Big Hit Music launches auditions for hip hop talent program HIT IT


Big hit music announced auditions for HIT IT BASE 2021, a hip hop training program for teenagers.

The entertainment company, which houses global pop groups like BTS and SMS– revealed that HIT IT BASE 2021 is a continuation of the HIT IT Hearing which took place until last year. Any male born of 2006 at 2012 who is interested in rap and hip-hop can apply online through the official website here. Applications start from July 2nd at July 23, and you have to submit a 1 minute video with a self-introduction and a short rap segment.

The program will be held in Seoul from August 14th at September 5, with eight sessions in total. Big Hit will select 20 participants and offer free masterclasses and trainings by famous producers exclusively for HIT IT BASE 2021. The most remarkable people will also be able to participate in the selection test for the label’s trainees. More information can be found here.

According to Big Hit representatives, unlike previous auditions, anyone can be selected as a finalist for HIT IT BASE 2021 as long as they are passionate about hip hop, even if they may not be good at it. rap.

HIT IT BASE 2021 is the latest in a series of auditions launched by Big Hit, the most recent being an open call to producers. Its parent company HYBE had also launched global auditions last year, including a casting in Japan for a “new generation boy group”.


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