BTS: Jungkook writes lyrics for K-pop group’s next song, RM and Suga discuss the new album on In The Soop. To concern


BTS announced a potential new album during the fourth episode of their variety show In The Soop 2, which airs Friday. In the episode, Suga and Jungkook took a break with the other BTS members and revealed that they were working on a new song.

In the episode, Suga asked Jungkook to join him in a trailer parked outside their vacation home to work on a new song. The rapper had transformed the vehicle into a mini-studio in which the duo worked.

As they got down to work, Suga told Jungkook, “Don’t feel too pressured. We just need the chorus. He then encouraged him by adding: “Melody JK.” Jungkook confessed, “This is my first time writing anything in nature.”

“It’s good. You can be so inspired here. I’ve written so much about In The Soop,” Suga replied. After discussing the track for a while, Suga gave Jungkook some space to work on. while he was sitting outside the trailer and enjoying the rain. He was soon joined by BTS frontman RM. Suga performed one of his creations to get his opinion.

“Don’t you think this style would be good?” It’s trendy, ”he said before the sound was muted so the song wasn’t ruined. “But we don’t have a lot of performance songs. I think we need more of it, ”Suga told RM, after performing the track. “We haven’t had a lot of exciting songs since Idol,” he added. “We would need to do a good job on this so that it doesn’t get too cliché,” the members explained.

The discussion excited fans. Several ARMY members took to Twitter and shared their thoughts. “BTS’s new album is coming and the possibility of it having some exciting songs like ‘idol vibes, please I’m not ready yet, I’m excited!’ A fan tweeted. ‘he loves Yoongi’s beat, and Yoongi asks him to write the lyrics. That’s why #NamGi is the foundation of BTS sound. These are just some of the best musicians in the world and I’m so excited when this new album will be released. We also dominate 2022, ARMY, “added another fan.

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While the episode has fans excited, BTS has yet to share album details, songs, and release date.


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