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Princess Love isn’t curled up in a bed crying just because her marriage to Ray J is seemingly over. TMZ caught up with the owner of Prella Cosmetics while pushing his young toddlers out of the airport. When asked how she’s doing since Ray recently filed for divorce, Princess says she “has never looked so good”. Ray, who is currently in a Florida hospital with a severe case of pneumonia, is also doing well, according to Princess. “He’s awesome,” she replied. “He’s alive and well and he’s very close.” When asked if there is a chance they will bring things back to life again, Princess says she is “just focused on the job right now”.

She added that her main goal was to “take care of my children … they are my goal”. But she does not intend to keep her married name. When asked repeatedly if she would keep Ray’s last name, Norwood, she replied firmly, “I’m Princess Love, I’ve always been Princess Love.”

The outlet was the first to report that Ray had filed for divorce from Princess for the second time in a year. He testified days after announcing he was single on Instagram and while connected to an oxygen tank at the hospital. Princess first filed documents in May 2020, but withdrew the divorce two months later as they worked through their issues. But by September, Ray was apparently fed up and filed a complaint, which Princess says caught her off guard. He eventually withdrew the documents and they moved to Miami with a new focus on their marriage and family. But even that didn’t work.

The couple have been dating since 2013 and have been intermittent even before they got married. Before he jumped in, there were several major upheavals in Ray’s bachelor lifestyle. much of which has been documented on Hollywood love and hip-hop. Princess confronted Ray several times about infidelity. During an explosion in New Orleans, Princess was arrested. She finally forgave him and said it was the turning point in their relationship.

They surprised the world when they announced their engagement in the midst of a hectic time, but Ray vowed to change. They married in August 2016 and welcomed their first child, a daughter named Melody, in 2018. Their son Epik was born in January 2020. Things got worse when the princess accused Ray of abandoning her and Melody in in the middle of an argument over Ray’s desire. moving to Las Vegas. She was eight months pregnant with Epik at the time and claims Ray became MIA, preventing her from social media and calling her.

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Manchester’s Totally Unique Japanese Maid and Anime Bubble Tea Cafe https://kenthe390.com/manchesters-totally-unique-japanese-maid-and-anime-bubble-tea-cafe/ https://kenthe390.com/manchesters-totally-unique-japanese-maid-and-anime-bubble-tea-cafe/#respond Thu, 07 Oct 2021 08:33:15 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/manchesters-totally-unique-japanese-maid-and-anime-bubble-tea-cafe/

I have to admit that a lot of what’s going on here goes through my head …

To be fair, a cranky 37-year-old is probably not the demographic that Manchester’s ‘Animaid Café’ seeks to appeal to – so I can be forgiven for not fully knowing what’s going on.

I am not an ignorant savage however, I like to think that I have my finger on the pulse of most cultural phenomena. I know anime quite a bit and have been to Tokyo so it’s not like I’m totally lost.

Essentially, the Animaïde Coffee in the emblematic northern district Afflecks is a Bubble Tea joint but I can imagine it is nothing like what you have experienced before (unless you are in the scene).

Traditionally associated with Tokyo’s Akihabara district, famous for its sprawling electronics and anime stores, the initial concept for the Maid Café was born out of the neighborhood’s ties to visiting ‘Otaku‘subculture – people who are interested in the various anime and manga works of Japan.

The first permanent maid café appeared in Akihabara in 2001, and since then the idea has grown and traveled around the world.

It’s certainly a unique concept, but firmly rooted in making guests feel right at home, with the maids serving not only delicious tea but also J-Pop dances and selling an impressive collection of memorabilia and of anime and manga clothing. .

Along with this, the Animaid Café also offers a range of Japanese food and drink products, and has a fairly extensive Bubble and fruit tea menu, including specials – each designed by the maids based on their favorite anime characters.

