BTS Butter concept clips: Jin poses with balloons, Suga messes up with a camera in new videos


Two new concept clips of Butter, the upcoming single from K-pop boy group BTS, have been shared online. They feature singer Jin and rapper Suga. In the clips, shared on Twitter Tuesday, the duo are seen posing in a dimly-lit room as several colored lights flash.

In one of them, Jin is seen holding a bunch of red and yellow smiley balloons. In the other clip, Suga whose accessory is an old camera is seen posing with him, clicking pictures, popping out reels and dropping them to the floor.

Their two videos crossed over 2.7 million views and one million people liked it. So far, the creators of Big Hit Music have shared clips of the four members. The other band members are J-Hope, Jimin and V.

On Monday, the makers of Butter shared concept clips for RM and Jungkook which were seen vibrating in a similar room.

In his music video, RM was seen grooving to music while holding and playing with a retro projector. He put on a long overcoat and blew confetti at the end of the clip. His clip had received 3.5 million views and one million likes. Jungkook was seen spreading butter in the shape of a heart on his bread. He blundered, winked and pouted, looking at the camera.

On Twitter, BTS (ARMY) fans commented speculating whether Jungkook’s hair was purple or blue. Jungkook’s music video had four million views and 1.1 million likes.

The single Butter is eagerly awaiting a release on May 21 this year. On Twitter on April 26, BigHit Music shared a brief clip on the details. The clip finished playing, “Butter 2021.05.21 1:00 PM KST | 00:00 EST.”

Earlier, in an interview with Variety, RM opened up about the responsibility the band members feel towards their fans. “We of course feel a tremendous sense of responsibility. We understand the impact and influence that we have – it is an impact that crosses regions and borders, because the things that young people feel and experience in Korea are not. not exactly the same, but is probably similar to what young people feel and experience in the US Understanding this, we are always attentive to what we say and what we do. This informs our campaign with UNICEF and other charitable initiatives, ”he said.

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The popular group also released their new song, Film Out, in collaboration with J-pop group Back Number. It appears as the final theme of Signal: Long-Term Unresolved Case Investigation Team, the new Japanese film. The song will be included on their upcoming Japanese-language album, BTS, The Best. It is scheduled to be released on June 16.

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