BBC Creative launches Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games promotion

A year later, but still eagerly awaited, BBC Creative launched its Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games trailer titled Let’s Go There, ahead of the channel’s coverage, which premieres next month.

Created in-house with the help of Nexus Studios and collective director Factory Fifteen, the spot sees Tokyo invaded by the Olympics with signage, shops, arcades, Gashapon lounges and a J-Pop clip crammed with references to Olympic sports, athletes and BBC presenters.

All images: Nexus Studios

Fast paced with flecks of magic, the promo captures the excitement of the games. All of this is underlined by the ad captured as an “immersive and disembodied movement in one fell swoop, with fluid transitions between radically different environments”.

As the film is set to air multiple times on the BBC, the team also plugged in a range of Easter Eggs throughout the 60 seconds, so viewers continually spot new benchmarks. “As architects by training turned filmmakers, we wanted the environment to tell a story and reward repeat viewing to find all the sports and athlete Easter eggs, ”says Factory Fifteen, consisting of Kibwe Tavares, Jonathan Gales and Paul Nichols.

“Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that the Olympic pictograms in the opening scene are actually from the 1964 Tokyo Games, where the pictograms were first used. As the spot expands , they switch to the 2020 pictograms which are an evolution of those versions from 1964. ”This is one of the many old and new nods the trio have enamelled in, from the progression of the scene itself to these little ones. details.

“Capturing Japanese culture and sensibilities was also very important to us,” they say. “We have teamed up Fantasista Utamaro about the artistic direction of all the design elements we came up with to give everything an authenticity and eccentricity that we certainly wouldn’t have achieved on our own. The film is set to original music by legendary Anime composer Kenji Kawai, famous for his work on Ghost in the Shell, Avalon and Kyakkin.

One of the challenges of the project was not only the delays caused by the pandemic, but also the fact that Factory Fifteen and the crew were unable to make it to Tokyo for filming. “IIt meant directing the camera, production teams and designers remotely, ”they say. “But it all worked surprisingly well with a live feed to the camera and a Zoom link to the team.”

Collaborating with the BBC to reinvent Tokyo for the Olympics has been a dream project for Factory Fifteen. “We like to bring places to life with a heightened sense of reality and fantasy, often using the environment as a character,” they say.

“It was amazing reinterpreting evocative Japanese scenes with the world’s greatest sports and athletes woven into the city through authentic design and storytelling.”

Behind the scenes of the shoot

Tokyo hasn’t hosted the Olympics since 1964, and while this time may look a little different – having already been delayed for a year – this promotion is hoping to stir up excitement for people watching the coverage at home.

“Having the Olympic Games in Tokyo was a real treat – a city rich in pop culture, hosting the most eclectic sporting event in the world. It gave us the opportunity to push our campaign both conceptually and in execution, ”says Tim Jones of BBC Creative.

Conceptual sketch for the J-Pop video scene
Conceptual sketch for the J-Pop video scene

He continues, “And we couldn’t be prouder to (finally) share it. Each image of the film is rich in detail, fully immersing our audience in a Tokyo where the Olympics have already taken over. Just as it will occupy our whole life for 16 days this summer.

“Creating something with so much detail was incredibly complex, but also a lot of fun. I’ve watched the edit more times than I can count and always find something new or something that I forgot we included!

Agency: BBC Creative
Director: Usine Quinze
Production company: Nexus Studios
Creative Director: Fantasista Utamaro
Visual effects: the mill
Composer: Kenji Kawai
Sound: Mark Hills @ Factory

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