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Jin, the oldest member of K-pop group BTS, will begin his compulsory military service on December 13, South Korean newspaper Aju Business Daily reported on Thursday, citing unnamed military authorities. Jin, who turns 30 on Dec. 4, will be deployed to a unit after receiving five weeks of training at boot camp, the newspaper reported.

Spokespersons for BTS, HYBE, and the South Korean Ministry of Defense declined to confirm the information. In a social media post last week, Jin hinted that he was headed for a “front line” position.

After years of uncertainty, the group announced in October that they would perform their mandatory military service, starting with Jin. The group plans to pursue individual projects and reunite in 2025 after all have served, HYBE said at the time. All able bodied men in South Korea between the ages of 18 and 28 must serve in the military for 18 to 21 months. Some categories, however, have been granted exemptions or served for shorter periods, including Olympic and Asian Games medalists, and classical musicians and dancers who win top prizes at certain competitions. Some lawmakers had requested that BTS be exempted.

The South Korean Defense Minister suggested that BTS could still perform overseas while serving in the military.

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Korean Pop Star Luna Comes to Broadway in “KPOP” https://kenthe390.com/korean-pop-star-luna-comes-to-broadway-in-kpop/ Mon, 21 Nov 2022 07:07:37 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/korean-pop-star-luna-comes-to-broadway-in-kpop/

The South Korean cultural phenomenon K-pop is now a Broadway musical – simply called KPOP. The show is a kind of MTV behind the music story of a fictional Korean label, RBY, presenting a concert in New York.

Shortly after the start of KPOP, the audience is immersed in an energetic rendition of a song titled “This is My Korea.” A girl group consisting of five singers, RTMIS (pronounced Artemis), sings in Korean when they go on stage. Swinging arms and hips in synchronized, repetitive movements, the singers then switch to English, as in many K-Pop songs.

They are followed by a band of boys with nine singers, F8 (pronounced Fate), doing the same material, but with macho and smoking movements. And then they all sing together, doing spot-on moves choreographed by Jennifer Weber, where the performers make a “K” with their hands each time they sing the word “Korea.”

“It keeps coming back to become a visual hook at the same time it’s a vocal hook,” Weber said.

KPOP is an unconventional musical – there are no traditional solos or duets where the characters sing their emotions directly to the audience or to each other.

But director Teddy Bergman said “This is My Korea” still functions as an old-fashioned Broadway opening number.

“This song is in many ways similar to our version of ‘Tradition’ by Fiddler [on the Roof]. It introduces a set of [characters]; kind of a big themed banner for the evening,” he said.

Off Broadway, the show asked, “Why isn’t K-pop a hit in America?” Now that has changed.

The show was originally presented as an immersive off-Broadway play in 2017, where audiences went from room to room – seeing bits and pieces from rehearsals, auditions and recording sessions – before gathering in a great space to watch a concert. At the time, K-Pop hadn’t really penetrated American cultural consciousness, beyond PSY’s monster hit, “Gangam Style.”

“The off-Broadway show’s host question was, why has K-pop been successful around the world, with the notable exception of the United States?” says Bergmann. “And fortunately that has changed in those five years with K-pop groups having had huge, wonderful success in the United States.”

So the current production changed things up, immersing their audience in dynamic performances of one-off songs in different styles, complete with outrageous costumes. Since it’s a documentary-style story with flashbacks, audiences get a glimpse into the K-pop pressure cooker factory, where artists are pushed to perfection, often at the cost of personal sacrifice.

“What really interested me was the psychology behind an international star,” said Jason Kim, the Korean script writer for the series. He says he uses certain tropes from Korean TV melodramas. “What do people like BTS, what do people like [like] CL… What does she think about when she gets up in the morning and what is her daily life like? And how was it before she went on stage and what did she think of her performance on stage and how did that affect your relationships?”

Kim said the show examines the dynamic between “this very Eastern concept of duty that comes with self-expression… What does it look like when the two are in conflict with each other? And so, for me, it’s really a thematic principle that ties everything together.”

Matthew Murphy and Evan Zimmerman / KPOP



Luna stars in KPOP as a singer who isn’t sure if she still wants to be a celebrity.