The promotions are unique to the maid who designed it, and only available when that maid is there, and when we arrived this week Shannon and Rav were working, so we were able to take advantage of the Kuromi (£ 5); a blueberry milk tea and pudding with vanilla ice cream, tapioca and topped with whipped cream, alongside the Death threat (£ 5); blueberry tea with cherry crushed ice and blueberry sparkle pearls.

In addition to the specials, you will also find a very impressive menu of milk and fruit teas, of which approximately 100 different combinations, with extra tapioca and sparkling pearls a must.

In fact, the Animaid Café has been doing so well in Afflecks since opening in 2019 that they recently completed a large expansion, moving into the neighboring unit and almost triple in size.

It’s now a fully-fledged sit-down cafe experience, with tables and chairs, a TV (showing the best and latest anime shows) and a dedicated ‘stage’ covered from top to bottom in pink flowers and flowers. neon lights and is the perfect place for a selfie and / or dance for TikTok.

The Animaid Café is truly Manchester’s most unique café, and it’s a fantastic experience in itself.

The fact that it also offers a safe and welcoming space and community for many people in the city this is wonderful, and the fact that on top of that their teas are so good is a testament to the hardworking maids who make it all happen.

We had a great time on our visit this week and will be going back very soon for another tea. You should check it out too!

…………………………… ..

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What is Princess Love’s ethnicity and net worth? Everything about Ray J’s wife as a singer files for divorce for the third time https://kenthe390.com/what-is-princess-loves-ethnicity-and-net-worth-everything-about-ray-js-wife-as-a-singer-files-for-divorce-for-the-third-time/ https://kenthe390.com/what-is-princess-loves-ethnicity-and-net-worth-everything-about-ray-js-wife-as-a-singer-files-for-divorce-for-the-third-time/#respond Thu, 07 Oct 2021 05:57:36 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/what-is-princess-loves-ethnicity-and-net-worth-everything-about-ray-js-wife-as-a-singer-files-for-divorce-for-the-third-time/

Singer Ray J recently filed for divorce from Princess Love for the third time in Los Angeles Superior Court on October 6.

Representatives for the couple have yet to comment on the divorce. Ray J’s first report filing for divorce was reported by TMZ and the singer spoke to them this week while in hospital with pneumonia.

The artist’s manager, David Weintraub, has confirmed that he is still admitted to the hospital. He added that the star has undergone Covid tests and has tested negative.

Princess Love’s Net Worth and Ethnicity

Princess Love is a popular model and reality TV personality. As her mother is Filipino and her father is African-American, she is of mixed ethnicity.

According to richypersons.com, the 37-year-old’s net worth is around $ 3 million. She earned much of her fortune as a model and TV personality.

Princess Love and Ray J attend the Bronner Brothers International Beauty Salon at the Georgia World Congress Center.  (Image via Getty Images)
Princess Love and Ray J attend the Bronner Brothers International Beauty Salon at the Georgia World Congress Center. (Image via Getty Images)

Princess Love has become a well-known face after appearing in Hollywood love and hip-hop in 2014. She also appeared on the cover of Smooth Magazine and is currently one of the most popular celebrities in the fashion world.

Ray J and Princess Love’s relationship timeline

Ray J and Princess Love tied the knot in August 2016 at St. Vibiana Cathedral in Los Angeles. They welcomed their daughter Melody Love in 2018 and their son Epik Ray in 2020.

However, their marriage went through a lot of turmoil. Love decided to file for divorce in 2019, saying her husband had abandoned her and their daughter in Las Vegas. Ray J has denied these allegations.

Love filed for divorce in 2020, before filing for a dismissal after two months. Ray J then paid tribute to his wife on her birthday and it looked like everything was going well.

Ray J then filed for divorce in September 2020 and applied for joint custody of the two children. PEOPLE acquired a few documents in March 2021 which indicated that Ray J had decided not to divorce.

But if one is to trust recent reports, it seems that their marriage has once again reached a difficult time.

