10 of the best Dragon Ball Z lyrics in hip-hop: from Dave to Frank Ocean

June 14, 2021, 9:50 PM

The influence of Dragon Ball Z on hip-hop.

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Dragon Ball Z has had an undeniable influence on screen, but how did that greatness translate into the world of Hip-Hop?

The hit anime “Dragon Ball Z” premiered in the United States in the late 90s on Toonami and Cartoon Network and has become a cult classic. The love for the series has evolved beyond the screen and into the world of hip-hop.

Here are some of the greatest Hip-Hop songs that referenced the classic show.

  1. AJ Tracey – Spirit Bomb

    “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to test the Spirit BombThe songs introduction features a preview from Season 1, Episode 21 – “Counting Down”, where Goku learns to use the most powerful attack – the “Spirit Bomb”.

    “Spirit Bomb (let’s go)” The hook then returns to the attack.

    “Spirit Bomb” is a move used by Goku, the main character of Dragon Ball Z, which allows him to borrow energy from everything from grass and trees, people and animals to inanimate objects and the atmosphere.

    AJ Tracey is famous for his anime references in his rap and while this is one of his most famous, it’s not just Tracey’s DBZ reference. The rapper also references songs like ‘Final Flash’ and ‘Blacked out’ and he even has a Majin Buu tattoo.

    The rapper has a Majin Buu tattoo

    The rapper has a Majin Buu tattoo.

    Photo: Instagram: @ajtrcy

  2. Dave – Bl @ ckbox Cypher

    “I made ham like Goku’s son” – Dave refers to the strength of Goku’s son saying he used to “make ham”. The 23-year-old rapper also uses a pun, as Goku’s son is called Gohan.

    Dave once discussed his love for the anime in an interview with VICE.

    He told readers, “I’ve always loved Dragonball Z and Neruto… my older brother draws so he always drew Dragonball Z characters so I went from there.”

    He explained his love by saying, “The characters can look whatever they want, there are no constraints with CGIs or storylines. You can create anything, a whole world.”

    The 23-year-old rapper says he has

    The 23-year-old rapper says he “always loved Dragonball Z and Naruto”.


  3. Nine – I can’t blame myself

    “Crop green with orange hair looks like android 16” – Here, Nines is referring to Goku’s enemy, Android 16. Nines compares cannabis to the character, who has a green suit and red hair.

    Nines also uses a DBZ metaphor in his 2014 song “lick shots” where he references the famous pink color of the character Majin Buu.

  4. Giggs ft. JME – Man Don’t Care

    “The man is like Buu, I’m back with this Majin” – Here, Giggs refers to antagonist Majin Buu to explain that he’s better than other rappers at playing on the words “Majin” and “Margin”.

    Giggs also has a DBZ reference in his own song ‘Goin in’ ft Dubz where he says “make his head light up like a super sayain”.

    Giggs has a DBZ reference in his own song 'Goin in'.

    Giggs has a DBZ reference in his own song ‘Goin in’.


  5. Denzel Curry – Ultimate

    Denzel makes two DBZ references in this song:

    “Let him take the Senzu bean to regenerate” – Here the rapper is referring to a special bean that the characters in the show eat when injured to regain their health.

    “These niggas ain’t no homies. Claim your homie, I’m turning into Broly” – Here Denzel threatens that if his friends are really with him, he will turn into a DBZ Broly warrior. These lyrics could also refer to the fact that in the movie “Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan”, Broly attacks a group of visitors who thought they were his friends.

    Denzel Curry makes two DBZ references in his song 'Ultimate'

    Denzel Curry makes two DBZ references in his song ‘Ultimate’.


  6. Chance the Rapper – Blessings

    “Die laughing with Krillin saying something about blond hair” – Chance raps about a metaphorical conversation with Krillin, one of the main characters in DBZ.

    In the series, Goku reaches a new level of power called Super Saiyan after witnessing Krillin’s death. The transformation into “Super Saiyan” also saw the characters’ hair change from black to blonde.

    The reference to blonde hair could also refer to Krillin’s wife, Android 18 – who also has blonde hair.

    The use of the word “say” could also be a pun on “Saiyan”.

    Chance refers to the character of DBZ Krillin

    Chance refers to the character of DBZ Krillin.


  7. Frank Ocean ft. Andre 3000 – Material Pink

    “Cotton candy, Majin Buu” – Here Frank compares the color of cotton candy to the pink character of Majin Buu.

    This is a smart comparison as one of Majin Buu’s best known powers was to turn characters into candy / candy and eat them to gain strength.

    Frank refers to 'Majin Buu' series antagonist

    Frank refers to the antagonist of the series ‘Majin Buu’.


  8. Jay Rock ft. Kendrick Lamar – Hood Gone Love It

    “Whip like a fireball, call it Goku” – Here Jay Rock is referring to Goku’s ability to create fireballs for use as a weapon, among his many other powers, such as super strength.

  9. Big Sean – Paradise

    “I hit the cabin and just became a Super Saiyan” – Big Sean says that when he’s in the studio he can do some amazing things by referring to the Super Saiyans’ ability to harness power and do things that cross the line.

    Big Sean compares himself to a Super Saiyan

    Big Sean compares himself to a Super Saiyan.


  10. Joey Bada $$ – Catharsis

    Super Saiyan Everytime Loops Play – The comparison of rappers to Super Saiyans in Hip Hop is common, as all rappers consider themselves to be the best in the game, with the Super Saiyan ability.

    Joey also makes a reference to DBZ in his song “Christ Conscious” where he says “Got dragon balls like my name was Vegeta”.

The show didn’t just inspire lyrics, artists such as J. Cole and Young Jezzy sampled the music from the Dragon Ball series into chunks.

The impact of the Japanese show on HipHop is undeniable.

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