11 K-Pop Songs Without Rap Sections That Are Still True Bangers

One of the defining characteristics of K-pop is its innovative blend of rap and vocals, but that doesn’t mean that K-pop songs without the rap sections aren’t that amazing. Whether it’s a ballad style track or a modern pop vibe, these non-rap tracks reign supreme. Without further ado (and in no particular order), let’s hear it!

1. Rosé – “On the ground”

BLACKPINK’s Rosé rocked the K-pop world with her solo debut earlier this year, and her unique vocal tone really shone through her title track “On The Ground”. It’s laid back and cool at the same time without needing a rap section. She’s the lead singer of BLACKPINK for a reason!

2. ENHYPEN – “Given-Taken”

ENHYPEN, the product of the survival show “I-LAND” landed a major hit song with its first title song “Given-Taken” – and they’ve only grown in popularity ever since! Perhaps most noticeable is the soft voice, proving that even the group’s rappers don’t need a dedicated rap break to make an impact.

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3. aespa – “Black Mamba”

Another flagship debut, aespa’s “Black Mamba”, broke records from the start. While lead rapper Giselle showed impressive rap skills in her pre-debut teaser, this song proves that she has a surprisingly steady voice as well. No need for a rap with such a catchy melody!

4. DAY 6 – “Shoot me”

If you’re not a big fan of the rap sections in general but still want the K-pop feel, then DAY6 is the band for you. Most of their songs are rap free, but they’re still total bops. This 2018 song has become an instant classic, and there’s nothing quite like rocking to “Shoot Me” to take all your troubles away.

5. Irene & Seulgi – “Monster”

There’s no denying that this song is a total banger, and there’s something about the unpredictable melody that barely sits between rap and vocals that is undeniably addicting. Irene might be Red Velvet’s lead rapper, but that doesn’t mean she needs a rap to show off her talents!

6. TXT – “Our summer”

If you’ve never heard this song, you’re seriously missing something. TXT’s refreshing voice is like a glass of water on a hot day, and the serene melody is the kind of thing you can listen to over and over and over and over again. Pop, ballads, rock – they can do it all, so whether you love the rap sections or hate them, TXT has something for you!

7. Sunmi – “Gashina”

There are hardly any K-pop fans who haven’t heard this song, and for good reason. It skyrocketed to instant popularity when released in 2017, no rap required. Queen soloist Sunmi is known for her catchy beats and powerful voice, so keep an eye out for her music!

8. SEVENTEEN – “I don’t want to cry”

SEVENTEEN fan or not, pretty much every K-pop fan has heard (and loved) this one. It’s arguably one of the band’s most successful title tracks, and it didn’t even take a rap break to make it happen! The quality of the vocals in this song is amazing, which is part of the reason for its universal popularity.

9. Apink – “Dumhdurum”

The high and light vocals are what really makes this track special, so it’s kind of obvious that there’s no rap to see. Either way, it’s so eye-catching that it feels complete without one. The ladies of Apink really brought their A-game with this track, so if you’ve never heard it, then you’re missing out!

10. BTS feat. Steve Aoki – “The Untold Truth”

It may come as a surprise that Steve Aoki is the mastermind behind this track, given that he is best known as a DJ and producer of electronic dance music. “The Truth Untold,” produced for BTS’s vocal line, is as gorgeous as the ballads come – and they wear it beautifully.

11. TWICE – “Heart Shaker”

This one strength be considered cheating, but it’s worth mentioning how much rappers Dahyun and Chaeyoung contributed to the song without a dedicated rap break. The band as a whole brought that classic TWICE sparkle, but the rappers made this one special with their adorable ad-libs and sidelines.

Can you think of any other songs that deserve to be on this list? Tell us in the comments!

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