aespa set to make K-pop girl group history with 400,000 “Savage” pre-orders

SM Entertainment announced aespa’s debut mini album Savage, recording 400,000 pre-order sales on October 5. Called the “super rookie group,” the four-member girl group made their debut in November 2021 and are well on their way to making a name for themselves in K-pop history.

Amid the plagiarism controversies, aespa posted a clip for Savage October 5. The girl group has made headlines for their new concept with the AI ​​members, and it looks like they’re set to make another headline for their incredible accomplishments.

SM Entertainment’s aespa could break another K-pop girl group record with ‘Savage’

Aespa’s unique sci-fi AI concept caught the eyes of the world even before its debut. While some wondered if they would one day be able to survive in the fierce industry with the brainchild of SM founder Lee Soo Man, the girl group proved they could.

espa’s first album Savage has already become the best-selling first girl group album in K-pop history, with a record 400,000 pre-order sales. He reversed BLACKPINK’s debut in 2018 SETTLE ACCOUNTS, which had sold a total of 403,626 copies in August 2021.

SM Entertainment has issued a press release revealing the enormous attention aespa is receiving from around the world. The six-song album had 401,088 pre-orders as of October 4.

Discover the clip of Savage below:

The clip was released on October 5 at 6:00 p.m. KST, and 21 hours later it has totaled 24 million views.

The song also ranked # 1 on South Korea’s biggest music platforms, Melon, Genie, and Bugs. It also ranked first in 17 regions around the world in the iTunes Top Albums chart.

With such incredible accomplishments under their belt, aespa are on their way to becoming the most buzz-worthy girl group, breaking records everywhere.

Karina, Ningning, Winter and Giselle have been on an unstoppable roller coaster since their debut, when they won several “Rookie of the Year” awards. Their first song, the addictive Next level, became a “forbidden” song during the Korean CSATs. He took over from the iconic SHINee Ding Dong Ring, which became Korea’s first “forbidden” song for students entering their competitions.

Savage is another song that emphasizes the loud and powerful vocals of the band members with futuristic and upbeat music.

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