7 Breathtaking K-Pop Songs With “Beautiful” In The Title

K-pop finds a way to speak to the souls of listeners. From self-empowerment to romantic love, bands like NCT, MONSTA X and SHINee move their audiences with simple songs. The jaw-dropping singles below have the word “beautiful” in the title, and the meaning transcends our perception of the word.

Here are seven jaw-dropping songs that fans will always cherish.

1. NCT 2021 – “Magnificent”

Each member of NCT finds their unique voice and encourages listeners in this uplifting ballad. NCT 2021 dances and sings in the hearts of fans. In “Beautiful,” members Johnny, Jaehyun, and Ten show off their fascinating English, singing, and dancing skills, respectively. This NCT 2021 track is worth repeating.

2. MONSTA X – “Gorgeous”

Hip-hop takes center stage in this song, which has a similar vibe to BTS’ “Boy In Luv.” MONSTA X’s confession of love is powerful with the full rapping verses and flowing chorus. And the musical notes of the song flow freely alongside their refined choreography!

3. DAY 6 – “You were beautiful”

This soft rock variation is sweet music to all ears. Members Sungjin, Young K, Wonpil, Dowoon, and Jae effortlessly play their instruments while humming along to a past love. Their beautiful vocals and message in “You Were Beautiful” are both haunting and romantic.

4. EXO – “Gorgeous”

Fall in love with EXO again for their sweet sounds and lyrics in “Beautiful.” This one is like the warmest K-pop hug on a cold day, because it’s full of praise for a lover. Enjoy their soothing voices while you read, study or host your own private music party.

5. SHINee – “Gorgeous”

Shortly after “Replay (Noona You Are So Pretty)”, SHINee decided to keep rocking midday‘ hearts with this catchy dance track. SHINee always knows how to give fans the ultimate compliment while warming hearts with their charming choreography. How not to fall in love with this song in a ball that has become pop from the first listen?

6. Favorite – “Magnificent”

This vanished ballad transports listeners back in time. The hit series “Goblin” featured this romantic song in the soundtrack, and it’s the perfect backing track for a slow dance. Crush’s vocal skills on this song prove he’s the king of ballads.

Check out “Goblin” below:

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7. SEVENTEEN – “Beautiful

This adorable pop track with EDM accents is an excellent club song. SEVENTEEN’s live performance alone will put a smile on your face and make you want to share the happiness with your friends and family. Impossible to miss the endearing choreography, and maybe it will make you want to try it yourself!

Which track “Beautiful” is your favorite song when you want to lighten the mood? Is there a particular K-pop singer or group that you prefer when it comes to ballads? Let us know in the comments!

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