Diddy’s Jennifer Lopez return pic increased J.Lo Ex’s chaos

Since breaking up with former baseball player Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez appears to be playing on the pitch – and judging from her recent Instagram post, another famous ex of hers could be hoping to be next at bat.

On May 27, Sean “Diddy” Combs woke up and, for reasons currently unknown, decided he was going to share a paparazzi photo of him and J. Lo on Instagram for a look back Thursday. The photo was taken in 2000 when the couple stepped out and showed the singer and rapper holding hands. He cryptically captioned the photo “#tbt”, and soon after, it was broadcast on the newsfeeds, “Diddy” started to be trending on Twitter.

The post could be seen as just a nostalgic throwback, but since the internet essentially burst last month with reports that Lopez had rekindled a relationship with her former fiance Ben Affleck, 17 years after he quit it, this seems doubtful.

The stories, fan reactions and observations of the couple, formerly known as ‘Bennifer’, have dominated pop culture consciousness since Affleck was first spotted in J. Lo’s journey, and they don’t seem to be hiding the relationship. The couple, who had originally dated years after Lopez split with Diddy, were spotted kissing between sets at the gym on May 24 and vacationed together in South Florida and in Montana, strongly suggesting that they were an official pair.

So maybe Diddy was pressured into firing his shot after learning that Lopez had also been seen recently. having a coffee with her ex-husband Marc Anthony In Miami. However, the couple, who broke up in 2011, have always had a friendly relationship and co-parented their twins together, so they were probably just hanging out platonically.

Fans had mixed feelings about Diddy’s post, with some sharing that they thought it was funny and others sharing that they thought it was inappropriate. A fan tweeted“,” Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck and Diddy news cycle is just the entertainment I need! It’s give 2002 and I love it ”, while another blamed his astrological sign for his attention-seeking behavior, sharing, “Diddy really is a Scorpio man through and through.”

But one of Lopez’s exes seems to be trying to move on. Rodriguez recently took to Instagram Stories to express his hopes for a fresh start, sharing, “I’m about to make a new start in my life.” He added, “Everything that does not serve me is erased from my life. New energy is emerging. New levels are unlocked for me mentally, physically and spiritually. I remain patient and know that this new phase in my life is approaching.

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