DJ Krush – An Old School Master DJ

DJ Krush is a Japanese DJ master of old-school mixing with a singular, muscular sound – some call it abstract hip-hop, but overall it’s a slow or dopey and mostly instrumental atmospheric lavishness drawn from jazz with a rare groove, and other genres of black American music with a mellow groove.

Krush’s real name is Hideaki Ishi (b. 1962), and he has been a well-known record producer and DJ since the 1990s, alongside the era of trip-hop (Ninja Tune) and his peer, the DJ Spooky New Yorker.

Some might say it was the era of club DJs at the top of their game, artists manipulating vinyl like frenetic lab scientists, so for those who had the pleasure of seeing DJ Krush in close-up action at At the time, he was like a master. sushi-chef handles and turns discs with incomparable finesse and speed.

Unfortunately, now Krush uses the computer like everyone else, so this visual treat is an artifact.

On titles with vocals, Krush mainly collaborates with the most fluid American rappers on the scene, from Mos Def, Guru or DJ Shadow.

Soundscapes with deep, hazy rhythmic American urban poetics are Krush’s main treat, but it also includes fiery Japanese rappers for delightful contrasts.

DJ Krush’s latest album (and his 10e overall) “Kiseki” was released in 2017. It has an industrial, futuristic feel that reveals that as an artist he has evolved with technology and time; it also contains fragments of Japanese folk music, which would never have been incorporated before; Yet the heart of DJ Krush’s music is always rooted in a hard, timeless and invincible groove.

There is another important layer that overlaps all of DJ Krush’s recordings and performances; it’s his positivity, reminiscent of the early hip-hop era of Tribe Called Quest. Krush equals good vibes.

DJ Krush has performed in Prague on several occasions, and most of his recent visits he has played at Lucerna Music Bar. Its powerful sound may be overwhelming for that venue’s speaker system, but it will be worth it.

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