After School Tea Time and 9 other famous anime groups

Tea time after school caused a stir when K-On! debuted in 2010. The band’s songs hit the Oricon charts several times, with the band itself quickly becoming a household name in the early 2010s. The success of the anime only bolstered its popularity. ‘After School Tea Time, creating a major cultural shift in the anime community.

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However, they’re not the only anime group in town, nor the last. Some of the other bands might not have cute and light lyrics, but they’ve built a unique brand with their music, ranging from catchy and upbeat to heartwarming and heartbreaking, finding themselves a dedicated fan base.

ten Tea time after school started a trend (K-On!)

Pictures feature K-On's after school tea time !!

In 2010, Kyoto Animation caught the attention of anime fans with its animated adaptation of K-On!, kicking off the “moe craze” of the 2010s. The anime focuses on the Light Music Club, its members forming a band, After School Tea Time, to perform at various high school concerts. Due to the success of the anime, After School Tea Time became a household name, with their debut single, “Cagayake! Girls,” reaching fourth on the 2010 Oricon charts. The group’s influence continued in outside of the anime community, appearing in campaigns created by the Kyoto Prefecture government. Even after the anime ended in 2011 with its film, After School Tea Time remains a cultural icon and iconic anime group.

9 Sanrio adds its own version to Battle Of The Bands (Show By Rock !!)

The image on the left is a promotional image of Plasmagica from Show by Rock !!  ;  the image on the right shows the members of Plasmagica from Show by Rock !!

Sanrio has recently released cartoons for different ages while staying true to its cute and healthy aesthetic. In 2015, Sanrio released Show by Rock !!, an anime centered around cute anthropomorphic characters in a musical battle royale.

Plasmagica is a new group trying to make a name for itself in Midi City, its latest member being the protagonist of the anime, Cyan Hijirikawa. Originally from the human world, Cyan is pushed to the mysterious town of Midi and meets her new band mates – drummer Moa, bassist Retoree and lead guitarist Chuchu. His surprisingly sensitive guitar, Strawberry Heart, becomes his guide in Midi City and his musical mentor. Show by Rock !!Its popularity spawned three more seasons in the years to come with a focus on other Midi City groups, but Plasmagica remains a popular group to this day.

8 ENOZ pays homage to a real Japanese rock band (The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya)

The image on the left shows Haruhi Suzumiya in a bunny costume reading the music from The Melancholy by Haruhi Suzumiya;  the image on the right shows the ENOZ album cover with Yuki Nagato dressed as a wizard and Haruhi Suzumiya dressed as a rabbit

Originally as a parody of ZONE, a Japanese rock band, ENOZ is a four member band from North High School. The acronym derives from the first letters of the member’s last names: Miyuki Enomoto, Takako Nakanishi, Mizuki Okajima and Mai Zaizen.

After two band members are injured, Haruhi and Yuki replace their lead singer and guitarist, respectively. Fans who may not have watched The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya can still recognize her iconic black bunny costume which she wears during the school’s cultural festival. This outfit can also be seen on ENOZ’s album, with Haruhi and Yuki on the cover.

7 Black Stones got three albums due to the popularity of the anime (Nana)

The left image shows a promotional image of Nana's Black Stones;  the image on the right shows Nana's Black Stones playing

Also known as BLAST, the Black Stones are a leading musical group of Nana. The group formed in a small town, gaining popularity with local teenagers. Along with their singer, Nana Ozaki, the Black Stones moved to Tokyo to establish themselves in the music industry.

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Three albums inspired by the Black Stones were released during Nana‘s runtime: two for live action movies and one for anime. However, the albums used two different singers for the vocals: Mika Nakashima for the movies and Anna Tsuchiya for the anime. Black Stones is still praised for its robust and moving music, even after the anime ended and the manga indefinitely paused.

6 Five teens get together to form their dream group (Beck: Mongolia Chop Squad)

The images feature the members of the BECK group: Mongolia Chop Squad

Most anime fans know Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, even though they’ve never seen the anime before. Its timeless and touching storyline makes it a staple among other musical animes.