The show has several performers who are real K-pop idols including Luna, who plays the show’s star, MwE. Luna has also appeared in many musicals, such as Revenge of a Blonde, in Korea. His presence lends an air of authenticity.

“She’s one of those people who has this very rare gift of being almost transparent on stage,” Bergman said. “You can just read everything that’s going on with her effortlessly. And as a singer and a dancer, she’s just virtuosic.”

One of the show’s songwriters is Helen Park, who was born in South Korea and loved K-pop growing up. She is the first female Asian songwriter on Broadway and created all of the electronic backing tracks, which are accompanied by a small backstage band. Park said the score reflected the wide variety of K-pop styles.

“Every musical moment is a little different from each other,” Park said. “We’ve got ballads, we’ve got reggaeton, we’ve got new disco, we’ve got progressive house. We’ve got everything pop.”

As catchy as the music was, Max Vernon, who co-wrote the score with Park, said they wanted the songs to reflect the emotional states of the characters.

A song, titled “Wind Up Doll”, is performed by MwE, after rehearsing with an abusive choreographer.

“This song is so bubbly, so effervescent. It puts a smile on your face,” Vernon said. “But if you really listen to the lyrics, they’re pretty grim. You know, it’s like, ‘You push the gear/touch me like this/you wrap me like clockwork/and I obey.'”

Sometimes the public KPOP behaves like it’s a concert, not a Broadway show – people are screaming, clapping and moving to the beat of the music.

“K-pop as a genre and K-pop as a phenomenon is, I think, so welcoming,” Park said. “It’s inclusive, it’s inviting.”

Fans learn K-pop dances from videos and then post their own versions on social media. Already, said choreographer Jennifer Weber, some fans of the musical are doing the same.

“It was so cool to see that in our audience, to see people who are already starting to do dance covers and becoming fans of the bands [in the show].”

The show is currently premiering on Broadway – it opens November 27.

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BI Elevates As K-Pop’s “Best Soloist” As Star Releases New EP Love Or Loved Part.1 https://kenthe390.com/bi-elevates-as-k-pops-best-soloist-as-star-releases-new-ep-love-or-loved-part-1/ Fri, 18 Nov 2022 07:47:45 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/bi-elevates-as-k-pops-best-soloist-as-star-releases-new-ep-love-or-loved-part-1/

BI aka Kim Hanbin is finally back with a new worldwide EP, Love Or Loved Part.1, and a new music video for the title track, Keep Me Up. After back-to-back successes, fans are hailing the star as K-Pop’s “greatest soloist” of all time!

The South Korean rapper has become one of the best K-Pop soloists in the world. Most recently, the pre-release single, BTBT by BI and Soulja Boy featuring DeVita, became a viral sensation and one of the most popular dance challenges on TikTok and Instagram Reels.

As the genius songwriter is back with a brand new release, let’s take a look at BI’s new album and how fans are praising the viral icon.

Screenshot of BI Keep Me Up music video | 131online | Youtube

BI Drops Global EP Love Or Loved Part.1

BI aka Hanbin has made their long-awaited comeback with the worldwide EP, Love Or Loved Part.1 and a stunning new music video for the title track, Keep Me Up.

The star brings out her sexiness in the Keep Me Up music video, topped off with the track’s heart-pounding lyrics. The video begins with Hanbin sitting in front of a TV as the addictive BTBT tune plays in the background. Next, he can be seen getting up and changing tracks to Keep Me Up as he continues to mesmerize fans.

The star is clearly not stopping anytime soon and is set to continue her success after releasing another eye-catching hook and flowing choreography.

Love Or Loved Part.1 Track List:

  • BTBT (with DeVita)
  • keep me informed
  • In the middle of you
  • Mandarin
  • endless summer

Fans swoon over sultry Keep Me Up clip

Kim Hanbin really knows how to captivate the audience with a spectacular performance! Fans are swooning over BI’s dance moves and smooth transitions in the Keep Me Up music video.

A fan springs: “Only BI can surpass BI!”

another fan pens: “The transition here is a chef’s kiss…I think I might prefer Keep Me Up to BTBT”

Best K-Pop Soloist – BI

BI has undoubtedly cemented his position as one of K-Pop‘s top standouts. With each release, the star is shocked by old and new fans alike.

The rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer is really taking the music world by storm! The unique talent of Label 131 Online founder Kim Hanbin that sets him apart is the fact that he is versatile – a complete package when it comes to creating and delivering a masterpiece.

Over the years, Hanbin has mastered the art of songwriting. The K-Pop nation’s anthem and beloved track, iKON’s Love Scenario, received BI the Songwriter of the Year award at the Melon Music Awards in 2018. The Waterfall crooner continued to touching hearts with its strong expression of emotions and struggles in the form of heartbreaking lyrics.

Along with his solo adventures, BI also shines as a good dancer. Her pre-release single, BTBT, became a huge hit due to the track’s catchy beats and brilliant choreography. The icing on the cake is BI’s bewitching charm that makes performance perfect. Naturally, fans are still obsessed with the sensational track.

From dance hits like Keep Me Up to soothing, slowed-down tracks like Lullaby with Chuu, the Cosmos hitmaker knows how to keep his fans hooked.

Screenshot of the music video BI Keep Me Up | 131online | Youtube

The superstar is on the rise and we are here for it. Stream BI’s new EP Love Or Loved Part.1 here.

For more K-Drama and K-Pop updates, follow HITCKpop.

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In other news, Will BTS perform at the 2022 AMA Awards? Twice nominated K-pop group

K-pop Fans Are Disappointed That Top 3rd Generation Idol Groups Like BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE, And More Are Not Performing At Any Year-End Awards https://kenthe390.com/k-pop-fans-are-disappointed-that-top-3rd-generation-idol-groups-like-bts-blackpink-twice-and-more-are-not-performing-at-any-year-end-awards/ Mon, 14 Nov 2022 18:20:51 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/k-pop-fans-are-disappointed-that-top-3rd-generation-idol-groups-like-bts-blackpink-twice-and-more-are-not-performing-at-any-year-end-awards/

Year-end awards shows are the most anticipated events of the year since K-pop fans can see all their favorite artists gather and perform at these special events.

However, with the generation change of idols, the new generation of idol groups is often the one that happens. This is the case for this year’s award shows, as 4th generation idol groups are the most frequent performers for the 2022 award shows.

This is why a K-pop fan has expressed his disappointment that many of the top 3rd generation idol groups are not performing this year. The user commented: “This year’s award ceremonies, TWICE, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, BTS, NCT, seventeen; It’s so hard to see them…are there any teams that have been confirmed? I really like the 3rd generation. It’s not about their performance on the charts…”

Other netizens joined in the discussion and commented, “Seventeen will appear on AAA”, “I think The Fact Awards was the last show for BTS”, “NCT has not confirmed any yet”, “There are no confirmed teams, and it is so difficult to see them” “none of the groups mentioned have been confirmed for MAMA either”, “I don’t think NCT will appear”, “I wonder if Nayeon will play on MAMA”, “I think TWICE has not Been to an awards show for a long time too”, “BLACKPINK is on a world tour right now”, “They’re all so busy”, and “It’s been so long since BLACKPINK has attended any awards show.”

BTS, Stray Kids and Seventeen are the top K-Pop boy group brand value rankings for November https://kenthe390.com/bts-stray-kids-and-seventeen-are-the-top-k-pop-boy-group-brand-value-rankings-for-november/ Sat, 12 Nov 2022 02:54:00 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/bts-stray-kids-and-seventeen-are-the-top-k-pop-boy-group-brand-value-rankings-for-november/

BTS, Stray Kids, and Seventeen topped this month’s brand value rankings for K-Pop boy groups.

Brand value rankings analyze patterns of brand interactions between brands and consumers online through big data tracking. Brand value data allows K-Pop companies to calculate positive or negative brand impressions, media interest, consumer interest, as well as interaction frequencies.

In order to determine the Brand Value Ranking of K-Pop Boy Groups for November, the Korea Institute of Business Reputation Analyzed big data of current boy band promotion in areas such as consumer engagement, media activity, communication, community activity, etc. a total of 7,925,988 points.

Stray Kids followed in second place with 2,893,592 points, while Seventeen took third place with 2,229,913 points and EXO came in fourth place with 1,888,710 points.

