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GZBkarma is all about K-pop. She can talk about her favorite K-pop groups for hours, debate influential members of each group without a break, and can churn out each group’s best songs without missing a beat. If you look at her YouTube channel, you will notice that she frequently posts about the concerts she attends with her sister, who is already over 18 years old. She works hard to secure backstage passes for herself and her sister, and some artists have even recognized her as a devoted supporter. When asked how she saves to attend these concerts held around the world, she replied that she does not spend much on anything else and pools money with her sister, specifically to see these concerts. . When she’s not spending money on concert tickets, she’s been busy building her collection of K-pop albums, which she prominently displays on her videos and in special unboxing vlogs. She even used her love of dancing to fuel her K-pop addiction, learning different K-pop dances such as BLACKPINK’s “Playing With Fire” and BTS’ “Butter,” among others.

However, she hasn’t always been an avid K-pop fan. She has a knack for languages ​​- she is fluent in French and English, knows Vietnamese, learned Spanish and German in school, and also knows a few splashes of Korean. Unfortunately, she suffered from depression during this period and had to change her plans. She only got into K-pop because she listened to Japanese pop or J-pop. From there, she started watching K-dramas, which feature many K-pop songs. It was a natural transition to find and listen to these soundtracks, and somewhere while trying to decipher the lyrics, GZBkarma became a huge K-pop fan.

She leaned into YouTube as a way to share her love of K-pop simply because she was a regular user, posting videos to a channel co-created with a friend from high school. They stopped posting, but as his love for K-pop grew, GZBkarma explored the idea of ​​posting YouTube videos about his reaction to the latest K-pop songs. She eventually learned all about it on YouTube and started her channel. In the early years, she would supplement her income by putting her language skills to good use; she taught students — adults and children — in English and French. Today, every video she posts gets a lot of attention, her YouTube videos have been viewed around 66 million times in total, and her subscriber base keeps growing.

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