BIG WIN: List of All K-pop Winners of the 36th Japan Golden Disc Awards

K-pop music as a genre has become well known around the world, but the Japanese market has always been lucrative for Korean music groups. With groups and soloists releasing their music not only in Korean but also in Japanese and Chinese versions, there is a sense of inclusiveness for K-pop acts in the Japanese music industry. On March 14, RIAJ (Recording Industry Association of Japan) officially announced the winners of the 2022 Golden Disc Awards, Japan, with BTS breaking a new record.

The 36th Japan Golden Disc Awards not only saw successful Japanese and international artists take home titles, but K-pop groups like Seventeen, BTS, Enhypen and others took home winning titles, proving K-pop dominance. -pop internationally. BTS also asserted their dominance in the music industry by becoming the most awarded artist at the 2022 Japan Golden Disc Awards, winning 10 awards this year alone.


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BTS lands 10 titles at Japan Golden Disc Awards

BTS did what they do best and broke a new record with 10 tracks, becoming “Artist of the Year” at the 2022 Japan Golden Disc Awards for the fourth time in a row. Apart from that, BTS also won four other titles in the Asia Division, four titles in the “Best of” Division as well as one title in the Western Division. In the Asia Division, BTS picked up “Album of the Year” for their Japanese album “The Best” as well as “Music Video of the Year” for “Map of the Soul ON:E.” BTS also won two titles for their English single “Butter,” where BTS won both “Song of the Year” by “Download” as well as “Stream.”

BTS also won four titles in the “Best of Division” where the group won one title for their album “The Best” in the “3 Best Albums” category. The group also won two more titles for “Butter” in the “Top 5 Songs” in the “Download” and “Stream” categories. The boy group also picked up a second win in the “Top 5 Songs by Stream” category for their 2021 single “Permission to Dance.” BTS’ latest collaboration with Coldplay also won “Song of the Year” by Download in the West Division.

Other K-pop winners

Alongside BTS’s ‘The Best’, Seventeen’s ‘Attacca’ as well as TXT’s Japanese debut album ‘Chaotic Wonderland’ won the 2022 ‘Asia’s Top 3 Albums’ title at the 2022 Japan Golden Disc Awards. scooped the “New Artist of the Year” award in the show’s Asia division, cementing HYBE’s dominance by becoming the label’s fourth group to score a win.

Enhypen also won another title at the 36th annual Japan Golden Disc Award. HYBE subsidiary Belift Labs’ Enhypen, JYP Entertainment’s ITZY and YG Entertainment’s rookies became Asia’s “Top 3 New Artists” with their Japanese debuts in 2021 respectively, earning wins at the 2022 Japan Golden Disc Awards.

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