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K-pop group AB6IX is proving their artistic talents and ability to compose with their new single, “Close”. The first release of the boy band’s fourth EP, Mo ‘Complete: Have a dream, “Close” pays homage to classic dance pieces from the 90s, with nods to house, techno and even a little new jack swing.

The song begins with a dreamy and relaxed vibe, showcasing the band’s vocals and harmonies on the opening chorus, before the first verse kicks in and takes the intensity up a notch, with Woong, Daehwi and Woojin exchanging lines sung in rap. on a syncopated and rowdy throbbing of the toes. It all turns into a triumphant chorus when the beat finally falls back, launching into a thick, bass-rich groove that you can’t help but skip over. Sassy vocals and polished production wouldn’t sound out of place in an Ibiza club, though they’re also made for soju-fueled karaoke nights in Seoul.

“I’ll take care of you one by one, just close your eyes,” they sing in the chorus, reassuring a loved one that they will always be by their side. The song’s Korean lyrics loosely translate to sticking together through the unknown, with love guiding you through the darkness. Written while in quarantine in Korea, the song sends a message of “hopes and dreams” to help fans “overcome the current pandemic situation”: “Have no fear so you can feel me eyes closed / close your eyes. ”

The K-pop signature of mixing hard and soft elements, and mixing genres, is on full display on “Close,” which was produced by successful duo Coach and Sendo, known for working with K- artists. pop, including NCT 127, Super Junior, solo star Chung Ha and others. AB6IX’s Daehwi is also a main producer of the track (and the EP), while Woojin wrote most of his rap lyrics. This is another step forward for the band, who take a more active role behind the scenes of their music.

AB6IX debuted in 2019 and quickly rose through the ranks of K-pop thanks to her versatility, confident voice, and surprising emotional maturity for her age (Daehwi, the Maknae or “baby” of the group, who just turned 20 in January). While they haven’t yet entered the North American market in the same way that other K-pop groups have, they are not complete strangers. They appeared on Lizzo’s Korean remix “Truth hurts“In 2019 and were featured more recently on a remix of”Fallin ‘(Adrenaline)“From Why Don’t We. This week again, AB6IX even made an appearance on the new TBS series. Chad, after Nasim Pedrad’s main character reveals his obsession with K-pop.

The guys are hoping that their new single can continue to give them international momentum. “We want the audience to feel that AB6IX is finally about to show something, like ‘They’re the next big thing’,” Woojin says. Rolling stone. “And to make that happen, we will be working extremely hard in a variety of ways, so that we can communicate more closely with a larger audience.”

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