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ON THIS DAY OF 1850, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported: “At a recent Jenny Lind concert, the audience did not limit themselves to cheers, reminders and flowers, but adopted the Italian method of showing their joy, which so far has been little. known in Germany, by letting a large number of white pigeons fly from all rooms of the house. After the concert, members of the orchestra performed a serenade under the windows of the artist of the fair, and some of the young people of the town mounted a torchlight procession in his honor.


ON THIS DAY IN 1909, the Eagle reported: “The ground was broken this morning for the Gimbel Department Store, on Broadway, Thirty-second and Thirty-third Streets, Manhattan (Gimbel Square), whose late President [Alexander Cassatt] of the Pennsylvania Railroad made a sentent and prophetic remark: “The future center of great development”. It is decided that the new store, with an area of ​​over one million square feet, will be open to the public in early fall of next year… The Gimbel store, once opened, will require some seven thousand employees.


ON THIS DAY OF 1939, the Eagle reported: “DETROIT (UP) – Three little words – ‘I’m ready, Joe’ – will send Lou Gehrig back to the Yankees lineup whenever the Iron Man decides he’s ready to speak them. His job at first base awaits him, but plenty of hits are likely to cross the sun before Gehrig tells manager Joe McCarthy he’s ready. Because Gehrig is not ready now and no one knows it better than he. He knew it three days ago, but it wasn’t until yesterday at a hotel above downtown Detroit that Gehrig announced he had decided to end his streak of 2,130 straight games – a streak which is a record today and which is likely to represent a century. “


ON THIS DAY OF 1948, the Eagle reported: “The old Squalus submarine which sank in 1939 with the loss of 26 officers and men, and which was later lifted, renamed Sailfish, and sank a 22,500 ton Japanese aircraft carrier in 1945, went auctioned today at Brooklyn Arsenal. Along with the Sea Dragon submarine, it was sold for scrap … The Squalus sank off Portsmouth, NH on May 23, 1939. In 1945, like the USS Sailfish, the submarine, with 12 members of the former Squalus crew on board, sank the Japanese Carrier. “



ON THIS DAY OF 1946, the Eagle reported, “SAN FRANCISCO (UP) – A handful of ‘mad’ convicts fought a deadly hide-and-seek battle with US Marines and prison guards on Alcatraz Island today after an unsuccessful attempt to escape from the most impregnable prison in the country. Perhaps as many as 16 murderers, bank robbers and crime-hardened kidnappers stubbornly stood in a wing of the main block under a steady barrage of machine guns, rifles and pistols, tear gas and smoke grenades. The desperados, locked up and isolated, continued to retaliate sporadically and authorities said they were apparently prepared for a “ fight to the end ” despite the fact that they no longer had a chance to leave the island alive. Two destroyer escorts and five coastguards and patrol boats kept a tight block around ‘The Rock’ to prevent any doomed from escaping through the 1.5 mile wide channel to the mainland.


ON THIS DAY OF 1952, the Eagle reported: “JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICAN UNION (UP) – A four-plane Comet airliner from the British Overseas Airways Corporation approached today on a historic flight from London. The large airliner took off from Entebbe, on the northern shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda, Central Africa, at 2 a.m. (Brooklyn time) for Livingstone, Northern Rhodesia, north of that capital. . Inaugurating jet passenger service between London and Johannesburg, the plane departed London yesterday and made stops in Rome and Beirut, Syria. He was 24 minutes late when he left Khartoum, but was on schedule again as he made the penultimate leg of his long flight.


Frankie Valli
David Bolshazy / Wikimedia Commons

NOTABLE PEOPLE BORN ON THIS DAY include Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Frankie Valli, born in 1934; inventor and businessman Ron Popeil, born in 1935; former baseball player and manager Davey lopes, born in 1945; sport commentator Greg Gumbel, born in 1946;

Greg Gumbel
US Representative John Dingell / Wikimedia Commons

Singer of “Think of Laura” Christopher cross, born in 1951; comic artist Bill sienkiewicz, born in 1958; former New York Islanders goaltender Ron Hextall, born in 1964; “Mad Men” star Christina hendricks, born in 1975; and former NY Giants placekicker Lawrence tynes, born in 1978.

Christina hendricks
Raven Underwood / Wikimedia Commons


RADIUS OF HOPE: Sugar Ray Robinson was born 100 years ago today. The Detroit native is widely regarded as “the greatest boxer of all time, pound for pound.” A welterweight and middleweight champion, he won 175 professional fights and lost just 19. After retiring at age 45, he entered show business and created the Sugar Ray Robinson Youth Foundation for fight against juvenile delinquency. He died in 1989.


ON THE AIR: National Public Radio, the first non-commercial radio network, was established 50 years ago today. It is funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.


Special thanks to the “Chase Calendar of Events” and the Brooklyn Public Library.


