‘Billlie’: the first girl group of Mystic Story! All about them

With another month of debut, another group of girl idols. But this time it’s someone with a powerful performance. SM Entertainment’s Mystic Story subgroup have launched their very first girl group, ‘Billlie’. And the fans have already fallen in love with them. Debuting on November 10, 2021, the six-member group went on to release their debut mini album known as “The Billage of Perception: Chapter One”. Previously known as the “Mystic Rookies,” the group consisted of six amazing and beaming talented idol interns from Korea and Japan. Comprised of Moon Sua, Suhyun, Haram, Tsuki, Siyoon and Haruna, the girl group has now debuted as “Billlie”.

With the name “Billlie”, the members continue to show their other side, aka the “B” of themselves. And they even hoped to sympathize with people by expressing their “B-side”. As the group’s rapper Moon Sua revealed, the group wants to make music that could warmly touch people’s hearts. Making their debut with EP is “Ring X Ring”, the girls tell a story set in a fictional village. ‘Billlie’ has Yoon Jong-shin’s hand on his head. With pundits like Kim Eana, songwriter Lee Min-su and music video director Hwang Su-ah working with the girl group. Girls have their own talent and charm, and they seem to have the upper hand. ‘The Billage of Perception: Chapter One’ is a six track album. This includes “Flipp! Ng a Coin”, “Flowerld”, “The Eleventh Day”, “Everybody’s Got a $ ECRET” and “The Rumor”.

‘Billlie’: Mystic Story’s First Girl Group

But since fans were already torn between their prejudices and their prejudice busters, the company decided to change. By announcing that another member will join the group, their fans have gone crazy. MNET celebrity Sheon will join “Billlie” as the seventh member of the girl group.

‘Billie’: all about the members!

‘Billlie’ is the first girl group from Mystic Story. With the announcement of the seventh member joining the group and news of the comeback and live performances circulating. Fans wanted to know their bias. Here is everything you need to know about your bias !!


Just ten days after the girl group’s debut, Kim Su Yeon is set to join ‘Billlie’ as the group’s seventh member. With the stage name ‘Sheon’. Being an 03 liner, her birthday falls on January 28, making her an Aquarius. Continuing her studies at Hanlim Multi Art School, she has been an intern for three years now. She prefers cats to other animals and loves to watch zombie movies. Dancing and makeup are some of the best skills. She will certainly join as the group’s lead and visual dancer, making herself known through one of Korea’s most popular survival shows. Sheon was also part of MNET’s Girls Planet 999 and ended up coming in at No. 10.

After almost missing her chance to make her debut with ‘Kep1er’ by a notch, rumors of her joining the group have been circulating since late October. But no one was there to confirm the news until now. With another album on the role, Sheon is already in the studio, working on the album with the other members.


“Billie”: Sheon, the new addition to the group.

Moon Sua

Born and raised in the city of Cheongja in South Korea, Moon Su A is the group’s lead singer and rapper. Being a 99 liner, her birthday is September 9, which makes her a Virgo. Astro’s Moonbin’s little sister has talent running in her blood just like her brother. Before making her debut with the SM Entertainment subsidiary, she was an intern at YG. Training to be a rapper, Su A spent ten years at YG as an intern and even became a member of “Future 2NE1”. But his debut was canceled. She is friends with well-known industry idols like Heize, Truedy, Yezi from FIESTAR, SinB from GFRIEND, Jiwoo from KARD, Jisoo from BLACKPINK, Jiyoon from 4Minute, Yeorum from Hello Venus, Suhyun from Akdong Musician and the actress. Kim Sae-ron. She was also a part of the Unpretty Rapstar, now becoming the group’s lead rapper.

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The group’s maknae, Osato Haruna, is from Osaka, Japan. Being a 06 line, her birthday falls on January 30, making her an Aquarius. Having trained as a dancer at the famous GP Studio of Japan, she is the sub-singer and the sub-dancer of the group. Singing Ayaka’s “Nijiiro” during her auditions, Haruna joined Mystic Story Entertainment in 2021. With her debut, she also became the youngest kpop idol in the industry to date. The fandom and the members call it “turtle maknae” and “runa”. She calls Red Velvet’s Seulgi, her role model. And lives her life with the motto “I will do it until I can”. Asked what she likes about the other members of the group, Haruna revealed that she liked Haram’s lovely voice.


‘Billlie’: Girls want to show off and bring in the other sides of people.


Another Aquarius of the group, Siyoon’s full name is Kim Si Yoon. As an 05 liner, her birthday falls on February 16. Si Yoon began her idol journey by honing her dancing skills. Before becoming an intern at Mystic Entertainment, she was also part of the Def Dance Academy and the Millennium Dance Academy. She has been a part of TV performances and dance videos including BOYFRIEND’s “Love Style” MV teaser during her audition. And has been featured several times on Popteen, a Japanese teen fashion magazine. After becoming one of the rising apprentice idols in 2015, she passed her Mystic audition in April 2019. She admires IU and Lisa from Blackpink and makes every effort she can. Haruna is his favorite member of the group. As she is also fluent in Japanese, Haruna is also her best friend.

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Another Japanese member of the group, Fukutomi Tsuki is popularly known by her name “Tsuki”. Being an 02 liner, her birthday falls on September 21, making her a Virgo. Hailing from Hyogo, Japan, she already has a name in the Japanese pop idol industry. Since she was part of the j-pop girl group MAGICOUR. And also made the cover of Popteen Magazine in their Cover Girl War with Kim Siyoon. Prior to joining Mystic Entertainment, she auditioned for JYP’s 15th audition. There was also a rumor that she was joining Project Nizi. Her fans and friends have cute nicknames for her like Taru-chan, the Moon Bunny, and the best Kim Tzuki.

She greatly admires BOA and Girls Generation. As she even auditioned singing “Into the new world” from Girl’s Generation. She is usually the dance and Japanese teacher for the group. And she adores Moon Sua and would love to rap like her one day.


“Billlie”: The six member selfie is the only one we have because we are manifesting a seven member selfie !!


Hailing from Korea itself, Haram’s full name is Ki Ha Ram. It’s a 01 liner, with its birthday falling on January 13, which makes it a Capricon. She has a deep voice and many fans and band members love her voice. Serving as the group’s lead singer, she is also the sub-dancer. Auditioning for the company, she then sang Luna’s “Free Someone” for her audition. Winner of SM’s “Everysing” contest and receiving vocal training, she transferred to Mystic Entertainment. Her fans call her the lead voice and Rummy. She is a huge football fan. Wanting to live in the countryside, she adores the Tzuki of the group. She has also appeared on the Korean youtube show, JeAlalala.


Born in Daegu, South Korea, Suhyeon’s full name is Kim Su Hyeon. Being an 00 liner, her birthday falls on January 15, making her a Capricon. As the band’s lead singer and lead dancer, Suhyeon isn’t just limited to being a kpop idol. As she also possesses incredible acting skills, the company promotes her as a celebrity on all levels. Before joining the agency, she was also a candidate for Season 1 of Produce 101. But after being knocked out in Episode 3, she placed at the 69th position. She showed off her acting skills in the web drama A Teen, playing the role of Yeo Boram. She also owns a brand of lip tint. According to band members, Suhyeon has a very different personality on stage and in real life. She too adores Haram and loves his deep voice.

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