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Songwriter, lyricist and ceramic painter Son Wha Gong, who goes by the name Jenny G, is starting a new venture in Guam to bring Korean K-pop artists to the island.

“K-pop music is hugely popular here in Guam and it’s a favorite around the world. And while there have been opportunities in the continental United States and other places around the world to to host these incredible musicians, there hasn’t been a lot of opportunity for Guam,” Jenny G, CEO of JG Art & Entertainment, said in a press release.

“We’re currently working to bring a K-pop group to Guam and we’re working with local rappers and hip hop artists to help make it a standout, stand-out musical experience.”

Jenny G recently met with island leaders. She was accompanied by Kijun Bae, executive director of the Korean Hip-Hop Culture Association, and Sangnam An, senior director of SBS Medianet’s headquarters. Bae recently held the 2022 Hip Hop Festival Award in Seoul, and SBS Medianet will play an important role in the planned concert series, according to the statement.

JG Art & Entertainment will also work with SBS Medianet to televise the concerts throughout Korea and with Arirang TV to broadcast the concerts to 120 different countries around the world. Jenny G hopes the televised concerts will help spread awareness of Guam and the music culture here.

“We are so grateful to the Governor and her staff for taking the time to meet with us and being genuinely interested in our business and what we can do to help improve the tourist experience here on Guam,” said Jenny G.

She said details of a second venture, a cafe named Studio JG that will offer flavors from Korea, will be announced soon.

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