popular manga Black butler. The game was adapted into a manga in March 2021 by Wakana Hazuki and Sumire Kowono. So far, plot and casting details for Twisted Wonderland have not been announced, and it is not known whether the anime will draw inspiration from the manga.

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The cell phone game follows the main character as he finds a magical training school, Night Raven College, on the other side of a magical mirror. The main character interacts with the villains from the Disney movies who have received the anime-style treatment as they represent their respective dorms, which each represent seven different Disney licenses: Alice in Wonderland, The little Mermaid, The Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Aladdin, The Lion King, and Hercules. While the plot of the series is still unknown, the concept art shared on Disney+ Japan’s Twitter reveals that each of the seven Reps fans love will feature in the anime.

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