Japanese hip hop

11 coolest concerts to see in Houston in October

Choices, choices, choices. In most normal years, October means an increase in concerts due to the outskirts of Houston compared to the Austin City Limits Music Festival two weekends. (Check out our list of must-haves here.) This year is different. Even without the LCA bump, the groups are clamoring to …

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Honey I Joined a Worship Early Access Preview

Honey, I joined a cult is a management simulation in the same vein as Prison architect, taking a refreshing, silly approach to establishing and maintaining your own, uh, alternative belief system. It’s now available in Early Access, allowing future cult leaders around the world to take advantage of the weak …

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Malaysian singer-songwriter Talitha. appears in Japanese producer maeshima soshi’s new single, ‘Out Of Time’

Malaysian singer-songwriter Talitha. has teamed up with Japanese producer maeshima soshi for a calming new single titled ‘Out Of Time’. The three-minute track arrived on major streaming services last Friday (October 1) and was released by the producer under the Tokyo-based brand Good Music Party. In an Instagram post, maeshima …

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