Afro Samurai Reveals New Cover For Director’s Cut Reissue

Titan Comics has unveiled its new cover art for the second volume of the Afro Samurai the release of the Director’s Cut manga.

As reported by Anime News Network, the new art features swordsman Jinnosuke wielding his blade as he dons his iconic cybernetic teddy bear helmet which gives him the apt nickname “Kuma”. The creator of Afro Samurai, Takashi Okazaki, was commissioned to illustrate the covers for the upcoming editions to be released in commemoration of the anime adaptation’s 15th anniversary. The reissue will also feature a new foreword by Okazaki. The first volume will be released on July 26, while the second will be released on October 4.

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The release of the two Director’s Cut volumes will bring together all 10 chapters of the series in a larger graphic novel format than previous editions released by Seven Seas Entertainment and Tor Books over a decade ago. The new cover for Volume 1 was revealed in March when Titan Comics launched its new manga brand, Titan Manga.

“Not only the Afro Samurai manga had a huge impact on me personally at the time, Okazaki-san’s chilling classic retort is still felt in anime and manga cultures today,” said Editorial Director Duncan. Baizley when announcing the reissue. with beautifully choreographed gory mayhem – like Kurosawa exploding through a Tarantino lens – it was always going to be our number one pick to kick off Titan Comics’ spectacular new Titan Manga imprint. »

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Set in a feudal and futuristic Japan, Afro Samurai follows the eponymous character as he tracks down an armed bandit named Justice who he saw kill his father, Ryutaro, as a child. Ryutaro was the former holder of the #1 Headband, believed to grant godlike powers and even immortality to make its owner the greatest warrior in the world. After Justice, the owner of Headband #2, murders Ryutaro to claim this prize, Afro leaves years later to retrieve his father’s headband, finally “ready to face a god” in Justice’s parting words. .

Okazaki was inspired to create Afro Samurai due to his love of soul and hip-hop music and American media. He based Afro’s design on the real black samurai Yasuke who served as a servant under the Japanese daimyō Oda Nobunaga during the Sengoku period. When a friend of Okazaki started releasing Afro action figures, the mangaka was approached by the Gonzo Animation Studio to create an animated mini-series based on his work. The 5-episode animated series finally debuted three years later in January 2007 on the Paramount Network (then Spike) website, starring Samuel L. Jackson (The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray) voicing the titular protagonist and his partner, Ninja Ninja, and He-Man and the Masters of the UniverseYuri Lowenthal voicing Jinnosuke.

The first and second volumes of the Afro samurai The Director’s Cut manga will be released on July 26 and October 4 respectively. the Afro samurai anime is available to stream now on Netflix, Funimation, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

Source: Anime News Network

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