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Dr. Dre has once again broken the barriers of pop culture https://kenthe390.com/dr-dre-has-once-again-broken-the-barriers-of-pop-culture/ https://kenthe390.com/dr-dre-has-once-again-broken-the-barriers-of-pop-culture/#respond Wed, 06 Oct 2021 16:53:47 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/dr-dre-has-once-again-broken-the-barriers-of-pop-culture/

Last week, it was revealed that Dr. Dre will be headlining the Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show. In doing so, Dre becomes the first Hip-Hop artist to make headlines, after nearly 25 years of various MCs appearing in the lead role. Dre will share the stage with some of his superstar students and collaborators, including Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J. Blige. The announcement says a lot about how hip-hop has permeated mainstream culture. Dre will be 57 the month he takes the stage, further refuting the idea that hip-hop is exclusively for young people.

Breaking barriers is nothing new for Andre Young. The Compton, Calif. Legend pioneered Gangsta Rap with NWA in the 1980s. In the early 1990s, he helped bring the music to the masses with his solo debut, The Chronicle, as well as the production of Snoop Dogg. In the 2000s, Dre’s winning formula topped the charts with Eminem, 50 Cent and The Game. Over the past decade, Dre has danced to billionaire status through his Beats By Dre business. Now, over the next six months, Dre will push cultural barriers once again.

In episode # 63 of What is the title podcast, the Ambrosia for heads The team discusses Dr. Dre’s accomplishments over the years. At 53:40, there’s a commentary on why this Super Bowl made history, as well as a detailed look at past hip-hop artists. There is also a look at the October 17 Battle of Verzuz between Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One.

Below are the timestamps for episode # 63 of the What is the title Podcast:

0:00 Intro 4:50 J. Cole brought bars to Brooklyn with The Off Season Tour
15:55 Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One will be the next to face each other on Verzuz
17:50 Did people want Big Daddy Kane Verzuz Rakim
10:10 p.m .: Who was your favorite first rapper?
25:40 Does Big Daddy Kane have a complete enough catalog to fight KRS-One
31:25 What are Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One’s 5 best records
35:50 What KRS-One and Big Daddy Kane must do to earn their Verzuz
46:20 Who will win Big Daddy Kane Verzuz KRS-One 49:00 Other artists who should compete on Verzuz
53:40 Dr. Dre, Eminen, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J. Blige to star at Super Bowl halftime
54:10 Super Bowl LVI will be Dr. Day and Hip-Hop is celebrating
59:15 A History and Timeline of Hip-Hop Super Bowl Artists
1:04:20 Dr. Dre has already set new limits for Hip-Hop and Pop culture
1:08:00 Will Dr. Dre to release new album after Super Bowl
1:10:00 What songs Mary J. Blige will perform at the Super Bowl
1:11:10 JAY-Z’s role in making this historic Super Bowl halftime show
1:15:00 Will JAY-Z be a surprise artist at Super Bowl LVI halftime?
1:17:15 Is this Super Bowl halftime just a reflection of today’s culture
1:20:50 Rap city come back for one night only
1:25:00 New Music of the Week— Meek Mill, Andy Mineo, D Smoke, Wale & J. Cole, Solemn Brigham, Maticulous, Neek The Exotic & Large Professor, and more

AFH readers can attend regular culture discussions on our What is the title Podcast. Besides, What is the title has recent interviews with Blu & Mickey Factz, Kurupt, Testimonials, Skyzoo, Pharoahe Monch, Prince Paul and Don Newkirk, Statik Selektah, Lyric jones, LOX, MC Eight, Ravaged, Duckwrth, photographer T. Eric Monroe, and Lord Finesse. All episodes of the show are available to view Where to listen wherever you broadcast your pods.

