5 Interesting Facts About Jackson Wang You Probably Didn’t Know

Lollapalooza India’s lineup was announced on November 3, and K-pop fans were thrilled when they learned that Jackson Wang would be one of the artists performing in Mumbai.

Jackson Wang is a singer-songwriter, rapper, producer, and entrepreneur who got his start as part of the group GOT7. He is currently releasing music both as a soloist and as a member of GOT7. He recently released his second studio album as a soloist, titled MAGIC MANwhich received positive reviews from critics.

Many fans might not know that the K-pop idol has always wanted to come to India and has spoken about his desire to perform for Indian Aghases on numerous occasions.

During a V LIVE broadcast, he even acknowledged Indian fans and mentioned his wish to visit the country with GOT7. Although his first visit to India may not be with the band, it is heartening to learn that his desire to perform for Indian fans was so high that he is coming as a soloist in Lollapalooza India.

Let’s take a look at some other facts about Jackson Wang that fans and non-fans alike would be interested in knowing.

Fendi Ambassador and 4 Other Jackson Wang Facts That Might Surprise You

1) Junior Olympic fencer

Prior to moving to South Korea, Jackson was a Junior Olympic fencer preparing to establish his athletic career. He started fencing at the age of 10 and was coached by his father, who is also a gold medalist in the sport.

Jackson became a junior Olympic-level player at the age of 16 and was even offered an athletic scholarship by Stanford University, which he turned down to move to South Korea and pursue his interest in sports. music.

2) Team Wang

Jackson Wang founded his own label in 2017 called Team Wang. It is an international label based in China and the label handles all of its work outside of South Korea. Under the label, he released two albums and various other singles, including his hit song Butterfly.

In 2020, the label also branched out to form a fashion brand called Team Wang Design which sells some of its own designs.

3) Fendi Brand Ambassador

Jackson Wang has been the Chinese brand ambassador for luxury fashion brand Fendi since 2019. His collaboration with the brand goes beyond being an ambassador. Fendi, in collaboration with Jackson’s Team Wang, released a capsule collection containing creations made by the K-pop artist himself.

In 2021, he was even named spokesperson for the Fendi men’s collection for Greater China for the Roman luxury house.

4) Master of languages

This whole clip was absolutely awesome! First a wang team office in sk he has a different meeting and one for the company building design which looks amazing and meets for twd he speaks 3 different languages ​​in a Jackson Wang omg 👏 https://t.co/X3CaCgLTpC

Jackson is a polyglot. The singer is fluent in Cantonese, which is his mother tongue, as well as Mandarin. He also learned Korean during his internship in South Korea.

Apart from these three languages, the idol can also speak fluent English and some French as well as Japanese.


Jackson Wang has a thriving career not only in South Korea but also in China. Although he is world famous as a soloist, many do not know that GOT7 is not the only group he is part of.

Jackson is the creator and member of a hip-hop group called PANTHEPACK, which includes three other members, namely singer-songwriter Karencici, rapper-producer J.Sheon, and rapper ICE. The group is also represented by the label Team Wang.

The release of Lollapalooza India line-up has ignited the Indian K-pop community. Lollapalooza takes place in India on January 28-29, 2023, at Mahalakshmi Racecourse in Mumbai.

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