10 obscure but fun anime clubs every fan wants to join

Clubs are a staple of high school anime. Shows such as Haikyuu! and To free! follow sports clubs, while many slice-of-life anime look into more specialized areas of interest, such as the Art Club of Don’t play with me Miss Nagatoro !, the classic literature club of Hyouka, and the cheerleader club of Anima screams!

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Lots of anime feature wacky and shiny clubs that every fan would love to join, like the Fishing Club of Today’s newspaper at the breakwater. There is an endless list of clubs that shows could cover, but the best shows bring out the best in those clubs and show the audience all they have to offer.

ten Earth Sciences Club – Asteroid in Love (2020)

Two members of the Earth Sciences Club in Asteroid In Love look at the sky and smile.

Asteroid in love follows Mira and Ao, two childhood friends who love space and promise to discover an asteroid together. In high school, Mira and Ao merge the underrated astronomy and geology clubs to form the Earth Sciences Club and undertake studies in space and rocks.

The show is surprisingly complete with its depiction of astronomy, geology, and asteroid photography, taking students to an aerospace exploration agency’s space camp later in the series. Each club member has a specific goal in mind and gets things done around the school, such as organizing a stargazing event for the kids.

9 Pottery Club – Let’s Make a Cup too (2020-)

The Pottery Club of Let's Make A Mug Too gathered around a potter's wheel.

After his mother’s death, Himeno moved to town with his family so that they could open a new restaurant, decorated with various unique mugs. Himeno’s mugs catch the attention of his classmate Mika, who introduces him to the Pottery Club, of which Himeno’s mother was a member. Himeno decides to continue his mother’s legacy and make pottery, with various detours and incidents along the way.

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Pottery is a unique skill that is often featured in the media, from Community To Ghost, but not very often in the anime. Let’s also make a cup is a healthy anime with cute characters, a unique concept, and a slow pace that makes the show super easy to watch.

8 SOS Brigade – The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya (2006-2009)

The SOS brigade sat together on a sunset train in The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya.

One of the best KyoAni anime, Haruhi Suzumiya follows the adventures of the SOS Brigade, also known as the Spreading Cheer to Our Student Body Brigade or Spreading Excitation All Over the World with Haruhi Suzumiya Brigade. Although not an official school club, since they do not have a teacher to sponsor them and the student council refuses to recognize them, the group was created by Haruhi to search for aliens, time travelers and espers, in order to have fun with them.

Haruhi unknowingly has world-changing powers that sometimes turn mundane events into life-threatening events. Members of her squad help her stay calm and focused, especially Kyon. Although the club can be dangerous at times, the pleasure of their activities such as making a movie would make anyone join Haruhi in his cause.

7 Host Club – Ouran High School Host Club (2006)

The Host Club at Ouran High School Host Club dressed as waiters smiling for the camera.

Haruhi Fujioka attends the prestigious and incredibly wealthy Ouran Academy, and one day accidentally spills a priceless vase in the club room of the Host Club. To repay the club, Haruhi is forced to work as a host, bonding with fellow hosts and classmates along the way.

The Host Club welcomes young women to their club room and waits for them hand and foot, entertaining them with music, food and drink, and various seasonal events such as tea making. To be in this club, a member must be good-looking and sympathetic among the other students, in order to increase the popularity of the club.

6 School Living Club – School-Live! (2015)

Yuki from School-Live smiling at Taroumaru the dog, he is held up to his face.

One of the best anime about zombies, School-Live! follows four girls who live in school to avoid the zombie apocalypse that surrounds them. Yuki’s method of dealing with the horrors around her is to fall under the illusion that the girls are still in school, attending classes, and hanging out. .

If audiences were suddenly immersed in a zombie apocalypse, the School Living Club would be a great club to join as they prioritize survival over combat unlike other zombie shows like High School of the Dead. The club is also one of the few to have an adorable mascot, the Taroumaru dog, and club members who will fight to keep their friends alive.

5 Happy around you! – First mix D4DJ (2020)

Four girls from Happy Around!  in D4DJ First Mix smiling in a group.

At the Yoba Girls’ Academy, many students participate in DJ-Idol Units, a club that puts on a performance using a mix of dance / singer idols and live DJs. There are so many of these units that there is a monthly contest on the school intercom to showcase the best units and DJ songs of the month. These clubs are dedicated and resilient, putting everything in every song to achieve greatness.

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Happy around you! is a perfect club / idol unit to join if you are interested in songwriting, singing, dancing, costume design, or even video animation as this unit style uses video and audio to create a memorable performance. Their usual musical style is a mix of J-Pop and dubstep, creating light rhythms that the audience can dance to.

4 Summer of the Far East Magical Napping Society – Amour, Chunibyou and other delusions (2012-2014)

Yuta teases Rikka in Love, Chunibyou, & Other Delusions.

A great anime currently streaming on Netflix, Chuniyou follows YÅ«ta, an ex-chunibyou, and Rikka, a current one, as they form the Far East Magical Napping Society Summer Thereof to welcome the delusions of Eighth Grader Syndrome from Rikka and their various friends, like Kumin who wants to start a club nap to sleep at school.

The range of activities this club offers is vast, such as offering to clean the school pool but end up having fun instead. Rikka is a fun character to follow and the club would absolutely never be a boring place to hang out.

3 Film Club – Don’t Touch Eizouken! (2020)

With the three main characters of Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken huddled together, Kanamori smiles.

Eizouken follows the adventures of three students working together to create animated short films. In his description of difficult times, hard work and perseverance in each project, Eizouken proves the animation industry right. Most importantly, the Film Club relies on the teamwork and unique skills of each of its members. It’s a pretty exclusive club since the three members are so close to each other, but a new special skill wouldn’t hurt this group of adorable misfits.

The Film Club faces opposition from their school, such as restrictive student council rules, but the club would be incredible friends to have, especially the terrifying Kanamori who could protect you as long as you pay off your debts.

2 Outdoor Activity Circle – Relaxed Camp (2018-)

Nadeshiko and Rin from Laid Back Camp sitting by a tent and sipping tea.

A super cool anime, Relaxed camp follows Nadeshiko and Rin, as well as the Outdoor Activities Circle, as they participate in camping activities together. The club frequents hot springs and campgrounds, and together they cook simple, hot meals that look delicious, even when they’re busy.

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The anime benefits from a great humor and a beautiful animation, in particular of the landscapes which the club visits. Members of this club would ideally like to be outdoors, be able to set up equipment, like to travel to different places, and be confident enough to go on an adventure on their own or in a group.

1 Bowl Circle Quiz – Fastest Finger First (2017)

A boy from Fastest Finger First reading a quiz booklet.

Satoshi is a bookworm who eats lunch at the library to avoid human contact. After meeting his classmate Mari in the library, he discovers the Quiz Bowl, a quiz contest that Mari takes very seriously. The Quiz Bowl isn’t as easy as it looks, as the characters have to predict the questions and answer correctly every time, even if they are buzzing early. Satoshi and Mari get closer and get to know the other eccentric members.

A quiz club would be very appealing to fans of quizzes and shows such as University challenge. If knowledge is important, strategy is even more important, as competitors must outsmart their opponents and know what questions can be asked.

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