BINI aims for gold

BINI’s debut single titled “Born to Win” is about courage, strength and determination. Fueled by their passion and dedication for excellence, BINI, together with BINI’s Korean partners, MU Doctor, aims not only to make captivating music, but also to instill an empowered mindset for young people in the world. ‘today.

BINI, the rapidly growing 8-member P-pop girl group, have finally made their official debut, after two years of training at ABS-CBN’s Star Hunt Academy (SHA) and six months as a that rookie.

Established in 2013 in South Korea, MU Doctor is a reputable training group with a roster of singing and dancing professionals and experts. They have helped launch successful idol careers, producing over 300 interns deployed to various entertainment companies including YG and JYP. Famous K-Pop stars who trained under MU Doctor include Song Minho (WINNER), Hye-bin (Momoland), IM (Monsta X), and Changbin (Stray Children). “Born To Win” is an elegant yet fierce electronic pop track with powerful melodic hooks, while showing off the band’s crisp vocals. MU Doctor worked with an artist / composer based in Helsinki Eva Louhivuori on the lyrics and the composition of “Born to Win”. Louhivuori worked with the K-Pop singer Gugudan and J-Pop artist Mirei Toyama, apart from his own musical career in Europe. Apart from her, the composition and arrangement are attributed to RYVNG and Maynine of StupidSquad. The choir was made by Sophie pae, while digital publishing was by Jang Tae In. Mixing and mastering was also done by Jang Tae In at the Seoul Archives and was administered by Mudoctor Studio. The wonderful Cube Entertainment is to be thanked for the dance routine of “Born to Win”. Directed by Kim hyunjin, the Cube choreography team called Star system has choreographed for top K-Pop bands under their wing such as Hyuna, 4 minutes, CVX, and (G) -SLOW. These synergies are part of BINI’s movement as young Filipinos into the world, infusing culture, craftsmanship and values ​​into internationally competitive production and performance. This movement comes full circle, with fashion becoming a mainstay of the launch, making the Born to Win era much more than just a musical debut. That said, BINI has worked with the famous fashion designer Francois Libiran for three sets of custom sets. With artwork stretching from the red carpets of the Philippines to Hollywood, Libiran is ready to adorn BINI with unique pieces worthy of the world stage. These pieces will be unveiled in Part 1 of BINI: The Launch on June 4, titled “The Runway”.

Other defining pieces of Born to Win are made by groundbreaking local brand Wolfram Designs, pushing Filipino art and talent even further into the world. The stars align at this time with Blackcode MNL’s Ica Villanueva as visual director. A feature of The Runway on TV Patrol. As for part 2 of the launch event titled “The Showcase”, we are witnessing BINI in their entirety in their new form, highlighting the concept of the time with the musicality and performance of the girls. The distinct, crisp and coordinated choreographies of BINI are all due to Mickey perz, with coaches Matthew Almodovar and Reden Blanquera.

BINI aims for gold

As for the gymnastics and vocal harmonies of BINI, they are largely due to the efforts of Coach Molina kitchen, considered as an institution in vocal training. They are currently supervised by Coach Anna graham, vocal coach and experienced singer, who continues to push his vocal abilities to the next level. From their humble roots in the Star Hunt Academy camp to dreams of global fame, BINI’s story continues to unfold, pushing boundaries and seeking gold.

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