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Momo from TWICE and Heechul from Super Junior

Following this, Kang Ho Dong from “Knowing Bros” asked Kang Ye Won if, even though she had a boyfriend now, if she could work with her ex. Wasting no time, Kang Ye Won replied that they didn’t have to say that they had already dated.

Hilariously, Kang Ho Dong then turned to “Knowing Bros” MC Super Junior’s Kim Heechul to ask the same, and the K-pop idol replied with a sigh, “If the other party doesn’t suffer no damage, so I think we can do it together.”

To add to the funny situation in “Knowing Bros,” Lee Jin Ho then asked Kim Heechul if he could do a duet with his ex-girlfriend. Super Junior Heechul’s face flushed as he laughed. Embarrassed, the K-pop idol replied, “Isn’t it possible my ex isn’t a singer?”

Notably, viewers realized that Lee Jin Ho may have been teasing Super Junior’s Heechul with his most recent ex-girlfriend, TWICE’s Momo.

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It was reported last year that Super Junior’s Heechul and TWICE’s Momo had parted ways after dating for a year. The reason revealed was due to the busy schedules of the two K-pop idols.

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