BTS: How RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook spent their first Christmas after their debut

Since their debut, BTS has spent most Christmases together. While members occasionally post new content – videos, wishes, etc. – they also made happy memories. However, did you know that on their first Christmas after their debut, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook got together for Suga’s Honey FM 06.13 radio show?

The special featured members talking about Christmas and reading the “Saddest Christmas” stories sent to them by around 800 fans. A video of the same was shared on YouTube.

The radio show began with Suga revealing that as interns, BTS celebrated Christmas Eve with nothing but chicken breast. However, in 2013, after making their debut and winning the award for Best Rookie, their boss took them to feast and the group ate some meat.

The members then joined Suga and they talked about their Christmas songs – A Typique Trainee’s Christmas, which was a cover of the famous Christmas song by Wham !, and RM and Jungkook collaborating with the seniors of Big Hit Entertainment (now HYBE ) for a perfect Christmas among others. The members also teased each other.

After that, Suga revealed that he contacted fans during his recovery from the surgery he had a few months before Christmas and asked them to pass on their stories.

“Welcome to Bangtan Honey, the topic is: ‘The saddest Christmas of your life! While I was resting, after my operation, lying on the bed was very boring. That’s why, through the blog (BTS), I asked fans to send in some stories, ”Suga said.

“About 700 to 800 people shared their stories. We have selected a few for this segment. So after reading the story, we will also recommend a song that matches the story, ”he added, asking each member to read a story.

Subjects for the stories ranged from a fan talking about being single to spending Christmas alone, away from family.

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This year, fans were hoping that BTS members would spend Christmas with their respective families. However, RM is still in quarantine after returning from the United States after his vacation and Suga is also in quarantine, having tested positive for Covid-19. Fans sent their love to the rapper, hoping he would recover soon.

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