Here are the top 30 K-Pop boy groups by brand value ranking for November, in order: BTS, Stray Kids, Seventeen, EXO, The Boyz, INFINITE, OMEGA X, TREASURE, MONSTA X, ATEEZ, BTOB, Highlight, WINNER, TOMORROW x TOGETHER, Wanna One, NCT, ENHYPEN, SHINee, Big Bang, ASTRO, Super Junior, ONEUS, SF9, 2PM, TVXQ, Pentagon, VIXX, Shinhwa, ONFand Block B.

6 Rags-to-Riches Stories: K-Pop Edition https://kenthe390.com/6-rags-to-riches-stories-k-pop-edition/ Wed, 09 Nov 2022 19:25:00 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/6-rags-to-riches-stories-k-pop-edition/

Everyone loves a good Cinderella story, in other words, a rags-to-riches story. They are motivating and give us great hope that life can get better, even during some of the most difficult times in our lives. So here are some of the most surprising rags to riches stories, K-Pop edition!

1. BTS: Probably one of the biggest rags-to-riches stories. BTS’ debut was extremely difficult, but you couldn’t tell by just looking at them today. Since they belonged to a small company that no one knew existed, this led many industry insiders to look down on them, regardless of their talents. Even denying their appearances on music shows. The only way for BTS to get a spot to perform on stage was if a group had to pull out of their recording at the last minute. In other words, in the beginning, BTS was basically the understudy of the music industry. So imagine the surprise that came when BTS started climbing the social ladder, it seems like all the blood, sweat and tears that went into keeping the band alive finally paid off. Now the tables have turned. Everyone in the industry wants to invite BTS but let’s just say it’s a lot harder than before.

2. IU: Make more appearances on variety shows than on actual music shows. IU, who is now one of the most beloved and respected singers in K-Pop entertainment, didn’t have the best start either. Her parents got into heavy debt, and because of this, her parents had to work most of the time, leaving IU and her brother to be sent from parent to parent. Eventually reuniting with her grandmother in a one-room apartment, but the struggles didn’t end there. IU also failed 20 auditions as she tried to achieve her dreams. It’s great to see that she never let her struggles stop her from pursuing what she loved to do. Can you imagine K-Pop without UI? It’s impossible!

3. INFINITE: Another great story that proves that courage and perseverance will take you to great places. INFINITE started gaining traction when their hit song “Be Mine” ended up climbing to the top of the charts. But the members of INFINITE, even at the beginning, didn’t know whether or not they would debut. Woollim Entertainment at that time was going bankrupt, and the CEO also had to give up his own house so he could get funds to create INFINITE’s music video. Just as INFINITE was about to disband, fate had something else in store for them! This is why even when the members won first place on “M Countdown” with “Be Mine,” they could be seen crying.

4. Big Bang: While YG Entertainment is known to be one of the biggest music companies today, YG Entertainment also had a time when it struggled to keep the company afloat with the production of Big Bang. Bang. During their pre-debut days, the members couldn’t even afford to eat and had to beg the producers of their first documentary to buy them food. But now the tables have turned, and it’s great that every Big Bang member can afford as much as they want to eat! Even G-Dragon, during his appearance in “Please Take Care of My Fridge,” shocked everyone with the expensive caviar he had stored in his fridge!

5. Girl’s Day: Another band whose members had to go through a lot of hardships, Girl’s Day got off to a rocky start. Coming from a small company, and on top of that, receiving a lot of backlash for their over-the-top, cringe-worthy cuteness, Girl’s Day faced all sorts of insults. After an eventful first stage, it was also very rare to find Girl’s Day invited to different programs. It wasn’t until the release of “Something”, where the girls adopted a new concept, that more attention began to be drawn. Now they are one of the best bands of this decade!

6. Block B: With each twist, the members of Block B also encountered difficulties. Created by Stardom Entertainment, which was a relatively new label that existed, Block B went through various line-up changes, losing Winner’s Mino in the process. On top of that, Zico and Park Kyung had to produce their own songs because their company was unable to provide the necessary funds. But things didn’t stop there, as Block B was also heavily criticized for its styles and concepts. However, this did not stop the member’s artistic creativity. With the release of “Nanrina,” Block B established his place in the K-Pop industry. Then came other mega-hits such as “Her”, “Very Good”, “Jackpot”, “Toy”, “Shall We Dance” and “Nillili Mambo”.

