Kim Jong-Un calls K-pop ‘vicious cancer’

Attention Kim Jong-Un, they are coming for your government!Photo: The JNS / Imazins of Chosunilbo (Getty Images) North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un worries K-pop overthrow its totalitarian state by importing “clothes, hairstyles, speeches, behavior”. He is now calling for tougher penalties for young North Koreans who smuggle or consume South …

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4 K-pop idols defying gender norms with style and sassy

When a musical genre like K-Pop transcends being simply the source of viral hits in the realm of liberating socio-cultural norms – you know it’s no longer a musical genre but a movement in itself. Even its harshest critics can’t deny K-pop’s astounding ability to shape important conversations about genre, …

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What the Korean eyeball collecting game can teach us

The 2020 lockdown has led many of us urban Indians to explore over-the-top (OTT) platforms. Netflix and Amazon Prime came into our lives with content that was foreign to most of us. I watched Oscar winner Parasite a few months ago, and marveled at the script and direction. My daughter …

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