BTS’s Suga Says Psy “Paved the Way for K-pop” in America

BTS’s Suga praised Psy’s global megahit “Gangnam Style,” saying it “paved the way for K-Pop” around the world.

Released in 2012, the K-pop icon became the highest-ranking Korean pop act on the Billboard Hot 100 when “Gangnam Style” peaked at number two. Since then, only BTS have broken their record, reaching number one six times since 2020.

Earlier this month, Psy released “That That”, the title track from the new album “Psy 9th” which was produced by and features Suga.

Now the duo have reunited for an interview on Psy’s YouTube channel. “He was always someone I was grateful for,” Suga said in Korean (and translated to English via the subtitles) “With ‘Gangnam Style,’ he paved the way for K-pop in the United States so that we can follow his footsteps with ease.

It comes after Psy claimed that BTS had made the “unfulfilled dreams” of “Gangnam Style” come true.

During a press conference for his new album, Psy spoke about the success other Korean artists have enjoyed in the 10 years since the release of “Gangnam Style.” Psy said acts like BTS and BLACKPINK achieved the “opposite” of his viral fame because they gained “permanence and persistence.”

“If (BTS) continues like this, although they don’t make music to raise national prestige, I think they give [Korea] lots of proud moments,” Psy added. “I am very proud to have played a role as a trigger. BTS thanked me many times for this part, so I’m proud of it.

In a recent interview discussing his involvement with Psy’s new single, Suga revealed that he was initially unsure how involved he would be with the release. “I seriously didn’t expect to dance with Psi,” he said. “Ah…I thought I was just writing the song. »

In other BTS news, the group will return on June 10 with a new album. The new single “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” will be released on the same day.

‘PROOF’ follows 2021’s ‘BE’ and will, according to BigHit Music, be an “anthology that embodies the history of BTS to be released as they embark on a new chapter as an active artist for nine years to watch in back on their past efforts.

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