The moral of the story, be nice and kind to everyone, because you never know where they might end up!

What happened at HALLYUWEEN 2022 https://kenthe390.com/what-happened-at-hallyuween-2022/ Sun, 06 Nov 2022 08:08:01 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/what-happened-at-hallyuween-2022/

Keeping its promise to be a spooktacular, first-of-its-kind event, HALLYUWEEN 2022, held on October 29 at the Mall of Asia Arena, gave viewers a memorable evening of K-pop, P-pop, drag and great music.

From the get-go, the first K-pop Halloween party in the Philippines exceeded all expectations – a press conference was held before the concert, with VIP ticket holders getting a chance to see the performers walk the red carpet; there was a strange set design; there was a dance floor in the middle of the stage, with sofas and tables on the sides; and staff members were dressed in Halloween costumes.

From beloved cartoon characters to iconic superheroes, to cosplaying their favorite K-pop idols, attendees also dressed aptly in their best Halloween looks. Even at first glance, we could recognize that everyone pulled out all the stops to make HALLYUWEEN a party that everyone will enjoy.

To signal the start of the show, an army of zombies appeared on stage and began closing in on the fans, leaving all onlookers stunned.

Filipino drag queens Lady Gagita, Lady Morgana and Minty Fresh took the stage as the show’s opening act. Lady Gagita performed Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi,” while Lady Morgana sang Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance Somebody” and Minty Fresh sang Ariana Grande’s “Break Free.”

The three powers then combined for a dynamic rendition of “Bang Bang” from Ariana Grande, Jessie J and Nicki Minaj.

HALLYUWEEN: 1st K-pop Halloween party in the Philippines. October 29, 2022. Mall of Asia Arena. Photo by Maki San Luis/Rappler
HALLYUWEEN: 1st K-pop Halloween party in the Philippines. October 29, 2022. Mall of Asia Arena. Photo by Maki San Luis/Rappler
HALLYUWEEN: 1st K-pop Halloween party in the Philippines. October 29, 2022. Mall of Asia Arena. Photo by Maki San Luis.Rappler
HALLYUWEEN: 1st K-pop Halloween party in the Philippines. October 29, 2022. Mall of Asia Arena. Photo by Maki San Luis/Rappler

Earlier at the press conference, Lady Gagita and Lady Morgana expressed how grateful they were to perform on one of the biggest stages in the country. “Feel namin na simple lang kaming drag queens pero pagdating namin sa MOA Arena, kahilera namin ang mga international stars na nag-perform, ” said Lady Morgana. (We think we’re just drag queens, but once we perform at MOA Arena, we’ll be alongside international superstars.)

Gaho with his group KAVE followed the set of drag queens. Known for his heartbreaking soundtracks, Gaho brought back all the K-drama feel while singing the show’s “Start Over.” Itaewon-class and “Run” from Begin.

They also performed “High” and “Right Now” and even surprised fans when they did a rock cover of BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That”.

HALLYUWEEN: 1st K-pop Halloween party in the Philippines. October 29, 2022. Mall of Asia Arena. Photo by Maki San Luis/Rappler

Whereas HALLYUWEEN served as their first visit to the Philippines, the band promised that they would return to the country to serenade more of their fans, hopefully at their solo concert next time.

K-pop boy group PENTAGON then thrilled the crowd, their Filipino UNIVERSE, in particular, as they returned to the Filipino concert scene after almost five years. The boys performed their hits “Feelin’ like”, “Sparkling Night”, “Beautiful Goodbye”, “Call My Name” and “Shine”.

HALLYUWEEN: 1st K-pop Halloween party in the Philippines. October 29, 2022. Mall of Asia Arena. Photo by Maki San Luis/Rappler
HALLYUWEEN: 1st K-pop Halloween party in the Philippines. October 29, 2022. Mall of Asia Arena. Photo by Maki San Luis/Rappler

“All of our fans give us the ability and the chance to sing. That’s why we believe the UNIVERSE, they are our inspiration and we can’t make music without them,” the band said at the conference. And during the show, they try to convey their gratitude to their fans, who were demanding a solo concert for the group.

After that, it was P-pop time! Boy group BGYO marked the first half of the event by showcasing Filipino talent. During the press conference, the five-piece act expressed how honored and grateful they were to be the only P-pop act included in the lineup.