“I grew beyond pride. We didn’t have much, but we had a lot of love.
– singer Frankie Valli, born that day in 1934

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World shares mixed as economic data cloud outlook https://kenthe390.com/world-shares-mixed-as-economic-data-cloud-outlook/ https://kenthe390.com/world-shares-mixed-as-economic-data-cloud-outlook/#respond Fri, 30 Apr 2021 09:47:00 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/world-shares-mixed-as-economic-data-cloud-outlook/

A forex trader watches monitors at the forex trading room at KEB Hana Bank headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, Friday, April 30, 2021. Asian stocks were mostly down on Friday in uncertainty over prospects for a gradual global economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.  (AP Photo / Ahn Young-joon)

A forex trader watches monitors at the forex trading room at KEB Hana Bank headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, Friday, April 30, 2021. Asian stocks were mostly down on Friday in uncertainty over prospects for a gradual global economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. (AP Photo / Ahn Young-joon)


Shares rose in early European trading on Friday after retreating in Asia as the latest batch of economic data provided mixed signals on the outlook for recovery from the pandemic.

Two surveys released on Friday showed Chinese manufacturing increased in April, but growth appeared to be slowing. Figures show that the European economy contracted in the first three months of the year, while the US economy grew, growing at an annual rate of 6.4%.

Recent major coronavirus outbreaks and slow progress in vaccinations add to concerns about the outlook for economies in Asia and Europe.

France’s CAC 40 fell less than 0.1% early in the session to 6,300.06, while Germany’s DAX added 0.4% to 15,212.91. The UK FTSE 100 added 0.3% to 6,982.92. US stocks were set for a slow start, with Dow industrials’ futures down nearly 0.2% to 33,900. S&P 500 futures fell 0.2% to 4,193.12.

The contraction in the 19 countries using the euro compares to a robust rebound underway in the United States. The second consecutive quarter of declining production, following the contraction in the fourth quarter of 2021, confirms the pandemic double-dip recession in Europe. Two-quarter decline in production is a definition of recession.

Chinese manufacturing expanded in April, but growth could slow after a rebound from the coronavirus pandemic, surveys have shown.

A monthly purchasing managers’ index published by business magazine Caixin rose to 51.9 on a 100-point scale from the 11-month March low of 50.6 on a 100-point scale on which the figures greater than 50 show expanding activity.

A separate survey released by China’s statistics agency and an industry group fell 0.8 points to 51.1 but was still above the 50 point mark showing growing activity. A production sub-index fell 1.7 points to 52.2.

This suggests that “the growth momentum will wane this year,” Capital Economics’ Julians Evans-Pritchard said in a report.

Chinese manufacturing and consumer spending has rebounded above pre-pandemic levels, but the recovery is slowing. Economic growth in the first three months of 2021 slowed to 0.6% from the previous quarter.

In Asian trade, the Japanese benchmark Nikkei 225 dipped 0.8% to close at 28,812.63. South Korea’s Kospi slipped 0.8% to 3,147.86. The Australian S & P / ASX 200 fell 0.8% to 7,025.80. The Hong Kong Hang Seng lost 2.0% to 28,724.88, while the Shanghai Composite slipped 0.8% to 3,446.86.

Japan and China are heading for several public holidays known as “Golden Week” which will likely slow market activity significantly in the coming days.

The Commerce Department said on Thursday that the US economy grew at a sustained annual rate of 6.4% in the last quarter and is expected to accelerate further as more vaccinations are administered and as COVID-19 cases continue to decline. Meanwhile, the Department of Labor said the number of Americans who applied for unemployment benefits fell again last week.

In other exchanges, benchmark US crude fell 60 cents to $ 64.41 per barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. It picked up $ 1.15 to $ 65.01 a barrel on Thursday. Brent, the international standard, fell 51 cents to $ 68.05 a barrel.

In currency trading, the US dollar fell to 108.90 Japanese yen from 108.93 yen. The euro fell to $ 1.2097 from $ 1.2122.

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Forget the curtains and the money – Johnson’s legacy will be the bitter taste of Brexit | Polly Toynbee https://kenthe390.com/forget-the-curtains-and-the-money-johnsons-legacy-will-be-the-bitter-taste-of-brexit-polly-toynbee/ https://kenthe390.com/forget-the-curtains-and-the-money-johnsons-legacy-will-be-the-bitter-taste-of-brexit-polly-toynbee/#respond Fri, 30 Apr 2021 09:07:00 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/forget-the-curtains-and-the-money-johnsons-legacy-will-be-the-bitter-taste-of-brexit-polly-toynbee/

AAmid slippages, losses, disappearing investments and declines in exports, the drip of Brexit damage never stops. I collect examples every week, as if I was collecting spent mortar cartridges from a battlefield. Wednesday was 450 jobs lost as an auto parts maker, Toyoda Gosei is preparing to close factories in Rotherham and Swansea and move to the Czech Republic.

A breathtaking £ 800 roll of gold wallpaper distracts our eye. A prime minister who has stacked tens of thousands of bodies, while apparently fixing buddies taxes and buddies contracts, has his eyes set on the stalks. No one knows how deep Boris Johnson can sink in the mud and still swim.

