Duran Duran releases new album 40 years after debut


When British pop group Duran Duran made their debut, they weren’t sure how long they were going to last. But 40 years later, the new wave group is still going strong and released their 15th studio album, “Future Past”, on Friday.

“We never would have expected to make music together after all this time. We were just kids and we came together in punk rock,” bassist John Taylor told Reuters. “(To) the late ’70s where no one was thinking long term, it was like, can we just play next year?”

Formed by Taylor and keyboardist Nick Rhodes in 1978, Duran Duran rose to fame with hits such as “Girls on Film” and “Rio”. The group, with singer Simon Le Bon and drummer Roger Taylor, have sold over 100 million records worldwide and won two Grammy Awards.

Their new song “Anniversary” celebrates 40 years since their debut album was released in 1981. “‘Anniversary’ is a song that kind of celebrates the time we have been together as a band, but it’s also open to everyone and everything… everyone might want to celebrate, ”Taylor said.

For their new release, the band has collaborated with producers Erol Alkan and Giorgio Moroder, while Blur guitarist Graham Coxon, Japanese punk band CHAI, and rapper Ivoirian Doll, among others, feature in an eclectic mix of tracks. “We set our parameters very broadly from the start. Our first album had dance songs… but there was also a six or seven minute instrument with an orchestra and darker songs,” Rhodes said.

“We always feel comfortable trying different things in different genres musically.” The band started working on the album in late 2018 and worked on it sporadically in 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic forced them to shut down for around 10 months.

“In some ways it was actually beneficial to have a break because we had never had this experience before, and we could look at it with fresh eyes and listen with fresh ears,” Rhodes said. “It’s a whole new feeling for us.”

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