Artist Hamid J’s new song “Nothin ‘Perfect 2 Say” recreates an emotional saga through his pop-glazed journey

Upcoming musical artist Hamid J recently released with the track, ‘Nothing perfect 2 Say‘which resonates with a sonic scope of the pop-influenced workflow.

Los Angeles-based musical artist and songwriter Hamid J presents immersive musical reach with his pop-influenced streaming in his new track, ‘Nothing perfect 2 Say‘. He’s making huge waves of audience and critical engagement with his new track’s verses paving the way for new styles in the industry. This particular song reflects the saga of each life experience and the rippling dynamic of a one-sided breakup. The theme of the track depicts the emotional bridges in a relationship with one person already overcoming the bonds while the other struggles to find closure. The song title emerges from the inability to explain the turn of events leaving the protagonist to sing a song with no defined outline, just like his emotions.

The artist is widely recognized for his incomparable sound which resonates with the feelings of the public. His pop melodies strongly influenced by the rhythmic journey of the 80s allowed him to cross borders and undertake experiments as part of his creative growth. The song, ‘Nothing perfect 2 Say‘not only accumulates the collective distress of the public, but also reflects his own experiences over the course of his life. Its soundscape is influenced by some of pop’s greatest artists such as Madonna, Michael Jackson and George Michael.

Artist Hamid J is currently setting himself the goal of completing his songwriting skills and moving towards a career that will exemplify him as a pop icon of the 21st century. There is in him a burning musical impulse that makes him an intrepid performer filled with energy and unhindered passion. Listen to his work of exclusive tunes and more by following him on Spotify and Linktree.

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