Antis nitpick TWICE’s Encore concert in the US stadium, K-pop fans say, “Let them cry”

TWICE and their fans are living their best life right now as the girl group continues to make history with their concerts. They had the highest attendance concert of any K-pop girl group in North America and were also the first to announce an encore concert. They also became the second K-pop group after BTS to have two stadium concerts. TWICE also became the first girl group to earn $2 million for one concert and $4 million for two concerts in the United States.

Just a few days ago, TWICE once again made history by becoming the first K-pop girl group and the first foreign girl group to have three sold-out concerts at Tokyo Dome. Their popularity in Japan was all the more evident as they are the second woman in history to reach this milestone after the J-pop group AKB48. TWICE’s ongoing fourth world tour, “III,” has also helped boost their record label JYPE’s net worth by 1 trillion won ($815 million) in just three months of 2022.


TWICE 1st K-pop girl group with 3 Tokyo Dome concerts, fans say “you will always be famous”

JYPE’s Net Worth Rises 1 Trillion Won Thanks To TWICE, Fans Say ‘Their Power Is Crazy’

TWICE’s encore concert was sold out (@jihyo_mees/Twitter)

TWICE holds their first encore concert in the United States

Following their record-breaking concerts in Japan, TWICE recently flew to California for their encore concert in Los Angeles. After being asked for their sold-out US tour where they had already added two extra dates, TWICE decided to have an encore concert on May 14 at Banc of California Stadium. And unsurprisingly, even tickets for the encore concert sold out immediately.

The Knetzs were proud, but also jealous because they too wanted to attend the concert. They had done posts like “I’m so jealous of American ONCEs”, “Wow TWICE is really so popular in the United States”, and “Well, amazing.. It’s great that TWICE is popular enough to fill the stadium in the United States.” However, some antis claimed the concert was a flop as it looked like they hadn’t played in a stadium but in a small arena. Well, fans counter by pointing out that Banc of California Stadium has the word “stadium” in its name and has a capacity of 22,000.

“The Biggest GG I Fear”

A Knetz commented: “Are you saying it’s not a stadium because it doesn’t have 40,000 or 50,000 seats? It’s not easy for a Korean singer to perform like that overseas. Please support them. I’m proud of them even if I’m not a fan of them. One fan shared, “Lots of devoted haters here. The dedication to commenting on every other comment just to downgrade achievements twice is actually fun to see. Another added: “Biggest gg I fear.” One fan tweeted: “The haters are crying as we celebrate our girls’ accomplishments!! Let them cry, ignore them, just enjoy the moment, enjoy it twice. Another said: ‘Antis don’t don’t like to see a successful woman.

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