The band started out as BECK with its five members: lead guitarist Ryusuke “Ray” Minami, bassist Yoshiyuki Taira, rapper Tsunemi Chiba, drummer Yuji “Saku” Sakurai and vocalist Yukio “Koyuki” Tanaka. The name comes from Ray’s dog but was changed to “Mongolian Chop Squad” as a rebranding. Regardless of the name change, the band is still determined to spread their name and music across Japan.

5 Donne quickly became a fan favorite (donated)

With the anime’s success in 2019, Given’s popularity increased as a group as more fans praised his music sincerely. The band members of Given include Mafuyu Sato, singer, guitarist Ritsuka Uenoyama, drummer Akihiko Kaji and bassist Haruki Nakayama.

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When Mafuyu first joins the group, Ritsuka becomes his mentor and helps him play the guitar. Their romance gradually blossoms as Mafuyu gets closer to his group mates. Given’s music – both in the anime and the 2020 movie – has touched the hearts of anime fans around the world. In just two years, he has established himself as a favorite among many.

4 Carole & Tuesday made a big splash in 2018 (Carole & Tuesday)

The images feature Carole and Tuesday singing from Carole & Tuesday

Shinichiro Watanabe once again charmed audiences with his 2018 musical masterpiece, Carole & Tuesday. The songs used throughout the anime were unique and colorful, but none stood out as much as the titular band’s music.

Carole Stanley and Tuesday Simmons come from two different worlds but develop a friendship based on their deep love for music. Since the colonization of Mars, AIs have controlled much of human life and interactions, especially the world of music. Girls want to bring the human touch back to music and touch the world with their singing. What is unique Carole & Tuesday is the musical composition of FlyingDog, the music label that inspired the anime. In addition, various foreign artists lent their voices to the unique cast of the characters.

3 Bakumatsu Rock, where rock bands meet samurai! (Samurai Jam -Bakumatsu Rock-)

The image on the left shows Ryoma Sakamoto of Samurai Jam -Bakumatsu Rock- singing;  the top right image shows Bakumatsu Rock clapping by Samurai Jam -Bakumatsu Rock-;  the bottom right image shows Ryoma Sakamoto hugging Shinsaku Takasugi and Kogoro Katsura from Samurai Jam -Bakumatsu Rock-

Bakumatsu Rock is a group of misfits linked by their love of rock music and lead singer Ryoma Sakamoto. With his bandmates, Shinsaku Takasugi and Kogoro Katsura, they travel through 19th century Japan to make a name for themselves in the music world.

However, their biggest obstacle is the Tokugawa shogunate, which wants to rid Japan of music deemed “unacceptable”. The Shinsengumi are the only approved musical group that produces “Heaven’s Songs” to brainwash audiences. It’s up to Bakumatsu Rock to break down these stifling barriers and open up the world to express yourself freely through music.

2 Poppin’Party was created to help girls find each other (BanG Dream!)

The images above left and right feature Poppin'Party from BanG Dream!  efficient;  the bottom image features the Poppin'Party logo

The BanG Dream! the anime appeared on the scene just four years later Love Live!is a dazzling success. However, this anime focuses on various new girl groups making their names in the rock music scene.

The leading group is Poppin’Party, a five member band who bonded around music, in search of their individual spark. Unlike the μ members who have come together to save their school, the Poppin’Party members practice their music for upcoming concerts and have the opportunity to perform in live houses. They idolize more established local bands such as Roselia and Afterglow. Four years after the anime aired, Poppin’Party remains a beloved anime group.

1 Detroit Metal City is a reference to a single from KISS (Detroit Metal City)

The image on the left shows Soichi Negishi with members of the Detroit Metal City band from Detroit Metal City;  the image on the right shows Soichi Negishi singing from Detroit Metal City

Detroit Metal City pays homage to the KISS single of the same name: “Detroit Rock City”. The band debuted in a 12-episode OVA series of the same name, their first episode airing in 2008. Small-scale musician Soichi Negishi is the frontman of the death metal band, with Johannes Krauser II as the stage name. Like Retsuko from Aggretsuko anime, Soichi is sweet and gentle, but holds an intense rage that sometimes needs to be unleashed.

Soichi and his other party mates hide behind demon-like figures to create a chaotic image that thrives on shock value. Detroit Metal City is a parody anime with a small but steadfast cult. Fans can’t help but burst out laughing as they watch the characters’ exaggerated antics.

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