But history will record a great political crime above all the others, its eccentric dishonest are only illuminations on its edges. The offender who missed Brexit halfway across the country with a star dust of false promises to secure the throne will leave Brexit ruptures behind long after he leaves.

The most serious to date is to jeopardize the peace in Northern Ireland, as Arlene Foster is overthrown by the impossible contradictions of Brexit. There was warnings: two former prime ministers spoke in Derry just before the referendum, when Tony Blair said that “there should be checks between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, which would be simply unacceptable”, while that John Major warned of a “historic mistake” that would destabilize the Good Friday deal. But Foster, a staunch Brexiter, dismissed the “deeply offensive” story that remains frightening.

The DUP’s impossible position on Brexit will be inherited by the unfortunate candidate who succeeds him. Why support Brexit when Northern Ireland was against it and the border dilemma triggered a red warning? Why support Boris Johnson when, of course, he would miss it with his protocol for splitting the UK? Why did the DUP not ask the whole of the UK still in the single market?

Unionists, like too many British people, have been seduced by this magic word of sovereignty: how ironic that it can now break the union. Of this Johnson and his demolition crew knew nothing and cared less. There was always Kate Hoey, a doughty unionist, to keep promising: “Brexit will not hurt Northern Ireland at all – on the contrary, it will light up its future.” Now, in retaliation, protesting against protocol, she complaints that “Northern Ireland did not have Brexit”.

Just so. No one got the Brexit they imagined, because none have ever been acceptable or sustainable. That was the trick of the leavers: they never said what kind of Brexit, because any version was a killer. So here we are with the worst Brexit deal ever. Next week’s elections in Scotland look certain to secure a nationalist majority: the more repulsive the Conservatives at Westminster, the more attractive Holyrood’s independence. As the European Parliament approved Brexit this week, Scottish cultural leaders pleaded with MEPs to welcome Scotland back to the EU.

This week, leading UK arts organizations wrote to Johnson asking him to address the visa, customs and work permit crisis that is preventing them from touring in the EU, providing them with the income they need to to survive. Johnson promised them last month that he “fix itBut he can’t ‘fix’ things, because every industry, from fish and finance to ballet, is asking for a ‘special offer’. There’s no problem with his hard Brexit: it’s the same deal all third countries get. As President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, stress: “Faithful implementation is essential.” No wonder the European Parliament added a resolution this week calling Brexit a “historic mistake”.

No big bang so far, but Brexit is silently draining power and money: far more than the £ 350million a week on the infamous bus is already lost, Professor Nigel Driffield of Warwick tells me Business School: £ 1.3 billion already fled the City, while “the delivery of gilts since the referendum is worth a whole bus.” CEO of JP Morgan tell shareholders that European cities take over the activities of London and that “Europe has the upper hand”.

Large lost foreign investment goes unrecorded: Pernille Rudlin, a leading Japanese business consultant, tells me: “The UK has attracted fewer new businesses from Japan than other countries in Europe since Brexit. Prior to 2016, the UK was the top destination for Japanese investment in Europe. “

The Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee yesterday confirmed the problems in fisheries and agriculture, as EU imports pour in while UK exports are stranded, Warning that “companies will relocate their activities to the EU or stop exporting to Europe”.

Also this week, Make UK, representing the manufacturers, responded to official figures posting profits at the lowest for more than a decade, accusing a “unique cocktail of circumstances” mixing Covid and Brexit. To take just one example, James Greenham, managing director of medical equipment maker EMS Physio, says he’s paying a fortune in new export costs and losing customers: Swedish company, finding three-day deliveries four weeks late, turned to another supplier in the Netherlands. He grits his teeth in irritation at government ads telling him to trade with Mexico instead – where, he says, there are huge regulatory hurdles. “We were sold a lie.” Every week I collect oars of these tales.

Wallpaper and lies can bring Johnson down, but Brexit is the crime against the country he will be forever damned for. Riots and the fall of Arlene Foster jeopardize the peace deal in Ireland, and the UK’s breakup is on the razor’s edge. A necessary trigger will soon be available for Labor to lead the charge against the bad Brexit deal. In his mad rant at the Prime Minister’s Questions, Johnson accused Labor of voting against, and many would like it to be – although between a rock and a tough place, no deal is an option. Long before the next election, Labor will lead the cause of guiding Britain back to the single market and the safer haven of a Norwegian solution.

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Masters champion Matsuyama receives Prime Minister’s award https://kenthe390.com/masters-champion-matsuyama-receives-prime-ministers-award/ https://kenthe390.com/masters-champion-matsuyama-receives-prime-ministers-award/#respond Fri, 30 Apr 2021 08:07:00 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/masters-champion-matsuyama-receives-prime-ministers-award/

Japanese golfer Hideki Matsuyama, left, presents a gift to Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, right, at the Prime Minister's office in Tokyo on Friday, April 30, 2021. Matsuyama received the Prime Minister's Award in Tokyo on Friday for winning the tournament. golf Masters.  (Masanori Takei / Kyodo News via AP)

Japanese golfer Hideki Matsuyama, left, presents a gift to Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, right, at the Prime Minister’s office in Tokyo on Friday, April 30, 2021. Matsuyama received the Prime Minister’s Award in Tokyo on Friday for winning the tournament. golf Masters. (Masanori Takei / Kyodo News via AP)


Hideki Matsuyama received the Prime Minister’s Award in Tokyo on Friday for winning the Masters golf tournament.

