3 reasons to look forward to the next return of MONSTA X

To answer, there are countless reasons why every MONBEBE should look forward to MONSTA Xs. One of a kind back, but here’s a list of three!

MONSTA X prepares to take over the world with their towering songs on their ninth mini album One of a kind soon. The album arrives seven months after the revelation of the Daesang third full album of the winners FATAL LOVE. Their last project had obviously left listeners surprised by the diversity of musical spectra.

It is therefore. safe to say that expectations are undeniably high for what will come with their next release. Here’s what to expect for the powerful group’s “ one-of-a-kind ” comeback:

Make way for these musical maestros

The sextet has so far shown its musical abilities on its dynamic discography. It’s no surprise that the boy group will do the same on their next comeback. MONSTA X had impressed not only with the reveal of their tantalizing tracklist for the new album, but also with the announcement of the backstage participation of the band members.

In particular, rapper Joohoney will reiterate why he is the ultimate player. This is the first time since his debut with MONSTA X that he has produced a main track for their album. The track called “GAMBLER” attracts a lot of attention. The song will apparently capture MONSTA X’s innate confidence and energy.


To further accelerate the enthusiasm of the fans, members Hyungwon and IM also participated in the production of some tracks. The dazzling DJ-singer will showcase his creative genius on tracks titled “Secret” and “BEBE”. The multi-talented MI, who has been credited on almost every track on the release, will be spellbinding with his track named “Rotate”.

Channel a new strong color

To elaborate, the new mini-album was created under the name One of a kind, specifically to emphasize the unique sounds and color of the MONSTA X team in the fierce K-pop scene. It is undeniable that the group personifies the term multi-talented in the truest sense of the word. MONSTA X impressed not only with its remarkable musical growth, but also with its superlative graphics.

MONSTA X takes MONBEBE's breath away in group concept photos for 9th mini album

Concept photos that were released sequentially highlight the same thing – MONSTA X not only reveals a simple but striking style, but is also breathtaking with their contrasting dark mafia look.

Performance A ++++++

MONSTA X has been dubbed as the performing arts unraveled their growth as performance idols, and with good reason. The group won its first Daesang for “Stage of the Year” at AAA 2020. They have been recognized for their unparalleled performance. So, expectations for the same are also on the rise this time around. The group aims to reveal high quality performances for their track “GAMBLER”.

The choreography will reflect the theme of the song. Fans will be able to see MONSTA X perform a heist as glamorous players. The members are indeed preparing to capture the hearts of those who see the astonishing scene.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X will release their ninth mini album One of a kind June 1 at 6 p.m. KST.

PR | Image credits to: Spaceship entertainment

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