Apink’s ChoRong, BoMi on ChoBom Sub-Unit, Friendship, Staying Relevant, PANDAs | Exclusive

K-pop girl group Apink debuted in 2011. Members ChoRong and BoMi made their sub-unit debut with Copycat in July. Their single, Copycat, is a song representing their mutual love and admiration. In an exclusive chat with IndiaToday.in, the duo opened up about their subunit ChoBom, why the song is called Copycat and redefines the connotation attached to the word. BoMi and ChoRong also shared what they found out about each other and their 12-year bond. They also delivered a special message to PANDAs (fans) while talking about Apink’s vision as a group.


Speaking to IndiaToday.in, BoMi revealed that the idea for Copycat came from ChoRong. “She always watches these short videos on the internet. One day she saw a baby cat imitating her mother in one of the videos and sent me the video to watch saying ‘that’s so cute!’ explaining why they named the single ‘Copycat’, the duo added, “The name Copycat itself was so cute. That’s why it became the name of the album. Also, we’ve been told that we’ve been like twins for a long time, so it fit really well with that meaning.”

Both ChoRong and BoMi have been part of Apink since the beginning. Although they have all worked separately on their sub-units before, this is the first time the duo have come together. Talking about the differences they noticed working as a sub-unit compared to the whole group, Bomi shared, “There were so many differences (laughs). because we had fewer members. There were many things that shortened the process. However, the vacancy could be felt. While we were dancing and shooting music videos, we missed Ha-young, NamJu, and EunJi. and the disadvantages existed.


While ChoRong has already participated in writing many of the B-side tracks, their involvement with Copycat was limited to performing. ChoRong explained, “We didn’t participate in the lyrics or the music production but in the concept of the album, what we could wear, a draft of our hairstyle, and Bo Mi wrote the whole music video synopsis. .”

Then, when asked what changes they had noticed in each other over the years, the duo couldn’t stop laughing. Although BoMi has said that over the years, she has come to realize that ChoRong likes cute things. “She likes cute things! That’s because a few years ago when she had to act cute, she was very embarrassed and would never do it even if told. Now she participates pretty well in this concept.” On the other hand, ChoRong mentioned that BoMi is quite conservative. “I thought she was the opposite, but she gets shy easily, very cautious while we’re shooting for magazines.”

Speaking of Apink’s music, even though their sound has evolved, the purity and innocence of it remains intact. Both ChoRong and BoMi explained, “We have always had good music, the most important thing for us because Apink is not to lose our color. Although the concept may change, the color we have should not change. .Since we’ve always had this standard, we’ve always tried new things within this standard.”

They shared that although it is difficult to be able to maintain this standard, they insist on it. “That’s why our comeback is late and song selection is difficult. But that’s what we kept insisting on.” They also mentioned that they wanted to have more stage experience.


As K-pop goes truly global and after reaching many heights themselves (whether it’s Nonono peaking at number 2 on the Billboard K-pop chart or hosting a US tour in 2015), ChoBom exclaimed that their most great success is to be able to meet their fans. . “First of all, a lot of K-POP singers have been active around the world. We are very proud, but most of all, we want to see our fans. Instead of achieving something, because of COVID-19, we weren’t ‘We won’t be able to see our fans overseas for quite a long time. That’s why we want to see our fans.

Finally, they had a sweet message for fans and Indian PANDAs. ChoBom signed, “We would love to go wherever the PANDAs are, wherever they are, and play for them. Thank you PANDAs for supporting us there, we were able to be active like that until now. We’re really grateful and until the day we see each other, we’ll do our best.”

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