#BonusBeat: that of Kendrick Lamar Where it all started interview for Ambrosia for heads:

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Meek Mill’s ‘Expensive Pain’ tops Apple Music’s pre-add chart https://kenthe390.com/meek-mills-expensive-pain-tops-apple-musics-pre-add-chart/ https://kenthe390.com/meek-mills-expensive-pain-tops-apple-musics-pre-add-chart/#respond Tue, 05 Oct 2021 21:39:11 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/meek-mills-expensive-pain-tops-apple-musics-pre-add-chart/

Meek Mill’s Expensive pain # 1 on this week’s Apple Music Pre-Add chart. In the week leading up to its October 1 release, Meek’s fifth studio album saw more pre-additions than any other album on the platform, offering a good indication that it will rank well on the charts.

Ed sheeran = goes up to number two, followed by Coldplay Music of the Spheres, which climbs four places to number three. To complete the top five, two new arrivals: A (Special edition), the latest release from J-pop group INI and Don Toliver’s The life of a Don.

Other notable entries on this week’s pre-add chart include Bia’s Certainly (Number Seven), Rufus Du Sol’s Abandonment (Number 14) and Farruko’s The 167 (Number 16).

Apple Music Pre-Add Table, September 24-30

  1. Meek Mill, Expensive pain (+1)
  2. Ed Sheeran, = (+2)
  3. Cold game, Music of the Spheres (+4)
  4. INI, A (Special Edition) – EP (NEW)
  5. Don Toliver, The life of a donation (NEW)
  6. Mac Miller, Faces (-3)
  7. BIA, Certainly (NEW)
  8. Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga, Love for sale (+8)
  9. The Luminous, The bright side (-4)
  10. Lana del Rey, blue ramps (-4)
  11. Elton John, Containment sessions (+4)
  12. Mas Musiq, Auti’eSharp (NEW)
  13. Chanmine, Harenchi (NEW)
  14. Rufus Du Sol, Abandonment (NEW)
  15. The ex, Logic (NEW)
  16. Farruko, The 167 (NEW)
  17. Alt j, The dream (+6)
  18. Day before, Gunjo Sanka / Yuseiboushi – EP (NEW)
  19. Radiohead, CHILD A MNESIA (-5)
  20. ABBA, Trip (-12)
  21. Volbeat, Servant of the spirit (NEW)
  22. From Mthuda, The owner (-12)
  23. Jason Aldéan, Builder (NEW)

Cody Johnson, Human The Double Album (-5)

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The activist side of K-pop in PeruGlobal Voices https://kenthe390.com/the-activist-side-of-k-pop-in-peruglobal-voices/ https://kenthe390.com/the-activist-side-of-k-pop-in-peruglobal-voices/#respond Tue, 05 Oct 2021 11:12:00 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/the-activist-side-of-k-pop-in-peruglobal-voices/

Image of BTS Peru Sede Chiclayothe Facebook page of

Adriana Velásquez originally wrote this article for The Antigone, it was edited, translated and republished by Global Voices.

The term K-pop is no longer foreign to Peru despite the distance that separates the country of more than 16,000 kilometers from South Korea, the country of origin of this musical genre. It is therefore not surprising that fan clubs, or fandoms, which often rally around social causes, are more successful in mobilizing large crowds for social and political protests in Peru.

K-pop fans are active all over the world. During last year’s Black Lives Matter protests following the murder of George Floyd in the United States, K-pop group BTS’s $ 1 million donation made headlines around the world. A little over 24 hours later, a group of fans of the group, One in an army, raised an additional $ 1 million for this cause.

K-pop activism has also spread to Latin America. In 2020, Peru faced a political crisis after President Martín Vizcarra was removed from office in what some Peruvians saw as a coup. The government then cracked down on mass protests against his successor Manuel Merino, which led to two dead and more than 100 injured. To support the protesters, kpoppers used Twitter to stop an attempt to discredit the protests against Merino, who only served for nine days. They used their numerous Twitter accounts to take over the # TerrorismoNuncaMás [NoMoreTerrorism] hashtag, which sought to delegitimize the protests, posting the tag with spam and therefore preventing any negative publicity from tarnishing the image of the protesters.