He was the first Japanese winner at Augusta National, the famous American club.

Matsuyama won the amateur title at the 2011 Masters just weeks after the earthquake, tsunami and three nuclear reactor meltdowns devastated the northeastern region of Fukushima in Japan. The disaster killed around 18,000 people.

Matsuyama received the award from Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, who praised him for boosting morale in Japan this time – and 10 years ago.

“You have continued to cheer on the affected areas, marking the 10th anniversary of the disaster, and you have a lot of courage,” Suga said. “While contributing greatly to the advancement of sport in Japan, it is truly remarkable to succeed in communicating the importance of effort to all and giving them dreams and hopes.”

Matsuyama said he hopes to win gold at the Tokyo Olympics this year.

Matsuyama wore the green Masters jacket during the presentation and presented the prime minister with a green tournament cap and club pin.

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Freeze ‘with an intriguing new trailer https://kenthe390.com/freeze-with-an-intriguing-new-trailer/ https://kenthe390.com/freeze-with-an-intriguing-new-trailer/#respond Fri, 30 Apr 2021 07:31:08 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/freeze-with-an-intriguing-new-trailer/

K-pop boyband Tomorrow X Together (known as TXT) has confirmed their upcoming comeback date with a brand new trailer.

On April 30, the group released a 30-second trailer that revealed the name of their upcoming album, “The Chaos Chapter: Freeze,” and also featured their logo transformation. The project is scheduled for release on May 31 at 6 p.m. KST.

Last week, the South Korean media OSEN reported that the group was preparing to make a comeback and were working with a number of world-famous producers on the project. The news was later confirmed by the boyband’s agency, Big Hit Music.

The next album will be TXT’s second full Korean-language studio album, following 2019’s “ The Dream Chapter: Magic ”. It also marks the start of a new era for the group, having completed their “Dream Trilogy” with the mini-album “The Dream Chapter: Eternity” last May.

TXT released their first full Japanese-language album, “Still Dreaming,” earlier in January. The record featured Japanese versions of their previous singles, as well as original Japanese tracks “Everlasting Shine” and “Force”. The latter was introduced as the opening theme song of the second season of the animated series. Global trigger.

Earlier this month, TXT member Huening Kai released a cover of Australian pop-rock group 5 Seconds Of Summer 2018, “ Youngblood. ” This is the last cover from a TXT member, after Taehyun’s performance of Nathan Sykes “ Over And Over Again ” and Yeonjun’s cover of August Alsina’s “ Song Cry ”.

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Japanese companies plan to boycott Chinese partners forcing Uyghurs to work https://kenthe390.com/japanese-companies-plan-to-boycott-chinese-partners-forcing-uyghurs-to-work/ https://kenthe390.com/japanese-companies-plan-to-boycott-chinese-partners-forcing-uyghurs-to-work/#respond Fri, 30 Apr 2021 04:35:27 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/japanese-companies-plan-to-boycott-chinese-partners-forcing-uyghurs-to-work/


Tokyo during COVID-19: Green spaces, rise of teleworking offer new lifestyle opportunities


China’s gross domestic product (GDP) for the January-March 2021 quarter increased 18.3 percent from the corresponding period in 2020, China’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said on April 16. been a positive wind for Japanese companies that export to China or have manufacturing bases there.

However, a new risk has arisen around the abuse of human rights in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Japanese companies say they will take a tough stance by suspending trade relations with business partners who force Uyghurs to work. On the other hand, Chinese threats to retaliate with boycotts against Japanese products raised concerns, which put companies in a difficult position.

Risk is one of human rights

China’s improving economy was helped by the containment of the re-emergence of COVID-19 in the country in early 2021. Investments in factories and AI manufacturing, among other categories, have further increased by 20%. The March index also suggests that consumption increased by more than 30%.

It has also boosted the recovery of Japanese companies, especially those in western Japan which export a large part of their merchandise to China.

“There has been an acceleration in infrastructure investment in China and in the import of construction machinery and related items in particular,” (citing a machine maker in Kobe), the Bank of Japan noted in its latest report. trimester Regional Economies Report (Sakura Report), published April 15.

A large electronic components company, Murata Manufacturing, has reported that, driven by profits made by China, it expects to achieve record profits of JPY 290 billion ($ 2.662 billion) for the fiscal year ending March 21. .

However, a new risk is emerging in the oppression of Uyghur minorities. Japanese companies face criticism if their Chinese partners use forced Uyghur labor at any stage of the supply chain.

More than 80 companies in the world?

