10 original and hilarious anime abilities

Anime has developed many weird and original abilities for its characters over the years. Whether it’s shonen fighting characters showing authentic (albeit impractical) personality on the battlefield or sporting characters just using weird moves to win at basketball, the anime has even made life part of it. comical in its already sprawling influence across various genres.

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It’s not as if “fun powers” are an idea Hollywood or Western comics have never tried to use before, but the anime’s special brand of cultural expression and creativity has created some. weirdest, most complicated and hilarious abilities ever.

ten Plant magic (Fairy Tail)

Gray gets attacked by Carrot missiles

Fairy tale is a fantastic anime that is no stranger to mixing personality with its magic. Natsu Dragneel has the ability to kill dragons from super motion sickness, Gray has shirtless ice magic, and Erza Scarlet is really good at changing her clothes really fast. And while many characters have had strange powers before, it’s relatively easy to see how things like crying or summoning a grandfather clock can have applications on the battlefield.

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However, this series really stretched when she tried to use vegetable magic (or, to be more precise, the ability to launch carrot missiles) as a viable piece of magic. However, it should be noted that the summoned vegetables also do not taste very good.

9 Change your opponent into a lover of glasses (Ueki’s law)

Ai Mori of Ueki's Law

Ueki’s law plays host to many weird and impractical abilities, such as the ability to turn trash into trees or towels into iron. It’s even more interesting considering that all of these weird powers should just come in handy in a big tournament to determine the god of this world.

However, among all the weird abilities inside Ueki’s lawof the tournament, the most hilarious has to be Ai Mori’s power to “turn his opponent into a lover of glasses”. It is exactly as advertised. By forcing her opponent to lift her leg and put both fists on her chin, i.e. the cute pose from the anime, she is able to make them fall in love with the glasses. In turn, she is able to intimidate them by threatening to break hers.

8 Hypnosis Mic (Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle – Rhyme Anima)

Hypnosis Mic Division Rap Battle

The Japanese media industry has arguably been fueled by three things: handsome guys, J-Pop, and fight anime. Micro hypnosis: Division Rap Battle – Rhyme Anima dared to mix these three things together in a crazy science experiment that turned out horribly well.

The result is an animated series dedicated to a group of guys who engage in rap battles; and for some reason they have overkill microphones that allow them to control people’s minds. However, instead of using this to influence people with traditional mind control, it usually manifests itself in giant, illusory explosions, music video graphics used as projectiles, and legitimately injured people on a diss track.

7 Kanchome’s transformation spells (Zatch Bell!)

Kanchome and Parc Folgore

Offset transformations are nothing new in the graphic novel industry, especially anime. Long ago, Pokémon immersed themselves in ineffective shape-shifting humor with their Ditto episode. However, the “best” of them should easily go to Zatch Bell!Kanchome and Parco Folgore’s dream team.

In a grand magical battle to determine King Mamodo, Kanchome’s inescapable ability is to transform into virtually anything. The downside is that he doesn’t have any of those abilities, like being able to shoot like a cannon, and whatever he inexplicably transforms still looks like him.

6 Dying Will Mode (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn Reborn

Katekyo Hitman is reborn! is a gag manga series that, in an effort to save its production, morphed into a heartfelt shonen anime. However, before the story pivoted, she exhibited one of the most hilarious powers ever seen over a Shonen protagonist.

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In an effort to teach the heir to his Mafia family, Tsuna, strength and self-confidence, Reborn, a baby contract killer, is able to shoot him with “Dying Will Bullets,” which kill Tsuna but instantly resurrect him as that overly energetic. , confident and shirtless hero. There are better ways to talk to girls and fight bullies, but the Mafia world is cruel and they won’t wait for people to pick up their clothes.

5 Noise hairs (Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo)


Bobobo Bo Bobobo seems like a feverish dream that everyone collectively had when they grew up watching anime on Cartoon Network. In one of the most ridiculous anime storylines ever, a group of misfits have traveled to save the sanctity of All Hair.

At the head of this charge is the titular Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo who fights a long line of bald warriors with his own magical noise hairs. These nose hairs can whip people, trap them, or even summon a mighty King of Loud Hairs. This is one of the most outrageous anime abilities around, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg for the sake of this anime.

4 Giraffe / Pasta Maker (One Piece)

Giraffe Kaku

A piece is one of the most colorful and imaginative shonen series. He’s already home to a variety of weird characters and powers, such as nipple lights or being able to process ramen in his stomach; so at a glance, just being able to transform into a giraffe doesn’t seem like the top of the hilarious charts. However, the fun is not in what power is but how it is used.

During the Enies Lobby Arc, Roronoa Zoro had to fight the super-spy, Kaku, who used his ability to transform into a giraffe to contract his long neck and limbs, either to increase his defenses or to shoot them. like spring-loaded projectiles. All in one, here’s a giraffe, a Jack-in-the-Box killer, and a secret agent creating one of the most action-packed fights in the series.

3 Sexy Jutsu (Naruto)

Naruto using Sexy Jutsu

Naruto is all about the ninjas using deception to get close to their opponents to deliver a killing blow, at least in the beginning. Towards the end of the series, it’s more about giant lasers and monster battles, but that’s a criticism for another story. In terms of hilarious abilities, nothing is funnier in this series than one of its biggest racing gags, Naruto’s Sexy Jutsu.

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This is basically just Transformation Jutsu, but meant to make his opponent confused by fan service. It’s the creation of a juvenile stage in Naruto’s life that kind of found a role in the Endgame.

2 Explosion Magic (KonoSuba)

Megumin using the explosion

Surface explosion magic is no fun power. In the grand scheme of battle, this is one of the most useful abilities to have. however, KonoSuba is not exactly known to have “useful” characters despite its video game setting. Fighting alongside Kazuma’s team of a headshot goddess and a knight who loves to hurt himself, there is Megumin, a mage who only masters one spell, Blast.

The explosion is great for defeating large groups of enemies and even large single threats, however, its reach usually bites its own team and even the surrounding community. On top of that, it also drains so much Megumin power that she isn’t able to move after using her one-time use per mission, which means she needs everyone to save her afterward. .

1 Mecha glasses (Gintama)

Sarutobi tries on glasses

As one of the most famous comic manga / anime, it makes sense that Gintama hosts a litany of fun abilities. One of the show’s most hysterical powers comes after Gin accidentally breaks Sarutobi’s glasses. Sarutobi Ayame is known for two things: chasing Gin and having drinks.

After losing one of her key character traits, she struggles to wear her old glasses again after Gin buys her a cheap, non-working pair. This is even after Gin had his originals fixed by the show’s mad scientist, Gengai. However, Sarutobi quickly changes her mind after her friends got into trouble, forcing her to show the true power of the scopes that apparently fire missiles and lasers. As usual, Gengai did a little more than fix his glasses.

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