BTS Permission to Dance on Stage LA Day 1: Jungkook’s Movements Trump ARMY, J-Hope Tears Up, Members Meet Anderson Paak

BTS returned to the stage in front of a live audience after two years with Permission to Dance on Stage LA. The K-pop group on Saturday night gathered their Army fandom.

RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook performed their hits at SoFi Stadium. While there were songs from their old albums that were on the set list, BTS also performed a number of songs from their last two albums. These included ON, from Map of the Soul: 7, and Blue & Gray, from their BE album, among others.

While their performances got ARMY excited, there were a few moments in the concert that let the fandom do the talking. Looked:

Jungkook’s atmosphere at the concert:

Sharing videos from the concert, fans couldn’t help but be impressed with Jungkook’s energy during the concert, especially during the performance of Fake Love and ON.

Jin’s flowered hat:

Shortly after the concert, Jin surprised fans by taking the stage with a flower and a ribbon on his head. He then performed a few songs with the hairstyle.

Jin, a member of BTS, is allowed to dance on the LA stage.

RM and J-Hope cried; Suga admits he almost cried too:

Time and time again, BTS has explained how they missed meeting fans in person. So when they reunited with fans in Los Angeles, the members became moved. Fans at the concert hall took to Twitter and revealed that RM cried the moment he saw the ARMY in the stadium. As J-Hope choked back tears while addressing fans during the concert.

As they prepared to roll down the curtains on the first day of the concert, Suga confessed that he almost cried while listening to ON in the concert hall. As translated by BTS fan account on Twitter, @ btstranslation7, Suga said, “Everyone, I almost cried when I heard ON today. I finally realized this was really happening, and I thought, that’s what it’s all about in my job! I think we’re finally where we should be. I hope we can continue to be together, like we are! Thank you the army!

V accidentally kicked a ball on ARMY:

During the concert, the BTS member V was seen interacting with the audience. At one point, he threw a few balls at them from the stage. As he picked up one and tossed it cautiously at the crowd, he decided to kick the second. The kick seemed stronger than he expected and it landed on a group of fans. His reaction to the moment has fans divided.

Singer BTS V at Permission to Dance on Stage LA concert.

Jimin’s happy jumps return:

Fans became emotional when they saw Jimin’s “happy jump” return. In the past, at numerous concerts, Jimin has been photographed jumping into the air with a big smile. Sight returned when BTS performed their song Permission to Dance.

BTS member Jimin at the concert.

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BTS meets Anderson .Paak:


After the concert ended, BTS met up with American rapper Anderson .Paak and his family backstage. The rapper has spoken often about the K-pop group and that his son is a fan of BTS. Anderson shared video clips on his Instagram Stories of meeting the group and also shared a group photo with them, offering to be the eighth member of the group. “@ bts.bighitofficial lmk if you need another member! I work well in a group !!!” he wrote.

BTS will perform three additional nights in Los Angeles.

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