According to a report published by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute As of February 2020, more than 80 of the world’s largest companies did business with Chinese factories involved in forced Uyghur labor. The Japan Uyghur Association, a group made up of Uyghurs in Japan, and Human Rights Now, an international human rights organization, investigated the corporate stance on forced labor of 14 Japanese companies including names were mentioned in the ASPI report, and announced their findings.

Thirteen companies, with the exception of Panasonic, responded. Each has either denied having had any direct dealings with the indicated suppliers suspected of using Uyghur forced labor, or claimed that they could not confirm that the suppliers used forced labor. In addition, most responded that they would stop doing business with any business partner found guilty of human rights violations.

Panasonic did not respond by the investigation deadline, and attempts to reach the company by phone only resulted in claims that the matter would be “referred to the responsible department.” Panasonic also did not respond to a request for comment from The Sankei Shimbun April 15.

On the other hand, Sharp Corporation, which responded to the survey, told the The Sankei Shimbun on April 15 that: “In our investigation so far, we have not been able to confirm the fact of forced human labor on the part of our suppliers.” The company added, “Our company policy does not condone human rights violations such as forced labor. If such facts later prove to be true, we will insist that our supplier correct the situation. If that fails, we will consider measures such as ending our trade relationship. “

The problem is, the threat of a Chinese boycott of Japanese companies looms in cases where trade relations are cut off due to human rights violations seen in the Chinese supply chain.

In a recent case, large Swedish clothing retailer Hennes and Mauritz (H&M) expressed concern over the Uyghur issue and said it would no longer purchase high-quality Uyghur-produced Xinjiang cotton. In response, the Communist Youth League of China, an affiliate of the Communist Party of China, launched a social media campaign calling for a boycott of all H&M products, which quickly spread.

Japanese companies could also find themselves in the same situation if they act firmly.

Between the devil and the deep sea

However, if companies take a passive line against human rights abuses in order to avoid a Chinese boycott, then it is inevitable that Japanese consumers and the rest of the world – other than China – will turn their backs. . Indeed, Japanese companies are seated between a rock and a hard place.

Hideyuki Araki, chief researcher at Resona Group, says that “Japanese companies are faced with a difficult choice as to their course of action. If they end their business relationship with their Chinese suppliers, depending on the size of the business, finding new production sites or other tasks may take time. “

In addition, he adds, “In the first place, it is very difficult to verify which information is correct, and (on the existence of forced labor) [the companies] have no choice but to trust China for the facts. Yet, if it later turns out that Japanese companies have misunderstood the facts, their late response will leave them vulnerable to increased criticism.

When doing business in China, “there are the trade disputes between the United States and China and COVID-19, as well as the South China Sea and Taiwan issues,” says Araki. Japanese companies “depend on China,” says Araki. But the many risks now place them in a precarious situation.

(Find access to the Sankei Shimbun special report in Japanese at this link.)

Authors: Nobuhiko Yamaguchi, Takashi Yamamoto.

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Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather Jr: how to watch, start date, everything you need to know https://kenthe390.com/logan-paul-vs-floyd-mayweather-jr-how-to-watch-start-date-everything-you-need-to-know/ https://kenthe390.com/logan-paul-vs-floyd-mayweather-jr-how-to-watch-start-date-everything-you-need-to-know/#respond Fri, 30 Apr 2021 04:31:00 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/logan-paul-vs-floyd-mayweather-jr-how-to-watch-start-date-everything-you-need-to-know/

It really is happening.


Logan Paul is young, rich and famous, and he decided that what he really wanted to do with a living was get punched in the face. Hey, different shots for different people. April 27 Paul and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have announced their long-discussed boxing match finally has a new date and venue: June 6 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

“It’s finally official,” Paul tweeted. “Fight Floyd Mayweather at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on Sunday, June 6. LET’S FUCKING GOOOOOOO.”

It’s not your normal boxing match, of course. Here’s a look at who’s who, what to expect, and how to watch.

Who is Logan Paul?

The 26-year-old Ohio native and his brother, Jake, first rose to fame for their Vine and YouTube videos. Paul then moved to Los Angeles and tried his hand at all kinds of entertainment, from acting to running a clothing line. It is not without controversy: in 2018 it was heavily criticized for film a corpse in a Japanese forest known as a place of suicide, and YouTube ripped off ads of his channel for questionable content in the past. But her fans don’t seem to care: her YouTube channel has over 22 million subscribers.

As for sports, Paul was a high school athlete, participating in wrestling and soccer. But his boxing record is not really long. In 2018, he fought Britain’s YouTuber KSI (real name Olajide William Olatunji) for a majority draw in what was considered an amateur match. In 2019, the two staged a rematch that was considered a professional fight, ending in a split decision victory for KSI. So, with no victory under his belt, he decided to … face a famous undefeated boxer. Like you do.

Who is Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a little older than Paul at 44. And he is much, much more experienced in the ring. He won 15 major world titles in five weight classes, with a 50-0 record in the sport, a bronze medal at the 1996 Olympics and three US Golden Gloves championships, among other titles. (Note that he won this Olympic medal when Logan Paul was only one year old.)