“It is a dream come true for us. It is also a milestone that we are the only Filipinos to participate in this event with the drag queens. We will make K-pop artists our inspiration,” they said.

HALLYUWEEN: 1st K-pop Halloween party in the Philippines. October 29, 2022. Mall of Asia Arena. Photo by Maki San Luis/Rappler
HALLYUWEEN: 1st K-pop Halloween party in the Philippines. October 29, 2022. Mall of Asia Arena. Photo by Maki San Luis/Rappler

BGYO definitely made ACE’s heart beat faster when they performed “The Light”, “The Baddest”, “Kundiman”, and their latest track “Magnet”.

The party continued with the mixed group KARD which set the atmosphere on fire. Dressed as a pirate, skeleton, vampire and Catwoman, they definitely delivered on their promise of a “sexy” performance.

Their set included their hits “Ring the Alarm”, “Oh Nana”, “Don’t Recall”, “Bomb Bomb”, “Dumb Litty” and “Red Moon”. And between their performances, the four members made sure to interact with their hidden KARDs.

HALLYUWEEN: 1st K-pop Halloween party in the Philippines. October 29, 2022. Mall of Asia Arena. Photo by Maki San Luis/Rappler
HALLYUWEEN: 1st K-pop Halloween party in the Philippines. October 29, 2022. Mall of Asia Arena. Photo by Maki San Luis/Rappler

BM said at the press conference, “With any event, I feel like the best part of being an artist is being able to interact with the fans. I’m very happy, and I’m sure speaking on behalf of all the members, to say that we love having the opportunity, with our fans in Manila and the Philippines.

From one power to another! At the press conference, hip-hop trio Epik High poked fun at being the oldest group on the lineup, joking that attendees might not recognize them over newer artists. But they had nothing to fear as the crowd went wild when the OGs took the stage.

“We know we can’t solve every problem, but during the time we share together, we can make you forget things and have fun,” they said before the show. And boy, they did not disappoint.

HALLYUWEEN: 1st K-pop Halloween party in the Philippines. October 29, 2022. Mall of Asia Arena. Photo by Maki San Luis/Rappler
HALLYUWEEN: 1st K-pop Halloween party in the Philippines. October 29, 2022. Mall of Asia Arena. Photo by Maki San Luis/Rappler

Their experience in delivering high-energy numbers shone through with their performances of “NO THANXXX”, “Burj Khalifa” and “One”. Everyone was on their feet and screaming when they performed “Born Hater” as well.

No tricks, just treats as one lucky fan was able to receive a signed shirt from Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz while the trio performed their set.

Next – well, it needs no introduction! Even with CL’s sole entrance, the crowd was already captivated. It was a victory for BLACKJACKS and GZB as she set the arena on fire with her performances of “Spicy”, “HWA”, “The Baddest Female”, “Chuck”, “Doctor Pepper”, “Lover Like Me ‘ and ‘Hello Bitches.

For the leader of 2NE1, it was an opportunity for her to “reconnect with my fans, to be on stage and to show them my new music”.

As she wrapped up her set, she told fans, “Manila, thank you so much for coming out tonight…. Hope to see you very soon. For my tour, I hope, right? Thank you for all the love, energy and this beautiful night.

The best-dressed spectators were also announced before the concert moved into a full-fledged party.

Dressed in a superhero costume, DJ Soda warmed up the stage with her remixes that had the crowd dancing and cheering all night long.

HALLYUWEEN: 1st K-pop Halloween party in the Philippines. October 29, 2022. Mall of Asia Arena. Photo by Maki San Luis/Rappler

Some ticket holders were unable to make it to MOA Arena due to severe Tropical Storm Paeng, concert organizer SP PULP Live World announced hours before the show that they would be able to stream the event on line.

During the press conference, the artists also said “yes” when asked if they would return if HALLYUWEEN become an annual thing. Based on the success of the 2022 edition, we can say that we look forward to attending this event every year. – Rappler.com

K-pop boy group TAN set to hold PH tour https://kenthe390.com/k-pop-boy-group-tan-set-to-hold-ph-tour/ Thu, 03 Nov 2022 12:06:00 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/k-pop-boy-group-tan-set-to-hold-ph-tour/
New K-pop boy group To All Nations (TAN) held a press conference in Quezon City on November 3, 2022. Photo by Josiah Antonio, ABS-CBN News.

