Covid in K-pop: Astro’s Sanha sick for 2nd time in 2 months, fans say ‘rest well’

It looks like the Omicron outbreak that started in mid-January seems to be slowing down now. There were over 60 cases in January, followed by 120 cases in February in the K-pop industry. This began to affect major gigs like Blackpink Rosé’s Paris Fashion Week schedule, Loona’s performance in “Queendom 2” while Tempest and NMIXX had to postpone their debuts. But in March, cases fell to 103 and are gradually declining in April.

While tons of idols have tested positive for Covid-19 in a single day over the past few months, this month was better. In April, we saw idols like Taeyang from SF9, Wendy from Red Velvet, Haein from Laboum, Jooheon from Monsta X, Moonbyul from Mamamoo, Yoon from Winner, Haewon from NMIXX, Suyun and Yunkyoung from Rocket Punch, Kikwang from Highlight, Seventeen’s Jeonghan and 2PM’s Jun.K. four weeks. However, fans were left disheartened when Astro’s youngest member Sanha caught Covid-19 again.

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Covid in Kpop: Mamamoo’s Moonbyul, Monsta X’s Jooheon and Winner’s Yoon test positive

Sanha catches Covid-19 twice

It was announced that Sanha took a self-test for Covid-19 on April 22 as he was not feeling well. The test came back negative, but as his symptoms persisted he took a rapid antigen test which came back positive on April 23. Astro’s label Fantagio shared that Sanha has no extraordinary symptoms except for a mild cold and is in quarantine. Five other people who had come into close contact immediately took tests which came back negative. As Astro is currently preparing for their comeback, fans believe that these are the remaining five members.

In the meantime, Sanha’s program has been put on hold. He was supposed to attend an online fansign for the release of his second mini album “Refuge” with Moonbin on April 23 and 24, but it was postponed. This is the second time Sanha has tested negative ahead of a comeback. Moonbin and Sanha were preparing for “Refuge” when they were diagnosed with Covid-19 on March 7. Their promotional activities as well as Astro’s fan meeting had been postponed.

‘Recover quickly’

Fans send their best wishes to Sanha by posting tweets such as “Fortunately Sanha has only mild cold symptoms (as before). Hope he rests well and recovers soon 🥺 let’s send him lots of warm wishes for recovery. Another Aroha posted: “Get well soon sanha, recover fast and healthy for sanha. One added: “Our baby has tested positive again 😮 Luckily , these are just mild cold symptoms 🥺 get well soon rest well boys.” Another shared, “Not sanha tested positive again.” One fan was angry, “Not when Fantagio put SanHa to sleep 2-3 hours during promos and filming Get my Sanha out of this d*mb business.

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