9 Sweet K-Pop Tracks To Relax In The Summer

Summer is usually synonymous with days at the beach, vacation trips, and letting go of the stress that weighs on our shoulders throughout the year. And all these summer components have one thing in common: relaxation. Sure, a day at the spa can help you relax just as well, but the right music can do it evenly, if not better, and for free!

From the many soulful voices in the K-pop scene, here are nine sweet tracks to wind down during the summer. Enjoy!

1. Jay Park – “Yacht”

Whether you’re on a cruise or dreaming of making one, this sultry yet delicate song by Jay Park serves as the perfect background music for both scenarios. Put on your headphones, close your eyes and enjoy the soothing experience!

2. ENHYPEN – “Fever”

Although the concept doesn’t necessarily reflect summer, the melody is so haunting and fits the theme perfectly. ENHYPEN sings of the fever that isn’t induced by the sun, but let’s just say it’s vibrating on this track amid the oscillating heat wave.

3. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa – “LMM”

Have you ever heard of the summer blues? Either way, I hope you never experience it and make the most of your sunny season. But just in case that happens, Hwasa has the perfect soulful song to wash away that seasonal sadness while reflecting on herself, which she navigates explicitly in her lyrics.


4. GOT7’s BamBam – “Slow Mo”

Have you ever had that feeling that everything suddenly becomes inactive? This dreamy version of BamBam sends listeners on a thoughtful journey with the lyrics beautifully telling how a fatal encounter can dazzle a person. This ballad can easily be a summer anthem!

5. ACE with Gray – “Down”

This cute song carries a confession of love sung in English by ACE Better yet, it can be shared with a crush and perhaps start a precious love story born this summer and carried out all year and every year – Fingers crossed!

6. EVERGLOW – “Moon”

EVERGLOW captures the beauty of the moon in this enchanting song where they draw a metaphor of their mysterious beau by comparing it to the lunar satellite. The lyrics reflect how summer nights usually come with clear skies that reveal the moon in all its phases throughout the season.

7. BTS – “For the Young”

Summer is not only about what we do, but also about the people we meet. Many relationships are established during this period, especially when one is young. Just as BTS pays homage to their ARMY fandom, this song may also reflect newly formed friendships during the hot season.

8. SEVENTEEN – “Home”

Home is wherever comfort is found. It can be another city, another country or a person. In summer, this comfort is sought in places or activities that are less familiar, but just as soothing. Maybe you could find yours in this moving track.

9. BLACKPINK – “Stay”

Just like BLACKPINK begs a loved one to stay, everyone hopes summer lasts a little longer, if not forever. Fortunately, three months is a good amount of time to make the most of your summer and say goodbye as it should.

Which sweet piece of K-pop is your summer vibe? Let us know in the comments below!

Esme L. is a Moroccan Hallyu dreamer, writer and enthusiast.

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