20 Best Nintendo DS Games of All Time

As is the case with the course of the franchise, combat in this game focuses on timing and is generally more action-oriented than the typical RPG. Even better, the script comes across as one of the funniest (and arguably the best) from a series known for its excellent writing. The whole of the mario and louis the games are fantastic, but Bowser’s Inside Story still stands out as the pinnacle of the series for its outstanding gameplay and downright fun weirdness.

4. Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

The Nintendo DS was home to some of the best entries in the Pokemon franchise, but as awesome as Generations Four and Five are, it’s hard to beat these fantastic remakes of the second-generation games. It’s just hard to beat the quality of life improvements they offer (from the massive graphical overhaul to just having your Pokemon follow you around the overworld).

But what HeartGold/SoulSilver will be remembered for his massive quest. This epic campaign not only features the Johto region, but the entire Kanto region from the very first games. At the end of it all, the game features 16 gym leaders to beat. Even though the series continues to evolve, adding more features and Pokemon, many would say this is still the best game in the series, or at the very least, the perfect starting point.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown War

3. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Nintendo has always had a reputation for being a family business, and its handhelds in particular have historically housed libraries largely designed to appeal to all ages. However, Chinatown Wars is proof that mature games could also thrive on DS if developers had the resources to create them. At its core, it’s a classic open world GTA the experience of borrowing many of the best bits from its predecessors.

But there are also plenty of great DS-centric features in this gem. If you want to steal a car, you’ll need to use the touchscreen to start it with a screwdriver or by hot-plugging it. It was also the first (and so far the only) GTA game to present a full-fledged drug dealing mini-game to earn extra money. It was just a fantastic realization of that kind of GTA the experience that the DS could offer.

New Super Mario Bros.

2. New Super Mario Bros.

As loved as Super Mario Bros.. games are, it’s hard to believe that before the release of New Super Mario Bros. in 2006, it had been over a decade since Nintendo had released a 2D entry in the iconic series. Luckily, Mario didn’t lose any of his magic during the break. In some ways, New Super Mario Bros. actually feels superior to the original NES and SNES titles.

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