Dear Oppa: BTS has become the gateway to K Pop for a young Indian ARMY

BTS and their music has had a huge impact in the industry and the world over the years. From being a small business band to being the face of a 25-30 year old industry, they’ve seen it all, but even today they remain humble, which is a trait loved by ARMYs. Like ARMY today, many find solace in their music, words and actions.

Today’s heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series was written by Navneet from India at BTS. Read his letter below.

Namaste BTS Members,

I am Navneet from India. First of all, I’m really grateful to have had this great opportunity to write this note for you. I hope you are all doing well and living a happy life…so today i want to tell you how i became the army so this note is going to be long i think i started using insta after my 12 result. Many times your videos came up but i didn’t notice much.. but one day your dance video with a butter song came up and i saw your dance moves, your energy, your expressions… and i thought something was unique about that because everything was so perfect i was just amazed so i searched for your other songs, i listened to them and my heart was automatically drawn to you .I have searched many information about you like I want to know more about you where are you from and all. So I started listening to your songs, watching your dance videos and more. From there, I got to know K-pop. I don’t know I’ve never felt this before, you’re something different but you’re amazing with everything. My life has become so grateful and enjoyable after that, literally your presence in my heart brings happiness to my soul…and now my heart is controlled by 7 beautiful souls. You have another place in my heart and there is no substitute, I cannot replace you because you are the biggest reason for my smile. I think I feel more comfortable when I see you all enjoying dancing and feeling me dancing, it brings sparkle to my life. I saw your past 8 years of life when you started this and I’m just amazed that you have such a hard time reaching this place and now your songs are listening all over the world this thing makes me feel so special about you . You work really hard as we can see from your past years. From this I learned one thing that without working hard, nothing will come to you, opportunities will not come to you, you have to seize opportunities on your own. I want to become a good personality like you .You are great souls in this world one I want to meet these great souls once in my life, I hope soon my wish will come true… so I will finish this letter. I pray for your healthy and happy life. I like you very much. Stay safe and stay positive.

lots of love

Navneet kaur,

Punjab, India.

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