7 K-pop idols who are also successful entrepreneurs

Besides wowing the world with their talent and growing popularity, Korean musicians have become the face of several sponsorship deals and creative collaborations.

Plus, some of them have gone the extra mile and invested in lucrative businesses to get the best returns. These include investing in real estate and start-ups as well as launching their own brands to become entrepreneurs.

That said, juggling tasks and branching out to start a business is no easy feat, especially when their plate is filled with countless hours of training, live performances, and interviews. Plus, the struggles of pop stars in the entertainment industry to maintain a certain lifestyle, which includes grueling gym routines, restrictive diets, and more, are well known.

But these K-pop stars make it look effortless and work harder every day and don’t hesitate to pursue their passion other than music.

From venturing into the fashion industry with their line of clothing and accessories to setting up restaurants, cafes and record labels, they have hit the mark with their business acumen. Creativity and the pursuit of excellence not only makes them inspiring personalities, but also pioneers them no matter what they venture into.

Some of these idols have teamed up with their colleagues or family members to start new businesses, but their contribution is still a critical part of catapulting businesses to success. Additionally, with more and more K-pop icons dedicating their time to building businesses, their fan base has only grown, as has their wealth and the number of properties and vehicles they own. luxury they own.

From BTS’s Jin and rapper BM to multifaceted Jessica Jung and Jackson Wang, read on to find out which K-pop idol is making a niche in the business world, inspiring many to follow their passion (s). .

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Here are some of the K-pop idols who are entrepreneurs too:

The multi-trait icon founded Blanc & Eclare – a fashion brand producing eyewear, denim, clothing, skin care and accessories – in 2014.

According to a Cosmopolitan reports: “The brand has opened sixty stores in different locations around the world, such as Vancouver, Tokyo, Shanghai, Taiwan, Bangkok, Beijing, New York and Seoul. The former Girls’ Generation member is also the brand’s artistic director.

Jung spent most of his adulthood in the limelight and worked with renowned designers and brands. This deeply influenced her and she decided to join the fashion industry with her brand.

Taking a step ahead, Jessica Jung also inaugurated her restaurant called Clareau in February 2021. Located in Seoul’s Cheongdam district, on the second floor of the Blanc & Eclare flagship store, Clareau presents an astonishing decor. Its open kitchen serves contemporary Western dishes, all endorsed by Jung.

Jessica jung

Big Matthew or BM

The rapper, songwriter, songwriter, record producer and KARD BM member created his streetwear fashion brand Staydium in 2019. The brand promotes positivity, motivation and dedication.

BM founded Staydium “with a vision and intention to provide style and comfort in environments ranging from a dance studio for budding artists to a gym for athletes”.

According to a Koreaboo report: “The meaning behind the brand name is Stay, in the hopes that KARD fans will stay by their side and at the stadium, so they can fill up and perform in the stadiums.” BM runs the brand with his parents.

Big Matthew or BM

Jackson Wang

GOT7’s multi-faceted rapper Jackson Wang founded his luxury streetwear brand Team Wang Design with Henry Cheung in 2020. With his “Know Yourself, Make Your Own Story,” the brand is focusing on l minimalist essential. Each piece has an eyelet behind it, which symbolizes connection, cohesion and self-reflection in all directions.

The K-pop idol has also made its presence felt in the lifestyle industry with its line of limited-edition luxury beverage cabinets. Named “The Cart,” it included personalized glassware – six red wine glasses, three champagne glasses, nine beer glasses and a bottle opener – as well as the beverage cabinet.

Wang founded the Team Wang label in 2017. In 2021, Team Wang announced its partnership with Ryce Entertainment and now takes care of production, distribution, editing and artist management.

Jackson Wang


The JYJ singer is one of the richest K-pop stars with an estimated net worth of around $ 100 million, according to South China Morning Post’s (SCMP) October 2021 report. Besides his career in the entertainment industry, he also owns the Kii cosmetics brand and a few cafes, bars and restaurants.

According to a SCMP report: “It has a number of cafes, bars and restaurants: Café J-Holic and Coffee Cojjee in Samsung-dong and Holic J-bar and Japanese restaurant Bum’s Story in Gangnam. Outside of Korea, he owns the Kave Mall in Shibuya, Tokyo and rents the third and fourth floors for $ 40,000.

However, the Kave Shopping Center, where he owned his many cafe and lounge businesses, has closed.



The South Korean artist launched her fashion brand Peaceminusone with her stylist Gee Eun in 2016. What started out as an online store quickly spawned pop-up stores in Seoul, Miami, Osaka, London and Hong Kong.

Peaceminusone also claims amazing collaborations with Ambush and Nike. The fashion brand teamed up with Nike in 2019 to create Air Force 1 sneakers called Para-noise.

According to a JoongAng Daily report, even though a pair’s retail price was around $ 200, they were resold for around $ 10,950. Such was the popularity of Para-noise.



Jin, a member of BTS, is also one of the K-pop idols who have their own business. Besides being a member of one of the most beloved groups, Jin also owns a Japanese restaurant, Ossu Seiromushi. He and his brother, Kim Seok-joong, joined forces to open the restaurant in 2018. Jin is the manager of the Japanese joint, while his brother runs and owns it.

According to the restaurant’s Instagram page, it offers customers “traditional Japanese cuisine served in wooden steamers, seiro-mushi style.” The quaint restaurant is located near Seokchon Lake in Seoul. The menu offers a delicious range of Japanese-style dishes prepared in a bamboo steamer, called seiro mushi in Japanese.


Jay Park

One of the most versatile K-pop idols, Jay Park is the proud owner of independent hip-hop labels, AOMG and H1ghr Music. In a 2021 interview with GQ, he had revealed that his brand of soju – a Korean alcoholic drink usually made from rice or sweet potatoes – Won Soju, would soon be launched.

Jay Park

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