Miguel Sánchez, journalist and professor at the Catholic University of Peru, highlights the unique characteristics of kpopper cyberactivism such as the structure of fandoms, common goals and the use of public space.

On the other hand, social psychologist and K-pop fan Sandra Rivas indicates that kpoppers’ predisposition to manifest in cyberspace is based on the experience of trending their groups using social media algorithms. These skills are then reproduced when it comes to dealing with subjects of social or political interest.

According to Rivas, K-pop fandoms have two important characteristics that are different from typical Western music fan clubs: building a collective identity and marketing the K-pop industry. Rivas describes this collective as a tight-knit community where each fandom has its distinctive name and color.

Image from the Facebook page of BTS Perú Sede Chiclayo

[Image translation: Hello … ! We are BTS Perú site Chiclayo| Today we put our hand on our chest to unite in this noble cause | #HelpUsHelp | Oxygen of Hope Campaign “Today we will raise 800,000 soles to buy an oxygen plant for Lambayecano” | Organized by the Chiclayo Bishopric, Caritas Chiclayo and Parishes | From February 14 | As a fan club we hope for your support and moreover the commemoration of this month for J-Hope’s birthday.]

The “Korean wave” arrives in Latin America

There is no doubt that K-pop and South Korean culture are becoming more and more relevant on this side of the world. “Hallyu” or “Korean Wave” refers to the worldwide expansion of South Korean culture that began in the 1990s. South Korean entertainment quickly gained popularity through novels, television shows, music and dancing.

In Latin America, however, the expansion has been more gradual. Gradually, the first K-pop fandoms were formed, even if they lacked visibility.

According to digital marketing expert Fernando Vega, in 2020, Peruvian kpoppers were responsible for up to 15 K-pop trending topics on Twitter in 30 days. “This K-pop boom, while not new, surprises with the strength of its metrics,” he said in the blog post. “In 90 days, there were 70 million mentions of Spanish throughout the Spanish-speaking Latin American world.”

Fabiana Tequenquea, member of BTS Chiclayo staff, joined a fandom in 2015. K-pop fandoms often hold various social outreach activities to commemorate the birthdays of their idols or the birthdays of their favorite bands. Tequenquea recalls that in 2016, they were able to carry out their first social action project, A Chocolate Christmas, thanks to new members of the fandom. They distributed chocolate, panettone and toys to the homeless. As BTS became more famous in Chiclayo, more and more members joined the fan club. As a result, more social awareness activities were carried out.

Image from ENHYPEN Peru Facebook page

[Image translation: Christmas Chocolates | Bangtan Perú, Moa Perú and Enhypen Perú have joined forces with ‘Changing Lives Peru’ to bring children happiness in a Chocolate Christmas where donated gifts will be handed out. | Goal: 90 gifts for the children of Villa El Salvador | Types of donations: toys, food and money | Gifts and food delivered on December 12 and 17 at Campo de Marte (previous coordination) | To make a deposit, DM/Inbox your respective fan club for bank account details.

But, without a doubt, there was one donation that surpassed the rest. It was the largest donation at the national level from the ARMYs, one of the most established BTS fandoms, whose letters stand for Adorable Representative M.C for Youth. Three thousand soles (approximately 760 US dollars) were donated to implement an oxygen generator in Lima to commemorate the birthday of BTS member J-Hope. Organized by BTS Perú Projects, Peruvian ARMYs from different sites helped raise the money. “It was a great source of pride because K-pop fan clubs are sometimes overlooked and insulted for their taste in music. And it was an honor to have this effort positively recognized at the national level,” Tequenquea recalls.

For Tequenquea, the message BTS members share through their music is an inspiration to improve oneself, support others, and live in a better world. “As they have said: we are all equal, we all deserve support and respect,” she said.

