Death of The Walking Dead actor Moses J. Moseley may not have been a suicide, police say

Georgian police have reportedly found new evidence suggesting that The Walking Dead actor Moses J. Moseley may not have committed suicide. Moseley was found dead in his car on January 26, and Stockbridge, Georgia police originally believed his death may have been a suicide. Her family disputed this, however, with her sister telling TMZ earlier this month they believe he was kidnapped and murdered.

“During the preliminary inquest, the possibility that the death was a suicide was considered without ruling out any other possibilities,” said Capt. Randy Lee of the Stockbridge Police Department. TMZ on Sunday. “As investigators progressed with their investigation and more evidence was processed, examined and analyzed, other possibilities presented themselves, including accidental ones.” Moseley was found with a bullet to the head and a gun in his knees.

A family member said TMZ On Sunday, investigators examined blood spatter at the scene, as well as how the bullet entered Moseley’s skull. This evidence, as well as the manner in which Moseley grabbed the gun, does not fully amount to suicide. The bullet entered Moseley’s head below his eye and never left his skull and his grip on the gun was loose, suggesting it may have been placed in his hand after he been shot, the family member said. “It is important to note that the case is still open/active and ALL possibilities and leads are being fully investigated,” Lee said. TMZ.

Back on January 31, a family member said TMZ Moseley’s body was found in the Hudson Bridge area of ​​Stockbridge and police were unsure how his body ended up there. The family member said he had not heard from Moseley for about a week before his death. They filed a missing person report days before he was found. They contacted OnStar, which helped locate the car where he was discovered. The police said TMZ at the time they were investigating Moseley’s death as a suicide.

Days after his death was reported, Moseley’s sister Teerea Kimbro said TMZ his family believe Moseley was kidnapped and killed three days later. Moseley booked a taping for Monday before he was found dead and did not show up. The actor “liked the direction his career was taking and they were planning great things for the near future,” Kimbro said. TMZ. She said police said the gun was found with Moseley and he had a carry permit.

Moseley was born in Aiken, South Carolinaand began modeling in 2010. He was best known for playing one of Michonne’s pet zombies on The Walking Dead, appearing in six episodes. He also had small roles in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Internship, Queen of the South, American Souland HBO watchmen series.

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