MANILA — New K-pop boy group To All Nations (TAN) is set to hold a four-location Philippines tour in November.

TAN’s first stop will be at the Music Museum in San Juan on Friday, followed by another fan meeting at Robinsons Magnolia in Quezon City on Sunday.

They will also join K-pop conventions in Cebu on November 12 and Cagayan de Oro the following day.

They will also appear on ABS-CBN’s “It’s Showtime” and PIE Channel.

“It’s our first time here in the Philippines and we have high expectations. We are really flattered to meet Filipino Soda fans as soon as possible,” Lee Chang Sun told reporters at a press conference.

Im Joo An said that they came here to the Philippines to follow in the footsteps of other K-pop groups.

“The Philippines is a very important country when it comes to promoting K-pop. We know that many of our senior K-pop groups like BTS, Seventeen, and Blackpink have been here in the Philippines before,” he said. -he declares.

“In order to conquer the world stage, we first visited the Philippines because we know that the love and support of Filipinos in K-pop is truly unwavering.”

Lee Jaejun is looking forward to meeting his fans and hopes they will connect with them through their performances.

“We have really prepared a lot to touch the hearts of Filipino fans and we really hope to be able to communicate with our fans here in the Philippines,” he said.

TAN is a seven-member K-pop idol group consisting of Changsun, Jooan, Jaejun, Sunghyuk, Hyunyeop, Taehoon, and Jiseong.

The group was formed through Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation’s (MBC) survival audition show, “Extreme Debut: Wild Idol”. Since their debut last March, the group has already released three feature films and a single album.


]]> Alexa Holds a Minute’s Silence for Itaewon Crowd Crush Victims – Billboard https://kenthe390.com/alexa-holds-a-minutes-silence-for-itaewon-crowd-crush-victims-billboard/ Mon, 31 Oct 2022 23:44:08 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/alexa-holds-a-minutes-silence-for-itaewon-crowd-crush-victims-billboard/

As the world and the Korean entertainment industry react to the mob tragedy in the Itaewon district of Seoul, South Korea, AleXa took a moment from her tour to remember those lost.

During her Sunday concert in Los Angeles at Avalon Hollywood, the final date of AleXa’s first Meet & Live tour of the United States, the star asked for a moment of silence to honor the victims.

“I am saddened and quite devastated to hear what happened recently in Itaewon Korea,” the 25-year-old told the audience. “Many bright young stars, many young lives were lost in this tragedy which will forever go down in history as one of the worst things to happen in modern times in Korea. It will forever be life changing. people they knew, friends, family and loved ones I ask that you please observe together a minute of silence here, out of respect for all the victims and all the lives lost in this tragedy.

The scene then turned dark, without a video screen with the phrase “Pray for Itaewon” shining throughout the moment.

AleXa’s Korean label, ZB Label, has also announcement Sunday that they would temporarily postpone the planned promotional schedule for the singer’s next album Girls have become fashionable EP. Earlier this month, Billboard revealed that the new EP, along with new single “Back in Vogue,” will be released on November 10 as the first new music since the Oklahoma native star won NBC’s inaugural season. American song contest. There’s no clear indication if the release date will change at press time, but ZB Label shared that “detailed schedule changes will be announced in a separate notice.” The company added “our deepest condolences to the victims, bereaved families and those affected by this heartbreaking tragedy.”

AleX joined PSY, ENHYPEN, Jessi and other K-pop stars who shared their condolences with the victims of the tragedy that left more than 150 people dead and led to a week-long period of national mourning in South Korea. South. AleXa and ZB Label also join the dozens of artists and labels choosing to maintain or cancel promotional plans and new music in light of the tragedy.

