Danbury Mayor reveals how campaign signs are disappearing so quickly

It took them months to get settled all over our cities, and on election day there were hundreds of them on the lawns and along the roads.

We are talking about campaign signs, possibly one of the most important ways for people to find out who is running what office in their city or district.

It starts slowly in September, you see a sign here and there. In October, they seem to be doubling, and by the time you’re about an election week away, signs are everywhere, just about every yard, and just about every major intersection on the roads is full of signs. of just about all applicants.

So how do they disappear so quickly? Usually, a day or two after the election, you have a hard time finding even a single sign anywhere. Is there a secret society of people who go out in the middle of the night and pick them up? Is there a specific team for each political party that is responsible for eliminating them? Do they magically disappear after midnight on polling day?

To answer that question, I turned to a veteran of political campaigns and someone who has a plethora of his own political cues, Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo, and here is what he told me about magic. behind the disappearing courtyard panels.

“Years ago we would wait until the next weekend to go out and take the signs off basically because you were so exhausted after campaigning and election night. complaining that the signs were on their property, or in every street in town, even a day or two after the election. So what we’re doing now is amassing teams that come out and do a sort of group gathering. “

Isn’t the collection of signs the responsibility of the individual candidate?

“It was years ago, the candidate was responsible for his own signs, but then we thought if you stop for your own sign, and there are other signs of members of your political party , so why not grab them when you are there. I end up with one or two vans full of signs that I take home, sort them and get them to party headquarters and ask individuals to come and pick up their particular signs . It has now become a mass effort, and we have become so much better at picking up these garden signs as quickly as possible. People are kind enough to let us display them on their property, and we understand that they want them. withdraw as soon as the elections are over. “

Have you always taken care of your own signs so quickly?

Believe it or not, when I was running around Danbury 3rd district, I left the party at 11 a.m. or midnight, and I drove my whole district and picked up all my signs. The next day people would call me and say, “Where have all your signs gone? And some people would even say they wanted me to leave the signs so others could see who they supported and who they won. “

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