10 cool new pop songs: King Princess, CupcakKe

The 21-year-old Berlin artist has released a series of unique EPs and pieces since his 2017 project Damaged flight 1 first caused a sensation. Her latest, “Revolver,” is perhaps the most thrilling yet, with a thrilling production supporting the story of admiring a woman who is a little too daring – and forcing listeners to reevaluate the idea of ​​what makes. A model. – Lyndsey Havens

Jungle, “Talk about it”

British electronic production duo Jungle will release a new album, Love in stereo, on AWAL on August 31 and based on his first singles, the album will carry the energy from summer until fall. For the latest single “Talk About It” – a groovy disco-inspired jam – the duo deliver deep lyrics demanding better or any communication (“Let’s talk, don’t run”), although the juxtaposition of a production optimist makes it clear that the spoken word can – and should – just wait. – LH

Chiiiid, “Finally”

Newcomer Chiiiild, a Canadian alternative soul artist, has yet to miss the preparation of his debut album, Hope for sale, released on July 23. His latest single, “Eventually”, which features a flowing bassline, continues to familiarize fans with his distinct style while introducing new tricks. He dips into a higher range on the song’s chorus with convincing confidence, as he asserts, “I know you want me to come back.” – LH

King Princess, “House Burn Down”

Alternative pop sensation King Princess returns with “House Burn Down”, produced by label manager Mark Ronson (she signed to Zelig Records under Columbia). While KP has performed the song live since 2018, the studio version has arrived with an even more mature, rock-rooted sound, thanks in part to its star instrumentalists: drummer Fabrizio Moretti and bassist Nikolai Fraiture of The Strokes. – LH

Samia, “Show yourself”

“Nothing can ever stop my ass from showing,” Samia says as she smashes the guitars on the chorus of the new single “Show Up”, then ends the thought, “of singing another song for the people I love.” In a time of pandemic, Samia has given us an ode to intimacy that draws her entire group of family and friends, and feels authentic in her shoegaze-pop approach. – Jason Lipshutz

Drew Sycamore, “The Rhythm”

Danish pop singer-songwriter Drew Sycamore recently unveiled her charming new album Sycamore, and while tracks like “Jungle” and “45 Fahrenheit Girl” are worth your time, the last moment of the album “The Rhythm” is worth jumping and jiggling, its propulsive chorus destined for the dance floors of the soundtrack drenched in neon lights. – J. Lipshutz

Lauren Aquilina, “Empathy”

Looking for a song in 2021 that evokes emotional and expertly composed Michelle Branch pop-rock twenty years ago? Look no further than Lauren Aquilina’s “Empathy,” which sounds from another era but has the type of chorus to sing along to and mellow lines (“Didn’t ask to be born as a black hole,” the song begins. ) who work regardless of their release date. – J. Lipshutz

CupcakKe, “Moonwalk”

On a horn riff Jason Derulo is probably crazy he didn’t catch the first one, CupcakKe spits out a hilarious glimpse into bedroom gymnastics using a quirky assortment of Michael Jackson-related double senses that are truly invincible. – Joe Lynch

Jessie Ware, “Hot n Heavy”

Entering, well, hot from the Platinum Edition of its 2020 debut What is your pleasure?, “Hot N Heavy” is an unstoppable disco-tinged excursion that starts at 9/10 and sort of keeps that energy out of breath for the full three and a half minutes. – J. Lynch

Katlyn Nichol, “liar”

A lot of actor-singers feel the need to tell the world that they’ve been singing for as long as they’ve been playing, but in the case of Katlyn Nichol (Blackish, American soul), she simply lets her seductive voice defend her musical talent on the new single “Liar”, an Afrobeat-infused R&B jam that deserves repeat plays. – J. Lynch

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