Thai-born K-pop singer Lalisa ‘Lisa’ Manoban pleased her lovers in Thailand by wearing the traditional golden headdress in the video for her first solo single which some are releasing and buying their own. This video for “Lalisa,” the first solo song from hit band member Blackpink Lisa, has amassed over 100 million views on YouTube since its release. The Thai-born South Korean artist explained why it was important for her to show off her native Thailand in her first solo single. One segment also features Manoban seated on an ornate golden throne and wearing the traditional tall, pointed headdress which in modern Thailand is worn primarily in traditional dance forms.

Lisa, at the ‘LALISA’ music video launch, shared, “I really wanted to include a Thai vibe in the song and Teddy arranged it to include the Thai vibe. So I was very touched and happy.” “Lots of people ordered from us through the online store, or here at the store, and there was a steady stream of customers coming to us, showing interest every day, all day, asking what kind of headgear we have, what style, what color,” says Samorn Suthiwong, who works at Fashion Point, a market clothing store. Another person, Mew, says, “I think it’s a perfect fashion combination. and tradition that facilitates the application of Thai culture to our daily lives.” Netizens also believe that YG should give a special favor to Lisa so that she can wear high fashion while continuing to promote the culture of his native country directly in the MV.

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