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“Fans sometimes leave comments like:”espa is the new beginning of K-Pop, ‘says NINGNING of the four-girl group, recalling the adoration and support the group has received since their debut single “Black Mamba”. With their unique brand of energizing music and genre embedded in the futuristic concept of AI, there is no description that better fits aespa – aka KARINA, GISELLE, WINTER and NINGNING – redefining what global audiences can. expect not only from K-pop, but music in general.

Having gained fame not only for their catchy music, but for the intriguing symbiosis of conceptual avatars of limb and human existence, the group has garnered worldwide interest for their ability to transport themselves and their listeners. into a multidimensional realm of musical and visual brilliance, and aim to further establish themselves with their new music.

Their recent single ‘Next Level’, a remake of the film’s soundtrack Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw infused aespa signature style of powerful vocals, dynamic instrumentation and intelligent storytelling in a soundscape built mostly on the love they have for their fans.

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It is most likely this emphasis on creating uplifting music for all who listen that allows the quartet to come together into a cohesive musical unit, although their individual musical tastes and the artists on the bucket list vary in preference. from KARINA for Madison Beer and WINTER’s love for Ed Sheeran Harry Styles to GISELLE and NINGNING’s hopes to collaborate with Doja Cat, thus making the aespa musical range worthy of admiration.

Reflecting on the evolution of their sound, member GISELLE says, “From ‘Black Mamba’ to ‘Next Level’ we have continued to keep our signature sound, but the new single emphasizes the bass sound and the bass slips a little more.

On the musical process behind ‘Next Level’, KARINA adds: “The biggest difference is that ‘Next Level’ includes variations of musical arrangements. The lyrics also tell a story of our own worldview, which is another important part that is different.

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With a universal message that seeks to imbue listeners with positive energy, aespa’s musicality is a circle of trust and love that the band and its ever-growing fandom give to each other, abundantly and freely.

Speaking about how their fans help them stay motivated and creative, WINTER says, “They are our biggest motivation. We get so much love from MY every day which makes us work harder to perform better every time, ”adding that in return, she hopes“ our fans can feel our love and receive positive energy through our music and our content ”.

Delving deeper into what they hope fans take away from their powerful girl power anthems, KARINA adds, “Our music isn’t just limited to one specific genre because we like to try out different genres and also mix and match different sounds. Whatever your musical preferences, we hope everyone will enjoy our music and find something to suit their tastes. Our style of music may differ, but we give everything we can in every song. “

Teamwork, passion and energy are the trio upon which this versatile four piece is built as they work their way to groundbreaking success. aespa is the point of musicality where classic girl power meets modern technology for an explosion of talent, and if you don’t know them, GISELLE gives the band’s most succinct and punchy introduction to the “iconic, energetic and humorous” group. “.

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Words: Malvika Padin // @ Malvika_Padin26

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