BTS’s V And Jungkook Say They Never Fight After Jin Spreads “Rumors” ARMY Is Overwhelmed By Taekook Brotherhood

The K-Pop septet BTS share a close bond with each other, and the friendship that ARMY celebrates the most is that between V (born Kim Taehyung) and Jungkook. Called ‘Taekook’, the two youngest members of the group are often seen watching each other – sometimes even on stage, which has always been carefully documented by ARMY. The eldest of the group, Jin decided to shake things up during the last V-Live session and say that the two had a fight.

As J-Hope, V, Jungkook, and Jin were discussing the group’s upcoming activities, Jin decided to mention that Jungkook and V had a fight before V-Live. As translated by BTS fan @TIGERBUNNlES on Twitter, Jin said, “V & JK had a fight earlier.” V exclaimed that they never fight and Jungkook asked, “When did we fight?” Jin then said, “That’s how you make a rumor.”

J-Hope said, “You two are water and fire to each other” V added, “I need fire.” “I need water,” Jungkook replied. ARMY was overwhelmed by their close bond and called it precious.

This session comes days before their performance in Seoul, which will be their first in front of a live audience in nearly two years. They also promised their fans that they would give their all at the concert. “I miss you. I want to see you soon. Although you can’t use your voice and body much, we will ignite your hearts… I wish you could come with a happy heart, after taking care of your health said Jungkook, as translated by BTS fan @doyou__bangtan on Twitter.

The group will later travel to Las Vegas in April, where they will perform a few days after the Grammy Awards.

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