So why, then, is the Former undefeated champion taking on a YouTuber who never won a fight? It’s not about boxing – the fight won’t count anywhere, it’s an exhibition. Think about these two irresistible elements: money and fame.

“It’s likely that only the promise of another lucrative payday could convince ‘Money’ Mayweather to put his gloves back on, and Paul provides an opponent with major name recognition despite limited boxing experience,” the Washington Post reported. The newspaper noted that for Paul, it wasn’t about who wins, but about exposure, which makes him even more famous and opens up more opportunities and future payrolls for him.

The game

Few details are known about the specifics of right-wing boxing, such as the rules, the size of the gloves, the number of turns it will take, or even the sub-card. We will update this story as more details become known.

If you’ve heard of another Paul involved in a boxing match that’s been making headlines lately, it’s Logan’s brother Jake. He now has a 3-0 record in the sport after defeat ex-MMA fighter Ben Askren in less than a turn.

How to watch

The fight is scheduled for June 6 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. Mayweather’s own promotion company, premium cable channel Showtime and dedicated fan experience website Fanmio are all involved.

Those who want to watch the fight will need to have pay-per-view TV. A ticket to watch the fight comes with a t-shirt and costs $ 49.99 (£ 36, AU $ 64). But some who have already purchased combat access may have gotten a lower price – it was postponed from February, and was originally priced at $ 24.99. (£ 18 GBP, AU $ 33).

Fanmio’s site says that 20 US residents who sign up for Fanmio will also receive a meet the fighters video – and the gift rules say these winners don’t have to buy the fight to enter the raffle.

If you buy the fight, Fanmio’s website says you can watch it on a variety of devices, including iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Google TV, Android TV, and Fire TV.

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Lime Rock announces events for historic September festival https://kenthe390.com/lime-rock-announces-events-for-historic-september-festival/ https://kenthe390.com/lime-rock-announces-events-for-historic-september-festival/#respond Fri, 30 Apr 2021 04:08:42 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/lime-rock-announces-events-for-historic-september-festival/

LAKEVILLE – Lime Rock Park announced the lineup of special events and guests for its 39th annual Historical Festival, scheduled for September 2-6.

The festival, said the organizers, is a unique exhibition of automotive enthusiasm in all its forms. In addition to three days of vintage racing Sunday in the park, the Lime Rock Concours will once again host a collection of classic, sports and competition cars on display along the Sam Posey Straight. Sunday will also include the Rassemblement des Marques, where hundreds of enthusiasts can display their favorite rides all around the track.

This year, Lime Rock Park showcases Porsche’s rich history in sports and racing cars.

“I am very happy to announce that Porsche Cars North America will be the presenting sponsor of the Sunday in the Park, the Lime Rock Concours and the Porsche racing classes. Lime Rock and Porsche have a rich history together, ”said John Cappella, regional vice president of Porsche Cars North America. “And we look forward to celebrating that legacy with a number of Porsche exhibits at this year’s Historic Festival.”

Porsche Danbury is also supporting the event as the main sponsor of Saturday’s gala dinner on the track. Porsche Classic will also participate. More details will be available in the coming weeks, organizers said.

“Continuing our Porsche theme for this year, I am also very happy to announce that our honored collector will be Steven Harris, who for the first time will be sharing his extensive collection of Porsche Porsche 911s,” said Cappella. “In addition to the Harris collection, we are also planning to exhibit some of the finest competition 356, 911 and Porsches in the country.

With the support of Chief Justice Bill Scheffler, Lime Rock is preparing a number of special classes for this year’s Competition, including Cars of the Northeast, American-powered European sports cars, an alternative drive class with cars steam and electric, American cars and European “Woodies” and the best of Britain, showcasing England’s best sports cars and bodywork, according to Cappella.

“Along with our focus at this festival on the best examples of German engineering and design, the Sunday Competition will feature classes for pre-war and post-war BMW and Mercedes-Benz cars. as well as our usual classes for competition cars, unrestored / preserved cars as well as pre and post war European and American cars. And, given the positive response to last year’s Datsun Z class, we plan to include a class for Japanese performance cars between 1970 and 1990, ”Cappella said.

To manage registrations for this year’s event, the park uses a new registration system called Motorsports Registration, implemented by Frank Taylor, Director of Operations. Participants in the Gathering of Brands are encouraged to pre-register, allowing the park to better plan for space requirements. Online registration is now available, and more information is available at www.limerock.com

Last year’s Historical Festival was a great success thanks to the cooperation of all participants. “The event went well because everyone was eager to get out on the track and have fun,” said our event president Murray Smith. “People have respected the efforts to feel safe – and they have shown their respect by behaving responsibly.” We expect an even better event this year and look forward to welcoming all of our fans to the track for a fantastic Festival weekend.

Race registrations are available on Motorsportsreg.com. For any inquiries regarding the Contest, send an email to SundayinthePark@limerock.com; for race inquiries, email Historics@limerock.com. Or call 860-435-5000.