Emphasis on Social Outreach

Thanks to social media and K-pop globalization, more and more Peruvian fandoms are being formed and organized even before a band actually debuts. This phenomenon allows them to begin social outreach activities right away. This is the case with ENHYPEN, a K-pop group that sprung from I-LAND, a reality show competition. They debuted in November 2020, and before this, they already had a fandom in Peru.

For Keyla and Hienka, members of ENHYPEN PERÚ staff, it was clear they wanted to do social outreach from the start. “We have members who work in NGOs, so we always keep this in mind for activities we want to carry out on the band members’ birthdays,” Keyla says.

One of the most memorable activities was the Chocolate Christmas carried out last year with the NGO Cambiando Vidas Perú (Changing Lives Peru). “We asked for donations of money and food. We bought toys for 100 children, and as there were a lot of food donations, we made baskets that were raffled among those present. It was a lot of fun,” Keyla recalls.

It is worth noting that activism and social outreach are nothing new for kpoppers. Older fandoms already carried out small projects to help the community. Fiorella Mucha, a member of SONES Perú staff (a fandom of the band Girls Generation), says social outreach projects have been going on since 2011. In the beginning, there was an interest in helping animals such as collaborating with dog shelters. “SONES Perú is known for its love of animals,” Fiorella says.

​”A K-pop fandom not only focused on it [K-pop], but it also supports our company with the fact that we have something in common, ”says Hienka.

A “val” playlist on Spotify that mixes BTS songs with Peruvian cumbias.

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BTS Wins 5 Big Trophies at 2021 Fact Music Awards; The ARMY floods Twitter with congratulatory tweets https://kenthe390.com/bts-wins-5-big-trophies-at-2021-fact-music-awards-the-army-floods-twitter-with-congratulatory-tweets/ https://kenthe390.com/bts-wins-5-big-trophies-at-2021-fact-music-awards-the-army-floods-twitter-with-congratulatory-tweets/#respond Sat, 02 Oct 2021 18:37:23 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/bts-wins-5-big-trophies-at-2021-fact-music-awards-the-army-floods-twitter-with-congratulatory-tweets/

K-pop group BTS is all the rage again on social media and this time because of their massive victory at the 2021 Fact Music Awards. The group made up of RM, Jugkook, Suga, V, Jimin, Jin and J- Hope won Daesang (Grand Prize), Artist of the Year (Bonsang), Listener’s Choice, Most Voted Fan N Star (Vocalist) and U + Idol Live Popularity Award. Their fans, also known as ARMY, are more than happy to see their favorite band achieve such success. On Twitter, ARMY flooded the group with congratulatory messages. Also Read – My Universe: Meet The Super Hot Supernova7 Band Members Who Played Aliens In BTS And Coldplay Music Video

Congratulations to BTS. Read also – Look back at when Varun Dhawan was inspired by BTS member Jin and won ARMY hearts

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Fumio Kishida: Why Japan’s new Prime Minister has his work cut out for him https://kenthe390.com/fumio-kishida-why-japans-new-prime-minister-has-his-work-cut-out-for-him/ https://kenthe390.com/fumio-kishida-why-japans-new-prime-minister-has-his-work-cut-out-for-him/#respond Fri, 01 Oct 2021 15:57:49 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/fumio-kishida-why-japans-new-prime-minister-has-his-work-cut-out-for-him/

When a senior politician from the ruling party in Japan pretends to listen to voters, you know something is wrong. Before Fumio Kishida assumed the leadership of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) on September 29 – while also vouching that he would become the country’s next prime minister – he seemed determined to prove that he did not. was not out of step with the audience.

He organized Zoom calls with restaurateurs and tourism businesses that had been emptied by the pandemic. On Twitter and YouTube, to an audience of thousands, he answered questions about child poverty, regional diplomacy and the hit animated series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. On September 25, he joined a Instagram Live session with Eriko Imai, first-year lawmaker in his party and former J-pop starlet. A little over a month ago, in front of the television cameras, Kishida held up a little worn notebook which he said he had carried away to document his meetings with families and small businesses.