Seoul Fashion Week Star Attendees + 8 Korean Designer Looks Reimagined For K-Pop Idols https://kenthe390.com/seoul-fashion-week-star-attendees-8-korean-designer-looks-reimagined-for-k-pop-idols/ Fri, 28 Oct 2022 10:21:33 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/seoul-fashion-week-star-attendees-8-korean-designer-looks-reimagined-for-k-pop-idols/

Seoul Fashion Week has finally returned to live shows after what seemed like a long wait, making fashion and K-pop fans excited to see the latest trends the stars will be wearing this Spring/Summer 2023. All eyes look to Seoul as Korea’s homeland. the most talented designers, while stylish celebrities and local citizens are considered the main source of fashion inspiration for style watchers around the world. It’s important to note that the styles at Seoul Fashion Week, unlike its European counterparts, are generally more focused on modern street style and laid-back, wearable aesthetics than high fashion. Here’s a look at what the Korean stars wore as front-row guests at SFW’s top shows:

Classic black and gray jumpsuit

It’s officially autumn in Korea right now and most stars have turned to darker tones. Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and Hwang In Yeop looked paired in their textured gray and black ensembles.

Elegant and dapper look

Beloved actors Kim Young Dae and Choi Woo Sik opted for classic tailored suits while Park Hae Soo paired his sheer velvet shirt with a textured white coat.


All Black

SEVENTEEN’s Jun and DRIPPIN’s Cha Jun Ho wore head-to-toe black, accessorized with silverware and a touch of leather.


A touch of glamor

(G)I-DLE’s Jeon Soyeon turned heads when she arrived in a white mini dress with a fur jacket at AMI Paris Collection in Seoul. She is the only one to wear pure white in a sea of ​​black.

Long coats

Whether snakeskin, velvet or organza, several stars opted for a long coat for a sophisticated look.


Lee Ho Jung, The8, Lee Hi

Graphic prints

Apink’s Namjoo and actress Jin Se Yeon were spotted wearing Korean brand Greedilous’ bright print, while actresses Wang Ji Hye and Shin Joo Ah wore stunning printed dresses by designer Doucan.

Coordinated mode

T-ara fans were delighted to see Qri and Eunjung on the blue carpet, the two opting for a long dress and a short jacket, while VIVIZ coordinated their outfits in black and white tones.

Stars on the trail

Some celebrities supported their favorite Korean designers by walking the runway and adding drama to the collections, including Bae Jung Nam, Han Hye Jin, and Cha Seung Woo for Songzio. Bada and Son Ho Young walked for designer Kwak Hyun Joo.


Designs that would look amazing on K-pop stars

Some of the looks spotted on the runway would definitely look great on stage and in music videos, so here are some outfits K-pop stars could definitely wear:


Jennie would look great in Kwak Hyun Joo’s luxurious teen plaid ensemble, while Holy Number 7’s casual yet trendy denim looks would look great on Lisa. UL:KIN’s utility ensemble is reminiscent of one of BLACKPINK’s stage outfits for “Pink Venom,” and it would look great on Rosé and Jisoo!


With NewJeans youthful vibes and signature Y2K look, these styles from designers Not Enof Words, MMAM and UL:KIN could be their next look!


Male graphic designer. G is inspired by graffiti, punk culture, pop art and the whole rock and roll lifestyle. I could imagine these outfits with the eclectic looks of NCT as well as the edgy and powerful vibe of (G)I-DLE!


Anonymmouth presented a colorful and playful collection for menswear, which would look cool on ENHYPEN, matching the group’s fun personalities!


JIMINLEE reinvents menswear with deconstructed suits and a unique style. The powerful energy of MONSTA X could be the perfect match for these looks!

Oh my girl

Cahiers is a brand known for its soft and feminine looks. With the adorable and cute image of Oh My Girl, they could perfectly suit the brand’s fresh and light spring/summer collection!


Doucan is known for infusing intricate details and prints into their garments while seamlessly blending classic and contemporary styles. With LE SSERAFIM embodying a mix of feminine and edgy vibes, they could definitely rock these looks!


Holy Number 7 presented a reinterpretation of urban and high fashion styles. These black and white outfits could be a great idea for IVE’s next concept which recalls the band’s mix of preppy, glam and high teen looks!

Top photo credit: Xportsnews

Hi Soompiers! Which of these styles from Seoul Fashion Week is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

DianeP_Kim is an English magazine and online publisher based in South Korea. She is the author of a K-pop style book published by Skyhorse Publications, New York, including her second book, “BTS Bible”. Check it out on Amazon, follow her on Instagram @dianne_panda.

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