BTS members and how they joined the K Pop Boy Band

It has been more than 9 years since the global K-Pop group – BTS debuted in the music industry. Seven boys from different parts of South Korea came together, stayed together, and struggled together to be in the position they are in now. But do you know how each member got their start in the band? For those new to BTS Band, we’ll take you 12 years into the past and how BTS was formed.

Kim Namjoon aka RM (Rap Monster)

A 15-year-old boy, Kim Namjoon, auditioned for a certain hit record, which he completely missed, forgetting the lyrics of the song he was performing.

After a while, his friend and fellow rapper Sleepy recommended trying to audition for major labels like Big Hit. He auditioned for Bang PD when he was 16. PD was impressed with his voice and took it into consideration and wanted to start a band.

Starting out as Ra Monster, he joined the Big Hit label as a trainee and trained for almost 3 years.

Min Yoongi aka Suga

Another BTS rapper, Suga debuted at the age of 17. He is an avid basketball player and also a rapper. He had been interested in music writing as well as singing since childhood. Although his parents were against him joining music, he began performing while in high school.

One day he saw a flyer for the rap contest called hit it and decided to enter. The competition was organized by a music label Big Hit. And he was approved as the second member of BTS.

When he joined Hitman Bang, he said that he was just a song producer because his job is only to focus on lyrics and rapping and he doesn’t have to dance. But later, as a member of BTS, he has to dance for his music.

Kim Seok-Jin aka Jin

Jin has never had an experience of hearing and being rejected. One day, he was walking through the streets of his hometown Anyang. He was approached by one of SM Entertainment’s representatives with a job offer at his company. But he didn’t answer because he thought it might be a scam.

After a few years, when he was a student in Seoul, he was again approached by a man. But this time it was an executive from BigHit Entertainment.
He never sang, he never danced until then. He was in school to become an actor and decided to audition to become an actor. Somehow, Big Hit convinced him and made him a trainee as a vocalist for their newly formed band.

Jung Ho-Seok aka J-Hope

J-hope has always loved to dance. He was in the starting line of the neuron of his hometown Guangzhou dance team. He has also won several championships for his incredible dancing skills. He decided to audition for JYP Entertainment, but after a few rounds of auditions, he was unsuccessful.

He took a second chance, that’s when he landed in Big Hit. But after joining J-Hope, he thought about leaving as he felt he wasn’t fit enough for the job. But the youngest member Jungkook and leader RM stopped him.

Jeon Jungkook aka Jungkook

Jungkook dreamed of becoming a badminton player when he was young. But after seeing G Dragon perform Heartbreaker on TV, he decides to become a singer.

At the age of 14, he auditioned for South Korean talent show SUPERSTAR K, but he failed the auditions. Later, he was recognized by 7 music companies with his audition. This included JYP, FNC, Woollim, Starship, TS, Cube, and BigHit Entertainment.

Then for auditions, he met RM, and that’s when he decided he wanted to be in the band no matter what.

Kim Taehyung aka V

Taehyung has always been passionate about music, and he also wanted to make a career out of it. He integrates saxophone music lessons to learn the instrument and become a saxophonist.

But for him it was hard because his parents were poor, so because of his family situation he stayed with his grandparents.

And one day, a friend of his decided to audition for BigHit Entertainment, and he took V with him. Surprisingly, his friend failed the audition and V became a member of BTS.

Park Jimin aka Jimin

By the time Jimin joined the group, it already looked like a full group with three vocalists and three rappers. But somewhere, something seemed empty.

This void was filled by Jimin. Jimin was also a good dancer. When he was in his school, he attended a dance academy and continued to pursue dance studies at Busan High School of Arts. He studied contemporary dance and was the top student in the entire modern dance department.

Impressed by his skills, one of his teachers advised him to audition for BigHit Entertainment. This is how Jimin joined BTS as the latest member.
Now the Bangtan Sonyeondan seems complete with these 7 super talented boys.

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