“My talent is to listen well to others,” Kishida told reporters at a press conference after defeating three rivals for the LDP presidency. “I want to listen to what many of our citizens have to say about our problems and treat each one carefully. “

This is not a typical sound sample from the LDP machine. The party has its own Byzantine dynamic (in the form of competing factions), chooses its own brokers of influence, and sets its own conservative agenda, mostly behind closed doors. For eight years and nine months, under the old Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his handpicked successor, Yoshihide Suga, what the public wanted has rarely been a priority. (Kishida easily defeated Abe’s choice for LDP chairman Sanae Takaichi, former Minister of Home Affairs and Communications.)

Not anymore. With voters growing dissatisfaction with its decision to go ahead with the Tokyo Olympics and its botched response to the pandemic, the LDP-led government is now in a precarious position. According to the law, the party must call a general election by November. As prime minister, Suga’s dismal public approval ratings have raised concern among PLD officials about the possibility of electoral losses and an erosion of the ruling bloc’s majority – hence the upheaval that brought Kishida to power. On October 4, parliament will vote on Kishida as the PLD’s choice for a new prime minister. The majority of the PLD-led bloc in the upper and lower chambers make their confirmation little more than a formality.

Kishida’s challenge is to convince voters ahead of the election that he can restart the LDP – without going so far as to alienate the factions led by veterans of the party that supported him. Third-generation politician from Hiroshima who won his father’s seat in parliament in 1993, 64-year-old Kishida is widely regarded by the party’s old guard as a safe choice: an experienced and sincere team player, albeit somewhat bland, whose opinions make it unlikely to set a radical new course. He held ministerial posts – he was the second longest-serving foreign minister since World War II – and key positions in the party. In 2016 he helped organize the visit of Barack Obama at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, the first in the city by a sitting US leader.

Many of Kishida’s political ideas are classics of the PLD: closer ties to the United States, lower trade barriers, and a more hawkish posture to counter China’s assertion. He’s fiercely against nuclear weapons and nuclear-powered submarines, but questions whether married couples should be legally allowed to have separate last names. Yet on a small scale, Kishida has shown a willingness to break away from his predecessors. Instead of focusing on big spending, low interest rates and labor market reforms that were supposed to – but failed – to get the economy going, he favors “redistribution of wealth”. In his book 2020, Vision Kishida: from division to cooperation, he wrote on reducing income disparities, increasing wages and expanding government support for education and housing. He pledged to deliver an economic aid program worth “tens of billions of yen” (hundreds of billions of pounds) for people who struggled during the pandemic.

Kishida has set himself the electoral goal of defending the majority of the ruling bloc in parliament. With its junior coalition partner, Komeito, the LDP controls 139 of 245 seats to the upper room and 304 of the 465 places lower house. Barring some scandal or unforgivable blunder, the LDP is unlikely to be ousted. (In the past 66 years, this has only happened twice, for short periods.) None of the opposition parties offers a convincing alternative. Voters do not have the option of choosing who will become prime minister, but they could still express their dissatisfaction with the LDP by weakening the party’s grip on power.

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As Prime Minister, Kishida has his work cut out for him. He is not the type to make exciting speeches, but he needs to energize the base of the PLD. Courting a younger generation of Japanese voters in their 20s and 30s could make a difference, but they are among the least likely to vote. On social media, Kishida seems to be finding her voice, posting her meals on the fly to hundreds of thousands of followers as well as her serious attempts to convey to the public that the LDP now cares about the issues that matter to people. For voters, there is an element of faith involved in going with Kishida: They should believe the LDP is ready for the change its new leader says it is pushing.