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Asian stocks slide on pandemic worries despite Wall St rally https://kenthe390.com/asian-stocks-slide-on-pandemic-worries-despite-wall-st-rally/ https://kenthe390.com/asian-stocks-slide-on-pandemic-worries-despite-wall-st-rally/#respond Fri, 30 Apr 2021 03:27:00 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/asian-stocks-slide-on-pandemic-worries-despite-wall-st-rally/

A currency trader walks by screens showing the Korean Composite Stock Price Index (KOSPI), left, and the exchange rate between the US dollar and the South Korean won at the exchange room in Seoul, in South Korea, Thursday, April 29, 2021. Asian stocks rose on Thursday and the future of the United States was also higher after President Joe Biden gave a speech to Congress in which ambitious plans to create jobs were created spending on preschool education, child care and other public services (AP Photo / Lee Jin-man)

A currency trader walks by screens showing the Korean Composite Stock Price Index (KOSPI), left, and the exchange rate between the US dollar and the South Korean won at the exchange room in Seoul, in South Korea, Thursday, April 29, 2021. Asian stocks rose on Thursday and the future of the United States was also higher after President Joe Biden gave a speech to Congress in which ambitious plans to create jobs were created spending on preschool education, child care and other public services (AP Photo / Lee Jin-man)


Asian stocks were mostly lower on Friday amid uncertainty over prospects for a global economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

Japan’s benchmark Nikkei 225 dipped 0.5% in morning trading to 28,900.98. South Korea’s Kospi slipped 0.7% to 3,150.48. The Australian S & P / ASX 200 was down 0.6% to 7,042.60. The Hong Kong Hang Seng lost 1.4% to 28,883.41, while the Shanghai Composite slipped 0.6% to 3,454.76.

The regional market declines came despite reports of strong economic growth in South Korea and a moderation in the unemployment rate in Japan, despite a resurgence of the pandemic.

Recent major outbreaks and slow progress in vaccinations have added to concerns about the pandemic in Asia, although some countries such as Taiwan, South Korea and China are doing relatively well in COVID-related illness and death. -19.

Japan remains a poor performing country on these fronts, with deaths now exceeding 10,000 in what experts are calling a fourth wave of infections. Tokyo and some other urban areas are under a government declared state of emergency, but reports say people continue to go out and travel in Japan during the Golden Week holidays that last until the next week.

On Thursday on Wall Street, stocks weathered a midday drop to close broadly higher, pushing the S&P 500 up 0.7% to another record close. Communications companies contributed much of the gain, thanks to a sharp increase in Facebook following the company’s latest quarterly report. Banks also helped lead the rally, offsetting the decline in healthcare and tech stocks. Treasury yields have been mixed.

Investors weighed in on the latest batch of corporate earnings reports and encouraging economic data. A report showing that the US economy grew strongly in the first quarter adds to data indicating a recovery from the recession caused by the pandemic. Other bullish reports included data showing more Americans were signing home purchase contracts in March after two months of declines.

“We are experiencing a strong economic recovery that is translating into a strong earnings environment for businesses,” said Bill Northey, senior director of investments at US Bank Wealth Management.

The S&P 500 Index rose 28.29 points to 4,211.47. The index also hit an all-time high on Monday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average added 0.7% to 34,060.36, while the Nasdaq gained 0.2% to 14,082.55. Both clues had slipped earlier in the day.

Smaller company stocks, which have outperformed the market as a whole this year, have returned some of their recent gains. The Russell 2000 Index lost 0.4% to 2,295.46.

The rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations, massive support from the U.S. government and the Fed, and increasingly positive economic data have fueled expectations of a strong economic rebound and strong growth in the economy. corporate profits this year. This has helped stocks move higher and keep indexes near all-time highs.

Still, some of the big risks to the market include rising inflation getting out of hand and any aspect of the viral pandemic getting worse and disrupting the economic recovery, said Keith Buchanan, senior portfolio manager at Globalt Investments.

“Without one of these two, the macroeconomic direction seems clear,” he said.

So far, corporate profits for the first three months of the year have largely exceeded Wall Street expectations and are fueling the bullish earnings outlook for 2021.

Facebook jumped 7.3% after the social media giant reported stronger-than-expected results for the first quarter thanks to surging ad revenue.

Amazon.com reported after the close of regular trading that its profit more than tripled in the first quarter. Its shares jumped 4.2% after hours.

Automakers fell sharply after Ford warned that a worsening global computer chip shortage could cut production in half in the current quarter. Ford fell 9.4% and General Motors fell 3.4%.

Rideshare and delivery service companies have also plummeted following a report that Labor Secretary Marty Walsh wants construction workers classified as employees. DoorDash fell 7.6%, Uber lost 6%, and Lyft fell 9.9%.

Economically, the Commerce Department said the US economy grew at a steady 6.4% annual rate in the last quarter. This acceleration is expected to increase throughout the summer as more vaccinations are administered and COVID-19 cases continue to decline. Meanwhile, the Department of Labor said the number of Americans who applied for unemployment benefits fell again last week.