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Artist Hamid J’s new song “Nothin ‘Perfect 2 Say” recreates an emotional saga through his pop-glazed journey https://kenthe390.com/artist-hamid-js-new-song-nothin-perfect-2-say-recreates-an-emotional-saga-through-his-pop-glazed-journey/ https://kenthe390.com/artist-hamid-js-new-song-nothin-perfect-2-say-recreates-an-emotional-saga-through-his-pop-glazed-journey/#respond Fri, 01 Oct 2021 10:27:58 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/artist-hamid-js-new-song-nothin-perfect-2-say-recreates-an-emotional-saga-through-his-pop-glazed-journey/

Upcoming musical artist Hamid J recently released with the track, ‘Nothing perfect 2 Say‘which resonates with a sonic scope of the pop-influenced workflow.

Los Angeles-based musical artist and songwriter Hamid J presents immersive musical reach with his pop-influenced streaming in his new track, ‘Nothing perfect 2 Say‘. He’s making huge waves of audience and critical engagement with his new track’s verses paving the way for new styles in the industry. This particular song reflects the saga of each life experience and the rippling dynamic of a one-sided breakup. The theme of the track depicts the emotional bridges in a relationship with one person already overcoming the bonds while the other struggles to find closure. The song title emerges from the inability to explain the turn of events leaving the protagonist to sing a song with no defined outline, just like his emotions.

The artist is widely recognized for his incomparable sound which resonates with the feelings of the public. His pop melodies strongly influenced by the rhythmic journey of the 80s allowed him to cross borders and undertake experiments as part of his creative growth. The song, ‘Nothing perfect 2 Say‘not only accumulates the collective distress of the public, but also reflects his own experiences over the course of his life. Its soundscape is influenced by some of pop’s greatest artists such as Madonna, Michael Jackson and George Michael.

Artist Hamid J is currently setting himself the goal of completing his songwriting skills and moving towards a career that will exemplify him as a pop icon of the 21st century. There is in him a burning musical impulse that makes him an intrepid performer filled with energy and unhindered passion. Listen to his work of exclusive tunes and more by following him on Spotify and Linktree.

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Amaal Mallik opens up about BTS and what makes K-Pop boys so successful https://kenthe390.com/amaal-mallik-opens-up-about-bts-and-what-makes-k-pop-boys-so-successful/ https://kenthe390.com/amaal-mallik-opens-up-about-bts-and-what-makes-k-pop-boys-so-successful/#respond Fri, 01 Oct 2021 04:49:42 +0000 https://kenthe390.com/amaal-mallik-opens-up-about-bts-and-what-makes-k-pop-boys-so-successful/

Bombay: Who doesn’t know BTS in India! K-pop boys enjoy a huge number of fans in the country. From Bollywood actors to college students, the list of members of the Indian military is long. Now singer Amaal Mallik has opened up about the K-pop septet and revealed why these boys are so popular. In a recent interview, Amaal Mallik He was asked if he likes BTS music as well, to which the singer nodded positively.Also Read – BTS Jin Fans Are Furious After Singer Reportedly Gave Less Screen Time In Ad, “Be Fair To Jin”

“Yeah, they make great music and videos. Their audience is massive; I think Korean music has always invaded the world, we only see it now because the media is finally talking about it. They are very tight in their composition and the audio production is also new and not formulaic, ”Amaal Mallik told The Times of India. Also Read – BTS and Coldplay’s Official My Universe Music Video Reminds ARMY of Marvel Movies: “This Is Heavenly”

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BTS Boys – Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are highly regarded even in India. Several celebrities including Disha Patani, Alia Bhatt and Gauahar Khan, among others, have expressed their love for the K-pop group. Last year, the group announced it would travel to India once the pandemic is over.

Meanwhile, on the job front, the BTS boys recently released their very first collaboration with Coldplay. The song is called My Universe and is already winning hearts on social media. The group also performed the song on the Global Citizen stage. While Coldplay’s Chris Martin was on stage in New York City, BTS boys – Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook joined him on screen from South Korea.

Meanwhile, speaking of Amaal Mallik, the singer and his brother Armaan Malik recently collaborated with their father Daboo Malik for a track called ‘Barsaat’.

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