In energy trading, benchmark US crude fell 37 cents to $ 64.64 a barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. It picked up $ 1.15 to $ 65.01 a barrel on Thursday. Brent, the international standard, fell 31 cents to $ 68.25 a barrel.

In currency trading, the US dollar fell to 108.76 Japanese yen from 108.93 yen. The euro fell to $ 1.2118, little changed from $ 1.2122.

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Hudson High ’85 singer-songwriter and bassist alum is still booming https://kenthe390.com/hudson-high-85-singer-songwriter-and-bassist-alum-is-still-booming/ https://kenthe390.com/hudson-high-85-singer-songwriter-and-bassist-alum-is-still-booming/#respond Fri, 30 Apr 2021 02:46:13 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/hudson-high-85-singer-songwriter-and-bassist-alum-is-still-booming/

Photo / submitted
Stephen powell

By Ed Karvoski Jr., Contributing editor

HUDSON – Singer-songwriter and bassist Stephen Powell began performing as a teenager with two rock groups in and around his hometown of Hudson. After graduating from Hudson High School (HHS) in 1985, he recorded CDs and toured with hard rock groups nationally and internationally.

Now residing in Sterling, Powell continues to perform with several groups and is planning more reunion shows.

“It is pure love to play music,” he said of his longtime passion. “It’s all I ever wanted to do.”

Founding chair

One of Powell’s early 1980s bands, known as Child, eventually included lead singer Paulo Bettencourt of the HHS class of 1981. In 1986, Powell and Bettencourt formed the hard rock band Flesh with the singer-songwriter and guitarist Mark Cherone and drummer David “Gonzo” Gonzalez.

Flesh made his debut in 1986 at the now closed Narcissus nightclub in Kenmore Square, Boston.

Photo by / James Burke
Posing for a promotional photo from 1988, Flesh band members (left to right) Stephen Powell, Paulo Bettencourt, David “Gonzo” Gonzalez and Mark Cherone.

“It was our first gig in Boston and definitely a stepping stone,” Powell noted.

Soon after, they became known for bringing great voices – and equally big hair – to the Boston music scene.

In addition to a writing contract with EMI Music Publishing, Flesh received two nominations for Outstanding Local Hard Rock Band from the Boston Music Awards in the early 1990s. They released an eponymous CD in 1993.

In the mid-1990s, Flesh toured 30 cities nationally as the opening act for hard rock band Extreme. Venues ranged from a 2,700-seat theater to small clubs.

“We went from playing venues like the Orpheum Theater in Boston to stages where you felt like you were standing on a pool table,” Powell recalls.

Flesh continued to perform regularly until 1997.

Explore rock styles

Ready for another musical adventure, Powell and Cherone invited the Dempsey brothers – lead singer Tommy and drummer Robbie – to form the band Super Zero.

Photo / submitted
Reunited and masked in 2021, band members Super Zero (left to right) Tommy Dempsey, Robbie Dempsey, Mark Cherone and Stephen Powell.

“Super Zero was still hard rock but a little more pop punk,” Powell explained. “I love what Flesh did, but Super Zero was lighter and more fun.”

Their 1997 CD, “Attack of the Air Monkeys,” sparked a recording deal with Japanese label Big MF Records. The release of their 2001 CD, “Hogwash”, coincides with a tour of Japan.

“We made our travel plans – then 9/11 happened,” Powell said. “We were already signed up, so we went to Japan and did the tour. The audience was very grateful.

Super Zero played all over New England for the next two years.

Then in 2006, Flesh released his second CD, “The Lost Book of Malchus”. Also in 2006, Flesh launched its first of several recurring reunion exhibitions at the Hudson Portuguese Club.

Other venues where Flesh has presented reunion shows include Foxborough’s Showcase Live at Patriot Place and Malden’s Mixx360 Nightlife. Pandemic restrictions canceled their 2020 concert at the Regent Theater in Arlington.

Photo / submitted
The companions of the group Doctor Robert (from left to right) Stephen Powell, Ron Ouimette, Chris Reddy and John Docimo are ready to play.

“The flesh will definitely come back together,” Powell promised. “We grew up and learned together. We are like a family. “

Powell has performed regularly in recent years throughout County Worcester with the classic rock band Doctor Robert.

In addition, members of the group Super Zero get together for songwriting sessions.

Connections with the hometown

Now, Powell is also working with two other HHS alumni.

At the end of 2020, classic rock band Rumor HAZIT welcomed him as a member of the group. Several decades ago, Powell met drummer Bob Begg and guitarist Tony Frias, both HHS alumni in 1979. From the late 1970s to the early 1980s, Powell’s older brother Jeff, performed in a group with Begg and Frias. They practiced in the Powell family basement.

“I thought it would be a lot of fun playing with these guys,” Powell said. “I really admired them when I was a kid.”

On Saturday May 15, Stephen Powell will perform with Rumor HAZIT at the Hudson-Concord Elks Pavilion. Find event details on Rumor HAZIT’s Facebook page. Also follow his other groups – Flesh, Super Zero and Doctor Robert – on Facebook.

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